Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pressure du Jour

Tonight, I will be sleeping on a mattress without a bed. If all goes according to plan, I'll be spending my first night at the new place tomorrow.

It's strange how I'm jobless yet the past weeks have been hectic. Ok not totally since I'm currently working part time at my uncle's office which is just a few blocks away. But moving has taken so much of my energy. What's worse though is I can feel the plans of me going back to schoool crumbling. I can't even imagine how disappointed my family would be. It's fucked up. I need a miracle.

My big king bed is gone. Hopefully, my sanity didn't go with it.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie Reviews, Gay Pride and More

As of this moment, I'm guessing half of Manila's gay population is painting the town rainbow at Malate's White Party. I, on the other hand, have just started puting my things in boxes. We have to move before the month ends. But let's reserve the details for another blog entry.

Like I was saying, tonight is Pride Night. Since I'm obviously absent from the festivities, let me just share with you instead three gay-themed movies I've seen this past week out of boredom.

Who can honestly say he/she watched this movie and enjoyed it? Sure, the nudity was a little interesting. But it's definitely not enough to save the movie from the terrible acting which reminded me of lousy class drama skits during grade school. I have a theory this Jeff Luna has a speech defect.

The scoring is also forced. What a waste of time that was.

Chub Chaser is a refereshing break from all the sexually charged local, gay-themed, indie films. It's nothing ground breaking but I like how it's different from the rest of the movies in the same genre.

The plot is like the gay version of 'Shallow Hal'. It mirrors the truth and is very entertaining at the same time. I particularly find the BFF of the protagonist very amusing. He hits comedic notes flawlessly and effortlessly. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Jeff Luna who happens to be in this movie as well. Thankfully, he doesn't have that many lines.

I'm not saying this is an excellent film. But it's worth watching.

This isn't exactly your typical gay-themed movie but according to my research, this movie made quite a buzz for its homoerotic insinuations. It even got banned if I'm not mistaken.

Now I don't care if this movie is critically acclaimed. I was yawning half the time I was watching it. I'm not sure if it's the flawed subtitles, but it's just not for me. It does provide a raw insight though of the life of the Red Army's new recruits.

I was planning on saving my opinions about SATC 2 for a separate blog entry. But I changed my mind after watching the movie.

First of all, the city in 'Sex and the City 2' is not NYC. It's Abu fucking Dhabi. The idea of the girls traveling to such a conservative country on the other side of the world is so exciting. I just wish they didn't dwell on it so much. I consider New York City as the fifth lead character you know.

The director should be shot for treating SATC 2 like a Leslie Nielsen flick. Gawd. I couldn't stand how cheesy some of the scenes are.

Also, I thought Noah Mills would play an important character in the movie. It turns out he's just one of Samantha's boys. The gay wedding is fantastic though. It's uber fagulous! Just like the wardrobe. Save for the hobo bags, Patricia Field did a great job.

I'm quite disappointed with the movie. It would have been great if there was more depth to the plot. I was expecting it to be as touching as the first one. Ah, expectations.

Anyway, here's to gay pride... respect, equality, good health, good sex and love!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Urban Inn

It's almost three weeks overdue, but let me share with you a good part of my recent one-night stay in Iloilo City. It was the first time I was able to come back after over a year.

I was on a tight budget so it was difficult to decide where to stay. I did my research online and found out about Urban Inn through their multiply site. The moment I saw the photos, I was drawn in since I'm very much a fan of sleek, modern interior design. The prices of the rooms sealed the deal with only P800 (with breakfast) as the most affordable.

Small but clean lobby. That electric fan should not be there.

No cabinets or drawers. Storage was strange but sufficient.

I had my friend call Urban Inn the same day I was arriving to guarantee room availability. They agreed to reserve one Standard 1 for me. Check-in was easy and the guy who assisted me was very courteous.

My room was on the 4th floor which wouldn't have been a problem if there was an elevator. Good thing I didn't hoard too much of my stuff since I was only staying overnight.

