Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallow's Eve

The most terrifying images are not the ones you see on TV or anywhere else, it's the ones in your head.

Happy Halloween!

Random Rants


Snapshot from our AVP.

I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to update this little online nook of mine. About 5 nights a week, I only get to to sleep for 5 or 6 hours. Between this internship and school (Events!), I don't even get to watch TV at night anymore. So you have no idea how glad I am about this long weekend. Enough whining.

Kermit for Gaga

Lady Gaga wearing Kermit Tesoro x Leeroy New 

It's not surprising that Kermit Tesoro managed to get into Lady Gaga's wardrobe. But to actually be a part of the official artwork for one of her videos is headline material if you ask me. Whether she's wearing the outfit in the actual video or perhaps in one of her performances, I don't know but it's highly likely.

Friday at Fiamma

Oh. My. God. The Friday before last (I'm that backlogged) was fucked up. It has been so long since I went out so I was really looking forward to having a really good time that night. It was a friend's birthday so he treated us out to drinks at Fiamma.

Maybe I was too tired, or, God forbid, I was just too old for that shit, but I was not having it. We got there around 12am and the club was packed. What I like about Fiamma is they're very strict about not allowing smoking inside. What I don't like so much is majority of the crowd are still in their puberty.

Anyway, one of our friends, let's call her A, got too much to drink because she was "conscious" as the guy she recently went on a date with, was there (he's a good friend of the birthday boy). It's too bad because she was looking good with the towering heels and the cute outfit but bitch could barely walk.

I was ready to go when I went out of the restroom. But on the way back to our seat, I saw her holding on to strangers trying to make it to the ladies' room. So I assisted her and waited outside. Little did I know that I was going to stand there for a good hour. People came and went but no A went out. I could see her standing in front of the mirror holding on to the sink. We were all getting concerned as we weren't sure how to get her home.

After a lot (seriously) of pep talk, we finally got to make her stand up. We asked one of the bouncers to help us out but really, most of her weight was on me. We got her to Jen's car but it was a long time after we figured out what to do. Good thing Jeff egged Nikki to come back, she was the only one who knew where A's house is. The four of us tried to call has the one holding her hair while We didn't want to transfer her to Nikki's car because she was barely conscious I went with Jen and Nikki led the way. Jeff stayed at the club with his friends. That was almost 4am when we left.

Except for a missed turn, everything was under control until A tried to open the fucking door while we were on EDSA. Jen freaked out and pulled over while I snatched the plastic bag and practically wrapped A's head with it. At that point, we lost Nikki so we had to get her directions over the phone. We finally made it in front of A's house and called their helper. She was miraculously able to walk (still in heels) and managed to come inside without kissing the ground. It was around 5am when we finally got to go home.

The following day, A wanted to kill herself. We still tease her about it up to now. The night didn't go as planned but it definitely gave us something to laugh about.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

RiRi Found Love

The reason why I usually don't blog about Rihanna's videos is because they usually have the same themes. When she's not a sex kitten in severely provocative styling, she's a dominatrix or a troubled sensual damsel. While her new music video is still very much sexed up, its short film quality differs 'We Found Love' from the passé work she's made in the past. The premise is reminiscent of 'Love the Way You Lie' but this one, in my opinion, manages to tell a more profound tale about lost lovers whose love for each other is more than what they can properly handle.

A collaboration with Calvin Harris, whom I honestly haven't heard of until now, the song is a promising club hit.

Also, I'm a sucker for stories of dangerous, consuming, euphoric relationships so this music video is on my good side.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This was the other day at the office. They couldn't get out no matter how much they jumped. It was entertaining.

Mices two pieces.

I've started doing tasks I'm not sure how to do. I do have a mentor but she's always busy. Today, I went home around 7pm and I still didn't finish what I was working on.

It's frustrating. But probably not as bad as getting stuck in the trash so you know. I can't complain.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Juggling Act

I need at least one more hour in each of my days.

