Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unemployment Ahead


Tone: non-negotiable

All this when all I really want to say is "Fuck this shit! I'm outta here!"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drama Cum Laude

In attempting to escape loneliness, we accept a sexual act devoid of spiritual nourishment. Such nourishment can come only from the union of two permanently committed souls.

-The Thrill of the Chaste by Dawn Eden

He takes a puff on his cigarette and blows the smoke not knowing his guest is allergic to it. The latter doesn't complain. The host leans in closer and they share a tobacco flavored kiss with eyes closed.

Thirty minutes earlier, they hide their naked bodies under the covers while the host's roommate turns on the light and casually murmurs something about leaving the room.

"It's ok," the host said, trying to comfort his embarrassed guest.
He shares the room with 4 other guys, in a place that's home to numerous tenants who are all gay. It's a few blocks away from the guest's place.

Once done satisfying each other's carnal hunger, both guys head outside. Silence, broken by slight chit chat and a few kisses, dominated. The host is lonely. He tells his guest he's not very happy living in that place, his eyes filled with questions, doubts, stories, secrets. The guest joked about the two of them living together and managed to avoid talking about his own loneliness.

Then there they are, kissing in front of two straight grown men having gin. The guest asked if the host could walk him around the block. The latter obliged. While walking in the middle of the street, he asked him to put his arm around his shoulders. The guest obliged.

They parted ways in front of a small convenience store where the host had to buy something---cigarettes probably. It was also where a shirtless pundit mocked them about their sexuality. But no one paid attention. Both guys just walked home alone.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Madonna Gold

Inspired by Glee's Madonna episode, I scoured Youtube for this version of 'What It Feels Like For A Girl'. It's a long lost gem for me.


This is the Stephan Pompougnac mix by the way.

You're welcome.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Rants


Kelis is entering Madonna territory.

Not bad.


I was perusing through my old blog entries when I found what I consider my first 'hate comments'!


Aahh... Gold.

Be Negative

I recently had a spirited chat with someone over YM. It was his status, 'non reactive', that prompted me to mack him. It turns out he just got tested for HIV. Naturally, he went through the paranoia and unimaginable stress before finding relief when he got the good news.

The fact alone that we have to get tested and undergo such trauma means we're not being careful. It's alarming. I'm definitely not one to preach but I hope we'd all do a part in stopping the spread of the virus.

The One Who Went Away

Last night, just before going to sleep, I decided to check my Nunffnang stats. Everything was fine until I saw a link to the blog of this guy I used to talk to constantly over the phone. Apparently, I'm still on his blog roll.

For months, I managed to steer away from his site afraid I may get trapped, get infatuated, etc. We stopped talking because he was in a relationship then, which he didn't tell me until over a week of getting to know each other. I deleted his number because of the unnecessarily offending statements he said to me. I could also tell he just lost interest even before we had the chance to meet up.

Anyway, I caved in and revisited his blog. One entry caught my attention. I have a strong feeling I'm one of the guys he's talking about in that post.

I'm thinking of reconnecting and perhaps finally meet up with him one of these days but something tells me that's not such a good idea.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Work. Bored. Fashion. McQueen. Birkin.

Nothing like McQueen to make a boring time at work more inspiring.

I hate this. The shoes look bad and the Birkin doesn't look accurate.

I like to think this is my portrait which I should be wearing on a t-shirt soon.

This is how I am productive at work.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cubao Homo Xplosion

Is it just me or is the Gateway/Araneta area the Malate of Quezon City?

Too hot for sleeves.

Last night, I went out with Erin. It's one of those spontaneous things that just happen in a snap. We decided to meet up outside Starbucks Araneta where throngs of gay guys were hanging out. It was quite a surprising sight seeing all these gays concentrated in a small area like there's some sort of homo convention I didn't know about. There was a Super Junior concert inside the coliseum though. I didn't think they had so much gay following.

Erin for some reason was in the mood for Pilsen.

Anyway, I was dying of boredom and after all the family shitstorm I've been dealing with the past few days, a couple of drinks just seemed to be the perfect distraction. So off to Cubao X we went where the atmosphere is laid back and unpretentious.

Erin and Stefan. This is dirty! Hahah...

Dengue Corner

Erin, ever the social fairy, introduced me to fashion designer and DJ Mike Lavarez and stylist and fashion design assistant Stefan Punongbayan. We hung out at I Love You X Future where Mike spins regularly. I'm not sure if it's the ridiculous summer heat or the alcohol or the artsy scene, but what ensued was a night of fun conversation, shameless posing and intense strutting.

Christy + Naomi

+ Linda = Trinity?

At some point, these two "supermodels" (Erin and Stefan) even had a series of walk offs in the middle of the fucking street like it was nobody's business. I, well, let's just say I played the front row star/photographer. Nonetheless, it was one of the gayest nights ever.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pet Poop Management

One of the reasons I now love Eastwood is the fact that they have their shit together, quite literally.

Harvey Milk would be proud.

