Thursday, March 30, 2006


What the hell.
No new comments?
I wanna meet new friends here.
Guys, girls, gays, whatever.
Just mack me.

Yeah, yeah.
I know, this is not Friendster or Myspace.
This is a blogsite.
But meeting people through blogs is so much better than meeting them through dirty pictures, fake profiles and canned testimonials, right?
Anyway, I'm not gonna beg some more.
See you around people.

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Me Time"

Yesterday was a looong day. I did a ton of stuff. I woke up at like 8:30 AM and went to school after fixing myself. Had a class meeting and ate with a few friends. (This is boring, I know).

I really didn't know exactly what I would do yesterday but I was planning to have some quality time with myself. After running some errands I went to the mall to deal with schoolf stuff. Yes, I was working on thesis at the mall, I love it. I think I might have spent too much cash though. Whatever it was for "education" anyway.

I bought some stuff for my face after eating at McD's. I really have to take extra care of my skin or else my face is totally going apeshit. Gawd, my crust already looks awful, I don't need it to look worse.

Anyway, I'm so sick of my hair so I got a haircut. I actually already had one last week but the guy who cut my hair just didn't get what I want. So I went to a different salon this time; more expensive but the guys there are good.

Halfway through the haircut, I was loving how my hair was looking. But I think the stylist cut it too short by the time he was done. It's so stupid of me 'coz I didn't do anything. Ugh. I hate myself sometimes. It's like I wanna say something but I just can't do it. I dunno. Now, I look like a military drop-out. Okay, not really but I'm really not crazy about the shape of my head. I'm actually thinking of trimming the sides myself. Maybe later.

After the haircut, I went directly to this dermatology clinic just next door. My derma is currently out of the country so what the hell, might as well try somebody different. And now, I look like I have freckles because of the pricking. Great. But it's all good. I'm glad I was able to do something for myself. What's wrong with a little self-pampering right?

So there, I met up with my cousin at another mall last night after everything I did. We had dinner together. After that, I went to my place with very little money. I'm so poor right now, I swear.

This post is so boring. Even I 'm bored while I'm typing this.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm like, sick

Like always, it's been a decade since I last visited my blogsite. I am such a lazyfuck. Well, actually, I have a ton of excuses why I've been too busy to go here. Of course, as usual, school is the culprit. Ugh...

I am literally sick right now. Probably because of over fatigue. Man, am I battered. I'm feverish and this cough is annoying and it's fucking killing me, and my throat hurts really badly. I feel like I swallowed a sewing needle.

Anyway, I've been resting for the past two days after a week of bittersweet shit. Last week was a mix of good and bad.

1. My internship status is up by one level. Hopefully the progress will go full swing.
2. I had another hosting job + gained new knowledge about script writing.
3. Had a fun weekend with friends; an overnight out-of-town trip which probably gave me this awful condition. I swear, my health is nonexistent.
4. I was awarded with academic and non-acdemic honors. :)

Pix during the weekend getaway:

1. I first got sick two Sundays ago until Wednesday. And during this period I had to deal with a lot of school stuff, including final exams.
2. I screwed up one of my final exams.
3. I got totally broke.
4. Blackout.
Oh well, whatever. Tomorrow's another day. I hope I'm well by the morning. Ciao, ciao.