Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Rants

Hair Talk
I had a P300 haircut today. I'm not ecstatic about the result but at least my hair looks mnore respectable now. I've been meaning to get a haircut. In fact, I wanna hunt for this salon(?) in Jupiter St. Makati where there's this Korean guy who cuts hair. The haircuts he does are apparently edgy and unconventional. I read about him in thew papers I think or magazine. Anyway, I didn't have time to scour the Makati district for this chink-eyed haircut master so I just went to Gateway's Menage Salon.

Do I have STD?
My two friends slash future co-workers slash hoursemates are scheduled to have our medical check-up tomorrow. That means I have to put a sample of my shit in a bottle or jar first thing in the morning. I hope the results turn oput fine.

State of Mind
About this whole boredom, uninspiration thing, well, I think I'm doing better. I hope I'll keep feeling better in the days to come. I mean really, I'll start working in two days and I'
m very anxious about it. I don't wanna screw up.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whine much?

I have been bored these past couple of days. Not even Manila has cured this severe uninspiring state of mind I'm in. I've tried to be positive but it just doesn't work. What the hell is this, some sort of mid-life crisis or something? Gawd, I just entered my twenties.

To keep myself occupied and avoid negative energies that damage my sensibilities, I've been busy working out, running a few errands, processing papers for work, eating, watching Ugly Betty and reading. I bought two books on Monday so I can do something during the down times. I got Youngblood 3 and something from David Sedaris. I forgot the title but it has the words "pretty", "got", "me" and naked in it. I'm on Youngblood as of the moment. It's a compilation of essays by the twentysomething and younger Filipino youth. So far so good.

Anyway, back to my dilemma. I know all I do here is whine but whatever. Someday, I wanna be able to browse through this blog from a better place. Hopefully I'm all rich at that time and I'm wearing Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton and the rest of the gang. You know what I mean. And oh, by that time, I hope I'm somewhere in Paris or London or Brazil partying my ass off with a lover... or two? Hahahah... whatever. Here I go again with the daydreaming. Gawd, I can't even think of the job I'll start doing this Monday. I really don't know what to expect but a fully air-conditioned office swarmed with yuppies. Oh well. It's my first job so what do I expect right?

I can go on and on with the whining and the dreaming but I gotta go walking with my friend/housemate at the Baywalk. She flew in this morning. We'll be living together with another friend/schoolmate./ She'll arrive tomorrow. All three of us will try to stand each other living in a 2-bedroom condominium unit and work in the same office. No major complains so far on my end.

Lots and lots of luck and positivity for me. Ciao.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I don't what title I should have for this post but it concerns my trip to Manila.

I'm finally here in Manila. It's just strange coz this whole trip doesn't really excite me anymore. Maybe because I'm here to work and not to shop my ass off like the last times I went here? Gawd, I'm so old. I'd have to live on my own means now. The thought really scares me. I know how impulsive I am. Shopping malls are the enemy.

My cousin and I went to Mall of Asia (biggest mall in this part of the world I think) on my first day. Had an okay time there. I was really tired from all the going out and the lack of sleep.

I've been working out by the way. I'm trying you know. After all that booze I downed this past days, going to the gym makes perfect sense.

I'm supposed to post pictures I took when I left the airport going to the condo but I left the camera at the unit. Anyway, I'm too tired to recollect the things that happened in my first days in manila. There's this one thing that stands out though, two words: hook up.

I'm tired and my body is in pain everytime I move a muscle. Wish me luck. Lots of that. I need positivity. I need zest! Whatever. Nighters.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello Alchy

Went out with brother and cousin again. And then my sister went with us in the later part. I'm hammered. I've been drinking four nights in a row. Hello rehab.

Packed my stuff today. Things are getting serious. Departure is nearing. I'm getting more anxious. I hope I'm hoping for happiness, improvement, stability, success and love. Whatev.

I'm really not sober right now. Good night.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Going Out

Hi. I'm about to go out with my relatives to celebrate a cousin's college graduation. Hot.

Today was okay. Yesterday however, was quite better. We went to the beach and I flew a kite. And then last night, for the 4th time in a week, I boozed up with my brother and another cousin. It was fun but I hate it that I think I'm getting fat. Well, I don't think I'm fat but I gained weight. And I have to do some abdominal excercises, like, soon. I seriously have to lose this shiteous belly. It's not that big but I despise flabs. Gawd, why is it just so hard to tighten my mid-section? And it doesn't help that I've been liquor-chugging alcoholic lately. Ugh.

I'm gonna end this post. Have to fix myself up.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Once again, I'm hammered. Had brandy (I think) with my brother and cousin. It was fun. I can't even type properly right now.

By the way, my flight, which was supposed to be this Saturday, has been postponed for some complicated reason. I'm not happy about it but whatever. At least I get to hang around at home longer. It sucks though. I was totally psyched. Ugh. I don't even wanna elaborate too much on this subject. The more I talk about my plans, the more they don't materialize.

I don't have time to whine right now. A little tipsy here. I gotta go. Nighters.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Dreams Slash Delusions

I'm back home from what could be my last trip to Iloilo in half a year. That's a long time.