These 'Pet Stations', or basically toilet paper dispensers cum trash bins are placed everywhere to make sure pet owners clean up after their animals. It's a simple idea really. I hope other communities follow suit, just like the one I live in. My aunt stopped jogging around our neighborhood because there's dog poop everywhere.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


So I just got home from the Nuffnang+Glutamax event empty handed. Yes, I'm a big fucking loser. I left the event with a full tummy though.

Unbelievable as it may seem, it was actually my first time to be in Eastwood. And I think the cab driver didn't take the most convenient route.

Let me just say that I officialy like Eastwood! It's clean, there's an endless selection of shops and restaurants, the corridors of the Eastwood Mall are spacious, and the restrooms are in top shape. I hope they'll be able to maintain the cleanliness and keep everything in order.

I can't help but compare Eastwood to Rockwell and The Fort.

What wasn't exactly in great order was the event that I mainly came there for, which was the awarding of the Glutamax 'The New Me' contest. The program was quite the hot mess. No wonder the crowd was less than enthused when applause was needed.

The program was hosted by DJs Mojo Jojo and this other this girl whose name I unfortunately didn't catch because I was too busy being alone observing other bloggers getting to know each other.

Don't get me wrong though. Between, bites of pastries and hors d' oeuvres, I managed to do a little chit chat with an equally cold and seemingly introverted editor of a tabloid called Diretso.

The food, provided by Delifrance and Old Vine, was abundant. The organizers made sure the guests were well-fed. The entertainment however was quite weak.

The first to perform was this male group called 100%. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be in numerals or spelled out. They sounded fine but weren't exactly quite crowd pleasers these boys.

Then there's this belter who didn't appear onstage until the third time she was called out. She's got great pipes though.

Nyoy Volante, the only familiar performer to me, did his thing. He had to ask the audience to clap. Just saying.

The crowd was a good sprinkling of organizers, bloggers, media professionals and other guests.

Coinciding with the awarding was also the unveiling of Glutamax's new endorser. Jinky Oda out...

...Gretchen Baretto in!

I must say she was very pretty and her skin looked divine. I wonder why she was wearing so much make-up.

Anyway, it sucks not to get any of the cool prizes especially the MacBook! I wasn't bitter until I saw it between the winner's arms. She looked pretty by the way and I thought she looked cute in her short skirt-tank-pumps combo. But the best dressed there in my book is this girl.

Who is this Prada-toting, jumpsuit-in-stretchy-sweat pants fabric-wearing showstopper? Marie Lozano? She looked gorge.

Meanwhile, I kept it simple.

White, short-sleeved, button down shirt from Levi's, Skinny jeans from Maldita, gray espadrilles from Zara, bag from Marithe Francois Girbaud, vintage sunglasses from my mom

Though I did not win, I don't regret going to the event. It was good to finally visit Eastwood and to attend a Nuffnang event for the first time.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The New Me Awards

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the first ever Nuffnang event I would attend. It's the awarding of the Glutamax 'The New Me' contest at the Eastwood Central Plaza. The prizes include a trip to Hong Kong and an Apple Macbook.

Winning one of the fabulous prizes would be awesome but I just mostly want to meet and greet other bloggers. This is going to be tough though because of my crappy social skills as mentioned in my previous entry. This is why I wanted to bring a plus one. But H cancelled at the last minute and everbody else is unavailable. Gawd, I can already see myself sitting quietly in a sea of cliques happily chattering about.

Wait. I don't even know how to get to Eastwood.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Call Me Dark Cloud

First of all, I am so jealous of the people who are in Boracay right now enjoying the sand, sea and sun. I, on the other hand, had work today. Loser, I know. I love how Manila looks like a ghost town since yesterday though compared to how it normally is. It's refershing not to deal with the awful traffic even for just a couple of days.

Is it just me or there's really something about the holy week that makes you in the mood for alcohol? Last week I had cheap vodka with cousins but it didn't quite do the job. I actually find drinking alone pretty relaxing. Just like last year.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about my poor social skills. For some reason, I've really been bothered wondering about how I find it so difficult to interact with new acquaintances and friends of friends. Then everybody gets this brooding, unapproachable, snobby impression of me all the time! No Mr. Congeniality here.

One of my colleagues likened me to Daria, and he's not talking about Werbowy. I found it funny because he did have a point. To be honest, I can even relate to the Saturday Night Life character Debbie Downer. H also referred to me as the negastar. Sounds no fun but I think it's really how you deal with the negative vibes that matter. This is why I whine nonstop. I find it therapeutic.

Ok fine, I do find it hard to smile and be perky most of the time. I don't spew rainbows and unicorns all over the place. But jeezus, I'm a superstar with my very, very close friends! Not necessarily in a loud, boisterous way but I'm pretty sociable around these people. I do have friends though who shit twinkle stars and baby giggles but are dark and demented bitches when provoked which is why I love them!

So what's my point? I don't know. But I do know I need to visit this restaurant Erin told me about, Van Gogh is Bipolar.