Sunday, April 27, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Well, what do you know. Exactly a week ago, as detailed in my last post, I went out with my good friend and had a chanced meeting with an accidental date. We had a good time, had a few drinks, and canoodled at the back of a cab (with my sorta-kinda-date-but-not-really not with my friend, eww).

Anyway, we kept in touch for a while the past week and intended to meet up again. Ugh. I don't even want to get into the nonsensical details. To cut to the chase, I got too excited again, expected too much and shit. Although, to be honest, I think I played my cards well enough so I don't really beat myself up about it. Hello, we didn't sleep together the first time we met. We just kissed and groped. We were holding back you know.

Now it's obviously not going anywhere else though. So before I do something more stupid and go on a bored-text romp, I deleted his number from my phone after 2 days of not hearing from him. Erased, gone, zero, bye.

Gawd, I am so pissed. I had imagined I would be on a second date tonight. I can't believe I actually entertained the thought that this is the serious relationship I've been waiting for. Jeez. Oh well, I still had a great time last week, nothing changes that.

Moving on. Next please.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spicy Fingers

Hi, just woke up here. Last night, or this morning rather, was zo much fun. Another good friend and I went to Greenbelt and somewhere else.

Of course I had to pick out her out fit because bitch initially wanted to wear this psychedelic empire cut top with polka-dot shoes and a granny bag. WTF?!

Anyway, Cassy and I hit up Spicy Fingers at Greenbelt 2 because she wanted a bar with a band. She's a bit of a singer who also used to be the front bitch of a band in our hometown you see. The place, I believe, is relatively new and it was fun enough for a Sunday. The band was also very entertaining and good-looking.
I sent a message to three people asking if they were around the area and well what do you know, one of them was about to go to Greenbelt 3.

To the cut the story short, we met up and he joined us. It was great having some sort of a casual date with someone you've met for the first time together with a long-time buddy. At about 3 AM, we decided to go somewhere. We just dropped off my sort-of-but-not-really date at his office and Cassy and I went our way to Malate to check out this place. Thank god Cassy took the front seat of the cab, otherwise my sort-of-but-not-really date didn't get a chance to have our "moment" at the backseat. Now that's what I call a good friend.

So we went to this bar... oh fuck it, it's Che Lu (?), not really sure, it's my first time to be in a bar full of guys who hit on other guys. I was like a virgin if you want to put it like that. It was ok, nobody got oral services at the comfort room or anything like that. Cassy said a lot of the guys there were checking me out but I'm not sure I believe her. She probably was just being a good friend. Whatev.

At 4:30 AM, we decided to call it a night. We grabbed some burgers and went to my place. She had to leave very early since she has a flight to catch this morning. Bitch is going home and I am sooo jealous much. I want to go home too and take a break. Jeez.

I wonder if that date will lead to something else. Well, I'm sure it could've led to something indeed if we were alone but I don't want to take that direction anymore. Oh well, let's see.
Here's Cassy and I being fat and half drunk. Good times.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Down, down, down, down...

I am so fucking down right. now I'm so down not even a new episode of ANTM or a hook-up can lift me up. Seriously, there's so much negative energy in me I can barely handle it.

Work is beyond awful, I have a non-existent love life and I can't even go shopping for some retail therapy or have time to meet up with friends again and bond. The first two reasons are the major facts that bother me the most though. I desperately need a new job and get myself in a serious relationship. I have stayed in this damn company longer than planned and I've been single for the longest time. It's about time, really.

I badly need a vacation. I want a new job and go on vacation alone.

Boracay, words cannot express how much I long for you.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breaking News: Work Sucks

Here it is again. It's one of those days, no, weeks, when I'm just dragging myself to the office just so I can say that i'm actually doing something with my life, and of course so I don't get any deductions from my meager salary. I hate it.

I believe I'm a very passionate person. I also happen to believe that I am too creative for this line of work. It just doesn't do so much for me except pay the rent. I want to be able to make use of my talent or skills and do what I actually want to do. Hell, if it wasn't for the roof above my head, the food that I eat and the clothes on my back, I'd be volunteering somewhere, then dancing and going to the gym everyday, and focus on freelance journalism, and maybe get involved, in one way or another, in the fashion industry or something. I want to be able to cultivate my skills and work on what I have--self-improvement basically.

I hate work right now because in the first place, I didn't really intend to last this long in the company. I also do not very much agree with the way management has been handling everything. I think they put on too much pressure on us agents. It's exhausting. On the other hand, maybe it's just me. It is very hard when you're forced to do something when you'd rather do something else. Nonetheless, work sucks, I hate it. I want to get out. Period.

Don't get me wrong though. I have been looking for another job. No luck so far though. Ugh.

