Friday, July 30, 2010


My Lola's gone. After weeks of hospitalization, pain and difficulty, she's finally resting in peace, joining her other half.

She was my last grandparent. Words cannot express how we appreciate her kindness, her warmth, her unpredictable funny outbursts.

Her departure wasn't unexpected. But nothing really prepares you for such loss. We find relief though in the idea that her suffering is over. She lived a meaningful life and her memory will remain in our hearts.

Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful, and thank you for the fond childhood memories. We will surely miss you, and we love you so much Lola.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Tis the Season

"Hi babe. Pauwi pa lang ako, so tired. I got 55 over 60. Hehehe." It's his first text today.

After a good time last night, we decided to meet up this evening. But he ended up too busy for our second rendezvous and rescheduled---of course.

It's that time of the year again when my stars are somehow aligned. It's like I'm emitting this smell that attracts 5, ok 3, 2  good dates or at least decent potential dates. It usually occurs in July, August, September and/or October. Last year, it was The Chef, then there's M from 2008. I wonder who it will be this year. Is it him? How are we going to spend time with each other? What are the sweet nothings that he'll tell me? When is the expiration date? When are we going to stop talking to each other? How long will it take me to get over him?

Tomorrow, I'll wake up thinking about seeing him again. I'll pick my clothes with him in mind. I'll be at work thinking about him. What's the worst that can happen? I'll get disappointed? Heart-broken? Hahah... I already know that.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Multiple Choice

There's this guy who sent me a message online just a couple of minutes ago and immediately gave his number. He wants me to come over to his place. When I asked if I could see some photos of himself, he told me he's actually living with two other guys and I can choose among them. He then gave me URLs to their pictures.

Hahahah... I died.

WTF?! Is this the new trend in STD shopping? In that case, the answer is D.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yaya you're such a winner!

Housekeeping please! This was taken in Subic last week.

Tomorrow, my life is going to change. Our yaya is leaving. She's going to Dubai to work at my uncle's company. After almost three years, I may most probably have to wipe my own butt after shitting.

But seriously, this is scary. All this time, we've been so lucky to have her servicing us. She didn't exactly do everything flawlessly but God knows how she has made all these years so much easier.

I'm sure she won't be able to read this but "Thank you! I'm glad you finally had your teeth fixed! Arte mo!" Hahah...

Everybody's leaving. My sister is also planning to leave for Dubai in September and the cousins I'm with right now will be off to live in Japan next month. I, on the other hand, am giving Manila another try, perhaps another year.

I really don't have problems living alone. I actually like it. I can feed myself and I can do the laundry for as long as the washing machine is working properly. What I'm most worried about is ironing. Three years ago, when I just started working in Manila, I discovered how stressful ironing is. Now I know why our former planchadora almost burned our other helper's face because the latter allegedly failed to give her some snack.

Anyway, I wish our dear yaya a good life abroad. Thank you and take care 'Nang.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bitch Called Basyang

The typhoon is almost out of the country's area of responsibility but its damages continue to make us suffer. Most of Manila is still out of electricity. This is why I decided to go back to the office to charge my computer and phone because there's still no power at home.
It was a sudden holiday as school and work were suspended due to the power outage. Even Makati was particularly quiet today.

Now, there's this guy who's urging me to check into a hotel because he too, can no longer stand another night without electricity. I'm so fucking broke right now so I don't know. But I'm the one who suggested the idea. Oh my. This should be a very interesting night, checking in or not.

Random Rants

Busy Weekend

Last Wednesday, after so much stress and waiting, I was finally able to pass all the requirements for my graduate school application. I took the admissions test the following Saturday.

Just in time, I walked into the building with my backpack, overnight bag and blank expression and immediately noticed the other applicants at the lobby. I didn't talk to anyone of course. I did spot one cutie though.

When I opened the test booklet, I knew the first part of the test was going to be disastrous. It was Mathematics with algebraic equations and some formulas that almost cost me my college education. Calculators were not allowed so I only relied on instincts most of the time. Out of all 40 items, there were only about five answers that I was really sure of.

