Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's 2:30 AM and I just got from, uhm... a rendezvous. I've been up since early this (or yesterday) morning and needless to say, I had a full day. Woohoo!

Gym-check. Groceries-check. Fun dinner with cousins and Aunts-check. Diarrhea-check.

I've said this before but let me say it again; It's my rest day and rest is the last thing I'm getting. I mean, it was 12 AM and it's amazing how I still had the energy to go and hang out somewhere. It's all good though. I had a grand time today. Too bad I had to turn down my Aunt's invitation to visit Baguio tomorrow. :( Yup, all because of work. And to think I don't even like my job! Ugh.

Anyway, my muscles are aching and my eyes burn. That's it for now. Good night.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Fine Day

While sitting comfortably within the security of the office, I read the latest weather report about typhoon Frank (international name Fengshen) thinking it doesn't matter as much to me since I can always take a cab. Right.After waiting a lifetime, I decided to share the cab with an officemate. Little did we know, the driver was another asshole. No surprise, these cab drivers are very consistent. The bastard refused to bring me to my place and decided to drop me off at my officemate's area. We argued for a while because I wasn't giving up without a fight. I swear to god I thought he was going to punch me. There was one moment when we looked each other in the eyes like we were about to turn into werewolves and tear each other apart. Major asshole.So, I was left there somewhere along Buendia/Gil Puyat, wet and a little hungry, uncertain how I'd get home. Manong pedicab driver came to the rescue and suggested I wait some other area where cabs pass a little more often. So I took his P30 advice and we braved the rain and flood.
After 10 minutes or so waiting for a cab, I gave up and took the jeepney. At this point I was soaked and really hungry. One FX ride and another pedicab later, I made it to my place in one piece. There was no electricity.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Another Friday

Today was interesting. I accomplished a lot a of errands. It's funny how 99% of the things I planned actually materialized even without having to note everything in my phone.

I paid the bills, prayed a little, went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of things for the household. I even bought a clothes iron!

That was only half of the day. The other half I spent with buddies H and Ellese. It's my first time to go to Trinoma and I love it. Those Ayalas really know how to make a good mall.

While at the award-winning supermarket, I saw someone I slept with months ago. He looked better. He clearly recognized me as he was also staring at me when we walked past each other. We exchanged text messages after that. It was a little awkward. What do you do when you see some guy whose last name you don't even know but had sex with before?

Anyway, I really hope my credit card application gets approved already. I am dying to max it out.

Could this post be more boring? Whatev. I'm so tired from all the walking.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I miss home.

I think I just got severely depressed again. Gawd, I hate being poor. Fine, I hate not being rich enough.

I am currently sharing a 2-bedroom condo unit with my sister. The place is owned by a relative and we’re renting the place. To lessen our expenses, we’re getting a new housemate much to my skepticism. I’m very territorial.

You see, I’ve had my own share of unfortunate experiences with housemates in the last year and I do not wish for more. In fact, one of them still owes me a couple of thousand pesos—pay up asshole! I also very much value my privacy and personal space. If I can have it my way, I would really prefer to have the entire place to my sister and myself and not have to deal with the inconveniences of living with strangers. However, sister dearest is not earning so much yet since she’s still on training and I on the other hand, well, I’m not exactly raking in the cashola. I pay for the bills, the cleaning lady and half of the rent, while my parents cover the other half which is not an ideal setting.

My mom and I occasionally talk about our dream houses and other thoughts of real estate grandeur. The other night, we were on it again. She even told me to look around for nice and reasonably priced condominium units as she has cut out a few ads from the dailies. I thought this was very funny especially since she would end the conversation saying, “If only I’d win the lottery.” Hahahah…

I did look around—online and through some print ads I myself kept. I am such a sucker for things to spend money on. Like most people however, the things I intend to buy easily out-value the money I actually have.

I applied for a credit card the other day, so there’s a great chance I’ll be six feet under burning in credit hell by the time I get my first billing statement. Hello, I went straight to the mall
right after I passed my application and created a mental list of things to buy, so go figure.

Anyway, jeez, property is so expensivo and I certainly know why.

This housemate better not be a bitch. Otherwise, she can kiss the ground 3 seconds after I push her ass off the 26th floor.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr. Quickie

I think I just had the quickest quickie. It gives the cliche "everything happened so fast" a new meaning. Seriously, I think he left skid marks on my dick. And he couldn't have jumped out of the bed any faster than 3 seconds after blowing his jizzle manizzle.

Yes. I gave in to it again. I failed! I failed! The whore in me prevailed. (Hey that rhymes!)

Although he let me know that he doesn't have much time and needs to be somewhere else, I got a bit surprised at how he acted. On his way out, he even asked me if I've watched the Sex and the City movie. I said yes and he was like, "Narnia?" while opening the door.

"No," I responded.

Then he told me we can watch it on Friday. By this point, he was walking halfway out the door and I don't think he even heard me say text me. WTF?!

