Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging On The Go

Hello bitches.

There's tons of shit waiting for moi in Manila. Looking for a new place and a new job are just two of the most important things I have to attend to when I get back. But hello, I'm still on vacation so fuck all that.

We're actually all getting ready to go to Boracay right now, so I can't rant so much.

Time flies when you're having fun indeed. The past weeks have been happy, heart-warming, touching, fantastic. I'm tired but it's the good kind of tired. Everything didn't exactly go as planned but I still feel so blessed.

On that note, let me indulge in the first dump of pictures from this vacay. These ones are from our Hong Kong trip.

The location of our hotel isn't exactly as glamorous as Causeway Bay, Central or even Tsim Sha Tsui. But even for a less developed area which is near the markets, it's still quite metropolitan, reminiscent of New York's chinatown. Besides, this is what they call "the real Hong Kong".

It was interesting seeing the locals go about their business--loading appliances into trucks, making noodles, the works.

It's great that I got to have my own room!

Sufficient closet space.

The city lights from my window.

 Morning drama. lol

Photo taken by my newphew.



Ladies Market

Haggle haggle!

 Mong Kok

The vendors at the Ladies Market have not changed. They're still very persistent to say the least.

Ok, I totally look like shit here.

I love Hong Kong. I really do. I love the weather, the shopping, the food. It's just not a very cheap place but I miss it nonetheless.

Everyone's now running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I gotta go.


Thank you Tin for the complimentary beef sandwich, carbonara and C2 on the flight going to HK. I would have totally starved myself again if it weren't for a sweet friend like you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Full-time Vacationer

Look who just got back from Hong Kong!

Ladies' Market
Just a few hours after touchdown yesterday, we headed to a remote resort in Batangas which is owned by an in-law. Now I'm enjoying the beautiful scenery, the fresh, bountiful food, and the warm company of loved ones.

The view during lunch.
God thank you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do I Really

Wait, do I really want to blog about my while on vacation?

Do I really want to rave about how super cute, adorable and fun my nephews are? Or about how happy I am our family was finally, completely together the past two days eventhough things are not exactly perfect? And about how it's so good to be home and reunite with the people I grew up with?

Do I really want to talk about how I was denied entry at a local club last night because of my sleeveles Details-Porcupine vest and Zara sando ensemble? And how my parentals sweetly drove back to the club to bring me a shirt so I could finally party the night away with cousins, sisters, in-laws and friends in a passe, lackluster, unexciting outfit?

Do I really want to whine about how I'm surely going to miss fashion week because of a little getaway taking place in the next few days which is why we're flying back to Manila tomorrow?

Do I really want to rant about all these? Oh, I dunno.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All Things Major

This is my first brush with the Internet in three wonderful days. I'm at home with my family trying to be a good tito to my two fantastic nephews. I wish I can say that everything's fine and perfect but no. The shitstorm I was talking about struck and there could be more damage soon. Major drama. I'm hoping for the best though.

But enough with the negative bullcrap. I'm excited to wake up each day at home with my family and cannot wait to play with my two nephews. I'm eating well. I'm hoarding great gifts and pasalubong! I'm generally having a great time despite having a headache right now from lack of sleep. In a couple of days, some of us are flying off to some great destinations. A very dear cousin and a great aunt also arrived from Dubai so it's really hysterical at home. These call for some major, major, rare celebration. I can't complain.

On a more somber note, a colleague and friend passed away the other day. I believe it was of HIV-AIDS. May he have eternal peace.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long Vacation

Today is one of the longest days ever. My siblings and their respective families arrived this morning. I have been up for almost 24 hours now. In less than four hours, we're going home to surprise our folks. It's not just the physical activities that wear me down though. I was on the verge of an emotional meltdown earlier. It's supposed to be a very relaxing, enjoyable reunion. But because of some issues, a shitstorm is on the loose.

God knows how much I have been looking forward to this trip, so I really hope things will be better very soon. Please?

Anyway, enough about the drama. I'm in a simple hotel room in Pasay with my loved ones, it's 2 am, everyone's asleep, but I'm still having trouble finding ways to make all my shit fit inside my bags. Traveling light has never been a thing of mine because I get paranoid. Ugh.

