Saturday, January 28, 2006

Home here. TV's on. And I have to settle for this humongous caveman-era laptop coz DSL's down due to some electrical sparks that occured this afternoon. Thank God that didn't start a big neighborhood fire.
Man, is it good to be here, sitting on the sofa, and having the whole living room to myself. Hello porn! Hahah... Kidding. So over that stage. Kidding again.
Anyway, today was okay. Watched a movie, Never Been Kissed, for the nth time. I wanted something light and wholesome, so it was a good choice. Then, this evening, my family, some relatives and I went to my late grandparents' house. God, I missed my grandpa. He passed away just last year. Memories of my childhood came flashing in my head. Oh well, those were the days.
Now I'm not really gonna spend the whole night typing here am I? So, wish me luck. I'm gonna go find some people to talk to in YM or anywhere else. Just really gotta talk to people. See, I don't wanna die of boredom again. So I'm gonna hunt down down some bitch to "converse" with or whatever.

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