Gawd, I'd kill to be in advertising, public relations or lifestyle journalism right now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zoo Holiday

Last Monday was so much fun. It was a holiday so my sister and I visited our cousins and Aunt who is actually going through a rough time. God bless her.

We went to Harrison Plaza , the first ever mall in the Philippines, which is a stone's throw away from where I live, for some work my Aunt needed to be done. It was taking her a long time to finish her business so my cousins and I decided to visit Manila Zoo which is just a short stroll from the mall.

The zoo itself is nothing really spectacular. Sure, we had a few laughs over the deers humping each other and some of the animals were quite fascinating. (Like the zebra that would make such a nice rug, the same with the cute tiger hiding in the man-made cave. The elephant stunk but still cute. Although I feel really sorry for the poor thing. The deers would have been boring but they were copulating in front of everybody so that was entertaining, while the crocs are scary and would be nice accessories.) But the ultimate, ultimate experience occurred when we were about to get out of the place.

When I realized what this huddle of people was all about, I was like, "Oh shit, that snake is fucking humongous and it's all out in the open for paid photo ops!" Talk about saying, or rather thinking, the obvious.

So yeah, we were just gawking at these people who were having their pictures taken while a gigantic live python is wrapped around their bodies and then it's like suddenly, all four of us had this common thought bubble above our heads and we went for the kill.

For a P100, we had a short pictorial with not one but two pythons--one of them was the smaller yellow albino kind. I was really scared at first but it all went fine. Nobody got bit or got constricted by the reptiles or anything like that. My sister did get into a bitch fight with some random woman though while waiting for the photos. Hah! Love that.

I know it's so freaking anti-climactic that I'm raving about it but I actually don't have the picture of us with the snakes but you see we don't have a soft copy of it. But I'll post it as soon we scan the precious thing.

We then went back to Harrison, laughed, walked, ate, yaddi yadda, yadda, and basically just had a good time. I loved it. It was such a fun day. Although, my Aunt didn't go with us to the zoo, I'm pretty sure she also enjoyed the day. It was nice we all took time and bonded together and had a blast.

Gawd I love holidays.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Songs In My Player: Pop

On the bus, in the shower, on the bed, in the elevator, on repeat.
  • Mercy by Duffy – I never really paid attention to her music video until a couple of days ago and I’m glad I did. I’m also not sure where this artist came from but that doesn’t really matter since I love this song anyway. This woman is like a pitchy (in a good way) Amy Winehouse and I realized the other day when I was in a bus that the song is reminiscent of Rehab.
  • Rock With U by Janet Jackson – This is the follow-up hit to Janet’s first single Feedback off of her latest album Discipline. I love Feedback and this one is not bad either, not at all. The smooth, mid-tempo song is delicious and the video couldn’t be any better-the dancing is ridiculous. It’s hot.
  • I’m Yours by Jason Mraz – Now this is a song you’d like to hear in the morning, not too cheesy but full of life. I’m not sure if it’s a ukalele that was used as an instrument but this song is a love affair set in the beach. I admire Jason Mraz, I think he’s a true artist what with the delightful, unique music he branded as his own, with the fast singing (not rapping), he surely is a rare talent.
  • Flashing Lights by Kanye West – The video is sick, I fucking love it even though that Rita G.’s belly is quite distracting. It’s gangstalicious.
  • Wow, Speakerphone, In My Arms by Kylie Minogue – This fantastic Aussie woman doesn’t stop. X is indeed a promising comeback album. So far, Speakerphone is the strongest song I’ve heard from her latest installment followed by In My Arms and Wow respectively. Kylie does pop exquisitely and effortlessly just like the way she rocked those fuck-me hot pants in Spinning Around.
  • Do It by Bridget Kelly – For some weird reason, the beat of this song is reminiscent of the hits of the 80’s. Nonetheless, Do It is definitely a likeable track, it’s like a threesome of club, electronica ang hiphop, a killer combination.
  • Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow by Randy Jackson featuring Paula Abdul – I’m guilty. It’s a hot mess in a not-so-bad way despite the fact that Paula’s voice was digitally altered beyond recognition.
  • See You Again by Miley Cyrus – Again, I’m guilty. Perez is right though, the song is totally inspired by “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”.
  • Sexual Eruption by Snoop Dogg featuring Robyn - This is quite an unlikely collaboration but it works for me. Robyn, with her exquisite musical prowess, gives the Dogg's single a clubby vibe. It's like danceable rap or something, it's really interesting and nothing typical.
  • Technologic by Daft Punk - I believe this is an old song already but I like it--very catchy and fun. The title says it all, it's a techy's audio aphrodisiac.