This Monday, I started going to a new office. As mush as I would like to refer to it as a new job, it's really just an 8-week training. I'm crossing my fingers but only God knows what happens come December. I finished the first week today, err, tonight. I went home at a quarter past 8 which was not good because I kept the parentals waiting. Yup, my folks are in town. Tomorrow, Saturday, they'll go to Cavite/Tagaytay to visit my aunt. I won't be able to join them because 1. I have to go to my old office; 2. I have a dentist appointment; and 3. I have to go to school for a shoot for our events class. So much for a relaxing weekend.

I'm tired. I'm really tired, exhausted, call it whatever you want. But I don't hate it. At least not yet. All these activities keep me from entertaining thoughts that don't really do me any good.

That's all for now. I have to cap off this Friday night earlier than usual for obvious reasons. Have a good weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So this is how it is to lose the ability to erase mistakes. This afternoon, the 'Backspace' key of my computer came off. What a great hassle. 'Delete' is not going to cut it. I brought it to several repair stores today but none of them have the necessary spare part. One suggested I should just replace the entire keyboard. FML.

It makes you think how important this key is. To be able to delete mistakes in an instant is so convenient. Imagine if you can do that in real life. I really hope I can have this repaired very soon. In the meantime, I'll be more careful.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Hard and Soft at Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

It's true when Braynboy tweeted that Louis Vuitton's latest collection looks like Marc's audition for haute couture. I didn't plan on writing about it but when I finally saw the pictures, I was in awe. Two words would describe this collection; luxe pretty.

I personally have reservations about Marc taking over Dior but that's just me. If ever that does happen, Louis Vuitton needs to have Marc pass the baton to Phoebe Philo because her sophistication is perfect for the brand. After the whimsical, youthful, playful vibe that Marc has given to LV, I think it's about time it goes back to a cleaner, sophisticated and ultra luxurious aesthetic.

In the meantime, enjoy blooms, croc skin, giant eyelets and pointy stilettos with Marc's latest offering.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Strictly Business

Remember The Chef? Uhuh, from the archives. Well, I just came home from dinner in his new restaurant. I was with friends and we talked to him. It's strictly business though, something for our events class. It was weird because I don't know if he remembers me so I wasn't sure if I should call him 'Chef' or address him by his first name. Also, there was someone else there who may or may not have made an impact on my romantic life. What a small world indeed. It's all good though. No drama.


Finally, balls. Rogue has been pretty consistent with their covers. They know how to do sexy without being vulgar.

This one is my favorite. It's simply stunning. If you have someone as gorgeous as Anne as a subject, it's a challenge to elevate her already striking sultriness but they were to achieve that with this. Her eyes just grab your attention. I'd be the last one to support smoking but in this case, I understand how it contributes to the story of the image.

At first I thought this one is a waste of ass-baring nudity but I get it now. This shoot looks like it was very well directed. I like how the light hits her body. Very sensual.

This one I'm not so sure of. It's not a bad picture but I personally wouldn't put it on the cover.

It's good to see that Filipino magazines are stepping it up, trying out new things---for the local industry at least. Hopefully, more publications will follow suit and experiment more. Enough with the generic movie stars in passé covers.

Photos: Rogue

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Home Care

Greetings from home. Not even a month after my last vacation, I'm back here again. Not exactly for a vacation unfortunately. I'm here for a second, err fourth, opinion.

Except Tuesday when Pedring hit, there wasn't a day in the last week that I didn't visit a dentist. Apparently, that root canal didn't do the job. The problem is unfortunately worse than I thought. Naturally, I got concerned, freaked out, cried and got paranoid. My parents are not totally convinced with the advice of the dentists I consulted in Manila so they suggested that I go home and ask the opinion of my pops' dentist friend. I think my case is getting better but I won't know whether I'll need a surgery or not until several weeks from now. It's exhausting, not just physically.

This doubly sucks because I was supposed to be in Cebu now for a short weekend trip. Good thing that ticket was cheap.

Anyway, I'm glad to be home, even for just a short time. I've been eating heartily. My parents are awesome at keeping me sane. Here's to getting better.