It's like he's on some sort of game show where he needs to finish an obstacle course and the final challenge is to sleep with me, after which utter the magic words "let's watch a movie Friday night" in the fastest way humanly possible. Think 'The Amazing Race XXX Edition.'

Is this how busy people have become? Gawd.

Am I being punk'd?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Hunt

"Ano trip mo?"

In a time when communication is at its peak and a hook-up (however you want to interpret that) is just a few clicks away, how can anyone, sitting in the middle of the city, among millions of its dwellers, feel so alone? Is it because each one of us is so available and reachable that we tend to undermine the presence of who we currently have in our bed thinking that the next guy is a better catch? Are we relying too much on the possibility, that there's always someone better on the loose?

I am slightly torn between the meaning of sex. A part of me feels that it is merely a release, a form of escapism, and nothing but a deed to fulfill worldly needs with no emotional attachment whatsoever. On the other hand, I feel like sex demands passion, intimacy and chemistry, not necessarily love, but perhaps different levels of infatuation or a temporary liking towards each other. Libido and love - how very confusing.

"Got face pics/cam?"

I don't really watch the bachelor but I chance upon it once in a while. The season finale of the one where the Texan bachelor (Brad?) didn't choose any of the ladies, was on the tube minutes ago. I have to admit that I felt delighted in the fact that these ladies were turned down by a guy whom they claim they have fallen in love for on national TV. It makes it more real and believable. I think it is very brave of the guy to do such a difficult endeavor. Then it dawned on me. If these straight people who are clearly more socially acceptable (or at least on TV) and are less intriguing had to be in a reality show just to find love and soon fail, then what happens to the gay ones? How many people do we have to sleep with to finally find the one?

"Top or bottom?"

Love is clearly elusive. I mean, we had to make reality shows just to cater to all these people desperate enough to hunt for it in front of the whole world. And how about this? I'm not even sure why I'm talking about this right now. Just a couple of years ago I was determined to be single for life and sleep with half of the people I meet. But no, he had to come along.

"Do you have a place?"

He was in perfect timing, and his words were right on. I was young and vulnerable. The distance was a challenge but it didn't stop us. It went on for a year and half. Some people may think it's pathetic but my phone has never been so precious. When you talk to someone for that long each day of your life, shared parts of yourselves no one else has ever known, and all this suddenly stops, what do you do? No more hours of talking on the phone, no more non-stop messaging, no more exchanging of gifts.

"Wanna meet up now?"

But it's been a long time. I miss him but not in the way I used to long for him.

I'm no gigolo but god knows I'm no angel either. I've slept around; in risky public places and in the privacy of hotel rooms. I don't regret anything. I love the fact that I was brave enough to come out and get to know this side of myself. But as I have expressed a million times before, I think I'm ready to once again fall, be foolish and love every minute of it.

As a cheesy text message goes "I have longed to be free and fly, but deep inside, I long to be held and be captive in the arms of the one I love." Err, something like that.

"I'll be there in 3o minutes."

Carnal satisfaction is beautiful, but how many meaningless sex and unrequited affection should I encounter until I find someone who will not be just another orgasm, who will bother to stay and have an actual conversation? Am I sleeping my way to love? Or maybe away from it?

Friday, June 06, 2008

National Bureau of Idiots

I hate, no, I despise government offices. Seriously, Madam Prezzy are you fucking reading this?

I went to the National Bureau of Investigation office this morning straight from a graveyard shift to get my cousin's clearance form whatever. She's in Dubai so I'm doing her a favor. That was my third trip there. After 2 failed attempts because of 1.) smudgy thumb marks, and 2.) lack of consul's seal, I was finally able to process the damn paper.

On my second trip to this part of hell, I thought I should be early to avoid the crowd. I arrived there about a quarter before 8 only to find this long line of people who obviously arrived earlier than I did. The counters didn't open until almost 9. Awesome.

I must love my cousin very much because I managed to brave Quiapo in the middle of the day amidst the heavy transportation and people traffic not minding the possibility of getting mugged.

You see, the NBI office is not exactly nestled in a metropolitan paradise. The place itself doesn't look like a decent government office. It's a 3-level space with what seems to be an indoor basketball court as a lobby/waiting area. It's definitely too small for the crowd that mobs this place everyday. The ventilation is also very poor. I wonder where the P20 (per visit) maintenance fee goes.

Dont't even get me started with the people there. What is up with these grouchy government employees? Jeezes, these bitches need to fucking cool down.

There's this old lady bitch in the 6th floor whose job is to check the application form and make sure each detail is accurate; she's the same person who disapproved the first 2 applications and I think she gave me a trauma. She's not very nice. She also misspelled my name even after I gave her my ID.

And then there's this cleavage-showing cougar assigned in Step 3 who fucking barked at me in front of so many people when I didn't get what she was saying. That was so embarrassing. I wish she had instructed me in a nicer manner. I wanted to smack her in the face. If only I didn't need anything from her.

Mga Gagah!

I'm so glad I'm finally accomplishing this errand. Just one more trip tomorrow and hopefully I'll be getting out of that place with cousin's clearance in tow.