The second and third parts of the exam, English comprehension and essay writing respectively, were fine. But I'm already considering other options in case I don't get in. Prostitution is on the top of my list

After screwing up the exam, I went straight to Jollibee to comfort myself with processed food high in cholesterol, salt and sugar. Then off I went to Subic for a wedding. It was my first time to travel alone via bus. I made it just in time for the reception where, for the first time, I was convinced to join the other guys in avoiding the garter.

The rest of the weekend was spent bonding with two good friends as we enjoyed the laid back environment of Subic. It was a great way to somehow take my mind off Mathematics and other sources of stress.

Weather Worries

As of writing, the wind is scarily fierce, the rain doesn't sound pleasant at all and electricity's out. My laptop is left with only 10% battery life. Typhoon Basyang has officially hit Manila. Oh dear God, please spare us.

Let's hope this doesn't get worse.


My Lola is in the hospital. We just found out she has cancer. Things are not looking good. I don't know anymore.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Charlene Almarvez

It's been a while so let's talk fashion for a bit, yes?

Say hello to 16-year old Filipino model Charlene Almarvez who just got featured on's 'Meet the New Girl' segment.

Oh hunny, yuh bettah werrk those lips!

First Charo, now Charlene. Both got their big breaks through Ford's Supermodel of the World competition.

Charlene recently walked the runways of New York City for Diane Von Furstenberg and Peter Som among others. And she's about to get her European visa. That means we may be seeing more of her in the Paris, London and Milan shows.

This is great news. I have a very good feeling about this girl.

Read more about her here.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pan a la Mode

If I were to guess what angel feces is like, this would be my answer. I know it looks suspicious but my gawd, it tastes heavenly.

Selecta's new flavor Choco Almond Fudge is delectable and goes perfectly with Gardenia.

This rather unexpected combination brings back good childhood memories when my mind was just slightly perverted. Frozen scoops of ice cream in ube, cheese and chocolate flavors would be shoved between a sliced pan de leche. Every bite was a wild burst of flavors and textures.

Tonight, I relived this simple childhood joy because we ran out of cones which turned out to be a good thing. This is great shit I tell you.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Toilet Drama

For now, Handyman is my new Topman.

Our toilet bowl has a visor and the tiles need new grouting. Grout is a new word I learned last night.

Let me just say first that I enjoy shopping for housewear. I love buying/looking at furniture, furnishings and home improvement items. I did not know, however, that buying a toilet seat cover can be so friggin' stressful. I have had to go back to Handyman Do It Center three times in the last three days.

Fine, it's really my fault. Shoot me for not having a tape measure or a ruler even. The first toilet seat cover I got looked fabulous. My cousin even hugged the damn thing. Unfortunately, it was too small. So the following day, I went back and it exchanged for a bigger, less fabulous looking one. (I also got paint and a dust mask among other things.) It was too big and it wouldn't stay up when lifted. So this evening, I paid Handyman yet another visit. The one I got earlier gets second place in aesthetic. It fit the bowl perfectly. Keeping it up takes some technique but whatever. I am done carrying a toilet seat cover back and forth. There are other parts of the apartment that I also need to take care of you know.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Closet Case

Greetings from my new humble abode.

Naturally, everything's still a mess. What thrills me the most about this place though is the closet space. It's insane. My cousin joked about my room being a big closet with lots of cabinets. Even the kitchen is hoarder friendly.

Aside from the small ones on top, there are four big cabinets and each can fit two or three average sized people inside.

Tonight, I'll be sleeping on the floor again. But it doesn't matter. I'm excited to clean and fill this room with my stuff.

I asked the landlady today if I can repaint one of the walls. She seemed concerned and asked what color I wanted. I said I'm not sure yet. I was certain she would have said no if she knew it's crimson that I have in mind.--Yes, like Mr. Big's in Sex and the City!

"I'll check with the owner," my landlady hesitantly said.

Well, it's not like they really have to know. Right?

Pet owners who let their bitches defecate anywhere should be shot. More on that in a different post.