Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look Who Went Where

Somewhere between frustration and boredom, I found myself clubbing alone. I've been thinking of going for a long time but I couldn't muster the courage to go until a few hours ago.

It's no big deal though. The place was practically empty considering it's a Friday night. The guys are probably in a competing bar which is celebrating its anniversary right this moment.

Some observations:
-At least tonight, the waiters were cuter than most of the patrons.
-The music was bitchin', I loved it. I wanted to dance like crazy but I was too shy.
-The lights were too bright.
-There was absolutely zero cigarette smoke inside. It was awesome because I could breathe very well inside and my clothes surprisingly didn't stink after spending an hour and a half in the club.

That's all. Goodnight.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


There's simply not enough hours in a day. How am I supposed to find a new apartment when I can barely find the time to go out? The panic level of having to move is fucking up my mind right now. There's just too much pressure that I'm *this* close to going away somewhere and forget about everything.

So far, all the spaces we've checked out are either too ugly, too old, too small, too far or too expensive. Tomorrow's another day so good luck to me.

I should find a place by next week. Otherwise, homeless chic is the only way to go.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Behavioral Warning

Ricardo Tisci and this model, whose name apparently is Bette Franke (DNA), got me in trouble at work last night. A QA caught me accessing a non-work related website and provided the above screen shot. It's my first warning ever after almost 2 years and I was asked to give an explanation.

Well I was so bored so I Googled 'Ricardo Tisci' and browsed through the New York mag website to catch up on my Models 101. I mean, hello, Youtube is not allowed in the office you know.

Of course I didn't say that. I understand these things require premium bullshit so I gave them just that.

Gawd. I really need to get a new job. After we get a new apartment that is, which is, by the way, turning out to be a never-ending quest. Ugh. Forget about that, I need a new life. But until I get one, a new watch will do for the moment being.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cocktail Hour

It seems like drinking alone is not so bad after all. Especially when you're doing it in front of the computer chatting with some guy and with a friend in Iloilo who's spilling rum coke all over her shorts while everybody else is in deep slumber.

Cape Codder + Sprite = Perfection

Tonight's poison is vodka mixed with cranberry juice, Sprite and lemon. It's something I concocted two days ago when I had someone over and it's so damn good. Too bad this is the closest I can get to drinking a mojito on the shores of Boracay. Oh well.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Week in Signs

It's good to know the parokya of Malate church has a sense of humor. I love it father.

Meanwhile, this funny sign caught my attention last night while doing the groceries at Shopwise. They probably did this on purpose because it worked. I had to get the damn cute, yellow "spoon and pork" set at only P19.00 for 10 pieces!

Have a meaningful holy week, whatever that means. :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Is it bad that there's someone in your office that you slept with?

You see, this is something that I avoid. My good friend/colleague always tells me not to shit in your own backyard. But what if the shit goes after you?

It's bad.

Enjoy April Fool's.