Yesterday was quite a Monday. Hahah... It was filled with "excitement". Ahluvet.

Anyway, I met up with friends. No. I met up with friends and we slept together.

The girls got a little emotional when I had to say goodbye. Actually, I got a little teary myself, thanks to those bitches. It's gonna be quite a while before we get together again. And you know what lengthy separations do to relationships. *sigh* Oh well, God knows what we'll be like with each other a year or two from now.

Here I go again with the drama.

Bottom line is, I'm soo sooo soooo thankful to have found such great friends. Really. College wouldn't have been the same without them.

I've been saying I'm leaving for Manila in half a week and I still don't have a friggin' ticket. How awesome. I'll deal with that tomorrow. Gawd, there's like a million things on my to-do list. I really should start packing tomorrow. I mean really, I have what, three days left?! Ugh. By the way, airlines should really increase the baggage weight allowance in their flights. Seriously. Otherwise, I'll be hopelessly broke by the time I get to Manila for hauling excessive crap.

Monday, April 09, 2007



Current mood: tensed/anxious

I'm really getting concerned. In less than a week, I'll be flying to Manila to work there and live independently and pobably rely only on my own hard-earned money. It's exciting. But the thought of leaving home for not less than six months is quite scary. I know this new level of independence will bring about a lot of positive rewards but the responsibilities and the risks are massive. I'm still up for this challenge but I can only hope I'll last. I really don't want to go home broke, jobless with horrible stories about getting mugged and fired from work and how I can't stand my new lifestyle. Ugh. That's really a nightmare.

I wanna be rich, succesful and if possible, famous. I wanna bask in the glory of triumph with the world at my feet. Hahahah... Dreams. Ahluvet.

But seriuosly, this whole transition is getting me worried. God knows what lies ahead. Jeez. Listen to me. This is what I want! I've been looking forwar to this! Ugh/ Oh well. I might as well give it a shot. I just hope everything to be safe and have fun, try to savor every experience and it's all good.

Anyway, I was soo hammered last night. I had one too many drinks with my brother and cousin at the beach. It was crazy. I don't even know how I handled it but I downed a total of seven bottles of beer. I have to admit that I'm not exactly a hardass drinker but that's quite a lot of booze I had last night. That was really fun though. First, my brother's baby/my nephew and my sister joined us for some chicken and pork barbecue. Then, an hour later, there's the three of us chugging away. I had a great time.

That's all for now. Gotta hit the sack in a while. Still have to wake up early and go out of town for some business at school. I know, summer is heating up, and I already graduated but I still have to worry about school. Awesome. Whatever. I hope to hang out with my friends.

Happy Easter. Nighters.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Is this life or a bullet train?

It's Good Friday and we're going to join the prosession this afternoon just like we do every single year. It's funny how other peolple, especially folks in the province observe lent very intently and follow every single tradition while others take advantage of the holidays and go on a vacation, booze up and party. Oh well, I respect everyone's decision. It's your prerogative. And quite honestly, I really wanna be in Boracay right now and tan myself crispy and party like it's my birthday.

Gawd, I miss Boracay mucho mucho.

I was in Iloilo last Monday (province) and Tuesday as well as half of Wednesday (city) to visit rlatives and process my NBI clearance for this job in Manila. Man, was that a trip.

Since I no longer live in that apartment I've been renting for almost three years, I had to get a cheap space where I can leave my things, sleep and bathe. I had my target spots and budget. However, thanks to my bowels, I ended up spending five times my supposed accommodation allowance. In short, I had to shit so badly while looking for a place to stay in, I just had to go for the nearest because shit was about to shoot out of my ass. Seriously, I just didn't have time to go somewhere else because my stomach was going balistic. I had to ignore the price just so I can use the toilet and avoid littering all over the streets. Ugh. That's some expenxice shit right there. Anwyay, it's all good. The place was fairly nice and it somehow saved me from public humiliation.

On the serious side, I'm leaving for Manila in a week for a 6-month working contract with a company in Makati, the capital's business district. I'm anxious. I dunno, it's strange how everything is getting serious. I can still vividly remember how I spent my first days of college in a university where I barely knew a soul and in a city over a hundred kilometers away from home. Oh well, memories. I'll miss my friends the most though. The mayhem we are when we're together. I guess everyone in a circle of friends think of it that way. We could all agree that the craziest, wackiest times we've had are spent with our closest BFFs.

Back to my career venture, two friends and co-workers and I are going to stay in a condo. We're gonna be renting the place. I love it there because of the environment. I like meeting new faces in the elevator each ride.
I like the rush. I would know, I stayed there for almost two months last year when I had my internship.


It never fails to amaze me how fast things are.

Life zooms. Drama anyone?l

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's been days since my graduation and I'm finalizing things for this job waiting for me in Manila. It's holy week and I have been anything but holy. There's so much to do before I fly to El Manille. Thank god I already have a place to stay in. Anyway, I don't have time as usual. So I'll just resort to a pictionary.

The photos were taken on the night of my graduation after we had dinner at Emilion. It was fun playing around the hotel room.

That's my sister in the background. That's hot.

Those are my cousins this time stealing my thunder. Ugh.

Own it.

I'm floored. lol


Chic or cheap?