For obvious reasons, I have to keep this short and sweet. Later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Notes To Self

-Stop going to malls unless absolutely necessary.
I went to Chinabank today to settle my account for my laughable savings. Once done with legit business, I decided to drop by Greenbelt. Bad idea.
-Avoid, by all means, sidetrips at Topman and Zara.
Everytime I walk into these stores I secretly wish their stuff would suck so I don't have to hyperventilate and succumb to the lure of fashion and consumerism. There were two shirts I liked at Topman today. I only bought one so I consider that progress.
-Food first before clothes or sex.
My stomach is fucked up again! It's most probably acid or ulcers. FML.
-No gay gazing at the supermarket!
Shorts. Sneakers. Scruff. Second glances. Sigh.
-Find a way to attend Philippine Fashion Week this 27th.
The youngest designer ever to show, 19-year old Xernan Orticio, has invited me to see his collection. I am dying to come but the entire family's supposed to go to Batangas that day. There has got to be a way--especially since I just met another designer last night who also invited me to his show. Grrr...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dirty Fingered

'Haggard' would be putting it lightly. This morning's voting process was beyond grueling. It took me exactly 2.5 hours to practice my right to suffrage for the first time.

This was barely moving. There were three lines for our precinct.

At 10:05 am, there were at least 50 people in front of me. Sleepless, knackered and quite hungry, it took a lot of will power and determination to stay conscious. Thank goodness I brought my bag. The airline provided munchies that I didn't eat in the plane kept me from starving.


By the time I was inside Precinct 802B, people started bickering about the snail-paced process. Good thing I was too tired to throw a fit. It doesn't really help anyway.

Now I'm watching all the occurences in other areas in the country and it seems like I actually got lucky. Malfunctioning machines, grenades, deaths and other hostilities! Really? Jeezus.


Just got back from home. I spent the weekend personally delivering stuff my parents asked me to get. We're kind of busy organizing the house because my siblings are coming home from the US which is by the way one of the reasons why I quit my job.

Anyway, I flew back in Manila just moments ago and I have not slept a blink. I can't doze off just yet though. I'm dragging my ass to vote in a bit.

This is it y'all. God bless us.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Berry Beautiful

On such hot days like these nothing beats fresh fruit shakes to cool off a little. I love strawberries so it only makes sense that my cooler of choice is something made out of it. And I prefer to mix it with another fruit or two.

Last night, my good friend H gave me a whole lunch box of strawberries from Baguio. I love them even though they're not the perfect, flawless type. There's a lot so I decided to make these babies into some fresh, homemade smoothie.

I decided to pair the strawberries with bananas this time. The combination tastes as great as it looks pretty. No sugar, just milk.

It's healthy, refreshing, and tastes really good. (Gawd I sound like a friggin' infomercial star!)

So yes, I love strawberries.

Monday, May 03, 2010

A Week From Now

A week from now, I'll be voting for the first time. I was anxious that the powers that be will screw up and lose my registration or something. Well, I just visited the Mandaluyong City website and I was able to verify that COMELEC does have my name. I also got my precinct information. How cool is that? Kudos! My voter's ID is not yet ready though.

A week from now, we'll have our first ever automated election.Only God knows what circus will occur on the fateful of May 9, 2010. It's another chance for us to either fuck things up even further or finally crawl out of this slump and work with the resources that we have left.

I haven't decided yet which team I'm on but I do hope my vote will be counted. And needless to say, I do hope whoever gets elected into office will be the leader that will significantly change every Filipino's life for the better.

A week from now. I'll be officially unemployed. I'm not proud of it. But man, is it liberating. Maybe the new governance can provide me with a better job? No? We'll see.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labor Day Thoughts

Happy Laboy Day everyone!

This holiday used to mean a trip to the beach, fishing and just having a great time with family. Now, it just means double pay--not that it matters since I don't have work today. Thank God for that because it's no fun walking in this piercing heat. In fact, such extreme temperature may have altered my dating mentality

Lately, I've been talking to mostly, younger guys. I really prefer older ones but for some reason the 20-22 year olds seem less unappealing to me now--well, the cute ones at least. I even met up and had dinner with a ballet dancing, play writing, theater student from UP three days ago.

Speaking of UP, I was with a bunch of UP kids last night at Cubao X. Erin and I had so much fun. I love it there.

If you're reading this, Marcel/Stefan/Lady Jeje, happy birthday again and thank you for last night!

That's all for now.