I was offered two options. I could either get the smaller room with a single bed which came with complimentary breakfast, or a slightly bigger room with a queen bed with no breakfast. I chose to get the former because it was right on the facade of the building so it had a nice view. It gets a little noisy inside though because of the Luna Street traffic so they could've done a better job at sound proofing the room. Nonetheless, it was a far better space than the other room I was offered which looked dingy and unfinished.

The restoom was clean and quite spacious. I was glad I could always have a hot shower. But I don't understand why there's no mirror inside. So when I shaved I had to step out of the shower and do it in front of the full sized mirror beside the restroom door.

What was noticeable is the number of electrical outlets. There were at least 5 or 6 in my room which was great.

Breakfast (in bed) was very basic. It was rather bland but it's not terrible.

Simple breakfast in bed.

The rate also includes complimentary wireless Internet that was pretty fast. The only basic thing missing was toothpaste which they offered at P10 per sachet.

The place reminds me of those nice boutique hotels that are very trendy. But this is obviously not a luxurious accommodation. The furnishings are very SM Department Store. Not that there's any problem with that since  everything seems to be fairly new and working properly. You can't expect Philippe Starck or Jonathan Adler for only P800 a night.

I would gladly stay at Urban Inn again. I'd even like to have the same room the next time.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Men and Apartments

I'm on it again. I have to move so the hunt for a new apartment is on. This time, I'll be living alone, unless my friend H decides to join me.

As usual, looking for a new place is a drag. It's like looking for a boyfriend or partner---not in the way that you're literally scouring Manila for that special someone of course. But both are hard to achieve especially if you're not willing to settle for anything less than what you had in mind eventhough you really don't have all that much to give. Then again, we really shouldn't just "settle" for anything.

There's this place that's on the top of my list. It's just across where my cousins and I live now. It definitely needs some major cleaning but it's quite spacious for one occupant and the price is not bad. However, I was informed today that the current tenants have decided not to move so that place is no longer an option.

It's much like the way this guy that I met last month has been saying he's really starting to like me both times we spent intimate moments together yet never bothers to make his presence felt when we're apart. I was starting to like him too. But it's a good thing I'm realizing this early that he's no longer an option.

There are guys out there who appear to be very eligible. Unfortunately, like the nicer spaces I've checked out, they ask for too much. I'm just not sure whether these are really good deals or not worth what I would have to give up.


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Broken Wrists Club

There are several ways to spot the fairy inside a seemingly straight guy. The wrist is a good part of the body to observe.

I would say I'm normally pretty discreet, especially around strangers. But as apparent in the following images, my left wrist is a totally different story.

There's no use stopping or hiding it.

Sooner or later, the damn thing will break loose anyway.

Hahah... You know what's funny? I'm back in Manila, there's tons of things that I need to accomplish, and here I am talking about my fucking wrist.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Strip It!

What do old friends do when gathered together after not seeing each other for a long time?

Say hello to Pet and Mel!

Well, wax of course!

Today, Pet and I visited Mel for what was supposed to be an afternoon of fun chitchat and catching up. But the girls decided to try their latest acquisition on me.


It wasn't really that painful and I've always thought of getting rid of the long strands of hair scattered on my back so I went for it.

Upper back and shoulders - clear

The product is called Strip It!, an all-natural cold wax ideal for getting rid of unwanted hair. It's hypoallergenic and easy to use.

It smells yummy.

I am in no way endorsing this thing. I simply want to say that it works. Check out the multiply site to know more about it.

After the waxing session, we took a walk along the beach and ate oysters, fishballs and kikiam. Fun times!


Monday, June 07, 2010

Panic in Paradise

Lunch at Villa Criselda, Station 3, Boracay

There's just a few days left to this month-long vacation. By next week, I'll be back in Manila looking for a place, a new job and perhaps gathering requirements for school. Thinking about all this makes me want to cry, really. It would have been fine if it weren't for deadlines. Ugh.

Ok, breathe... In... Out... Oh God help me.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Iloilo Overnighter

Warm greetings from Iloilo City!

Standard 1 at Urban Inn

Gawd, I missed this place. I missed JD especially. Too bad I'm only staying for a night.

I got a room here in Urban Inn, an inexpensive yet clean and hip acommodation in La Paz. I'll post more photos soon.