Saturday, July 28, 2007


Photos taken during an uneventful early morning walk along my neighborhood all the way to Baywalk/Manila Bay.

Say hello to the first ever mall in Las Islas Filipinas- Harrison Plaza -the only enclosed mall I know where they allow people to smoke their lungs out inside this poorly airconditioned place.

I saw this guy on the way to and back from Baywalk. He was still alive. I checked.
This is Baywalk - jogging/excercise park by day, drinking hub by night.
One side of Baywalk is Manila Bay while the other is Roxas Boulevard, a major road, hotels, restaurants, offices, condominiums, etc.

I love my trusty Nike Cortez. I think I've had them for over five years now.

People go to Baywalk to get some Vitamin D, sweat out, make out and fish.
Say hello to Manila Bay.
Like I said, this is a very uneventful morning.

Need I say more? I was actually looking forward to seeing these instructors who teach tai chi, taebo, aerobics during weekend mornings but they were nowhere to be found that Friday.
Row, row, row your boat boys! LOL
Some people actually take a dip here at times. I know, it's revolting. Just think of how much spit, shit and bacteria is in that water considering people throw all sort of crap in the water day in and day out.
These seats don't get arranged until noon, I guess, when people go here to eat, drink and hang out.
This looks like a post-typhoon scene.This guy's not alone. You'll see street sleepers all over the city.
Cheek bones?

Friday, July 20, 2007


It may seem like all I know how to talk about here is clothes, mundane dilemmas, work and other shallow stuff, but really, there's a lot of stuff brewing inside me right now. I can't even put to words how impatient I am about the pace of my life, or how worried I am for myself or for my family back home, how deeply sad I am that I constantly feel so alone and all. Don't even get me started about how fucked up I am at the romance department and how I no longer find one-night stands or two-night stands that satisfying. I can't say I'm done with it, I dunno. I think I just want something more meaningful, more lasting.

I have insecurities. I bathe in insecurities. I comfort myself by thinking that if this person is rich good-looking and smart, I assume that he has a fucked up family or a puny penis. I have no idea why I'm saying all these things but I swear to god I am so sick of taking it all up. I'm so far from being perfect or being amodel citizen but hell, I've been trying to straighten things up.

At the end of the day, no matter how shallow I am, I do know how to set my priorities.

*I know I should not be forgiven for the things I write here considering I am a journalism graduate and I should know what is publishable and what stinks, and that i should be careful enough with my nouns, verbs, adverbs, splling and what not, but please, spare me. I don't edit my posts and I don't read them before I hit PUBLISH.


I bought a pair of new Chucks this morning. My old pair are so worn out my toes are doing a peep show each time I wear them. I'm not really in the mood to write about stuff right now. I'm too down... yet again.

Say hello to the new Chuck Taylor. He's gonna take care of me during work.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Random Rants

Am I Bored or Boring?

Just when I've been observing my life and youth pass me by, here comes some what seems to be the cosmos' aid to my current depression.

Lately, for the nth time, I've been contemplating on how my life is so bland/generic like I was born to be bored. I don't know if it's my non-stop demand for excitement but the thought of letting each day, each week, each month pass by without any significant accomplishment just saddens me.

Anyway, this morning, when I was about to leave the office, after claiming my phone from the guard, I was surprised by three missed calls and four new messages which really psyched me because I usually just get two new messages and they would be forwarded quotes from the same person, or on the most pathetic times, I'd get none at all. For 12 hours, my phone would be in constant hybernation much like the owner's social life.

Not this morning though, one missed call was by a friend in college, another one from an acquaintance whom I've never met personally, and an unfamiliar number. The first message was from my sister, the other one from my acquaintance inviting me to a threesome, then there's another foreign number with the message "hello" and the last one from a new friend who used to be my mentor at the office.

Capital D

Before going home, I had to drop by to this market where I buy our arwana's food (live goldfish). The place is called Cartimar. Cartimar has got to be one of the most disgusting places I've ever been to. Don't get me wrong, I love the animals there but the place is just utterly revolting. The pet area has animal shit for fallen autumn leaves. You name it, dog shit, cat shit, bird shit, fish shit, then add a dash of dead/live roaches here and there plus a stream of filthy water and that's pretty much the ambiance. I loath going there not only because it's out of the way but because the stench and the stomach-turning ickiness all over the place is unbearable.


When I got home, I received a text message from a friend saying that she'd set me up on a date with a friend of her's. It's funny 'coz last night I was just whining to her how unenjoyable my date last Saturday was. ---Yes, that's another date. We ate pizza, talked, and that's it. Period. No sparks there, no fireworks, nada.--- And now, she got me a new one. That made me laugh. I don't know though, I checked out my potential date's online profile and I'm not really pleased. No attraction whatsoever. I don't mean to be superficial but I believe there's gotta be enough physical attraction to get things started. I believe that's where the chemistry starts. What do you think? Anyway, I'm gonna try to make things smooth and veer away from an awkward situation. Nonetheless, I truly appreciate my friend's gesture.

That's it for now. By the way I've been reading Jessica Zafra's Twisted Travels. It's an okay read, almost done with it. It's just that sometimes I feel like I'm studying. Got it the other day when I went to the mall and shopped for toiletries, like those expensivo Lush ice blue and honey soaps, some protection and lubrication, hair wax and brownies. Ciao.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Two completely different pictionaries in one day. I know the last one is fun, family and fab (?). This one is fucked. Oh please, I don't even have to explain.

Somebody had loads of fun the other night.
Loves it.


Have to scram. I'll try to get some sleep. Got work later.


These pix are long overdue but what the hell.

This is what my Mom and Dad spent for me when they visited the capital of Las Islas Filipinas- cosmo Manille:

2 shirts from Topman
1 pair pants from Topman
1 shirt from Zara
3 pairs of sock from Puma
1 sando undershirt from Bench
1 brief from Bench

It's not a lot but I love them all. Plus I had grand time shopping with my parents. I really am so glad Mom and Dad are also into shopping. The whole family is actually.

I know I'm earning already. They're both aware though that I'm paying a lot for the bills and the rent so they treated me out to a little shopping and I treated them to dinner and Starbucks. That was fun.

Some brands I like/love:

I miss my parents. I miss home. I miss my brother and sisters. I miss my cousind. I miss my friends. Ugh. Whatever.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Page From My Human Diary

hey bitch. i hate you! why were you not responding earlier when i needed you most? i met up with **** and the ass is absolutely not my type. the jerk said he's twenty-fucking-six but he looks a decade older. i swear to god i'm so freakin' stupid. anyway, it's ok i guess. he doesn't seem to show that much interest either. he did however make me libre- dinner and cab fare, while i paid for our starbucks. gawd. i dunno if i'm annoying you but you're my friend right? hahah... oh well, this baby is once again playing the wide open field. i know we're looking for different things there but i'll see you in the playground. hope we find our individual serious playmates. or something like that. anyway, i just had sex with another stranger. it's better to talk about all this on the phone though so... till then. keep in touch. and pls let me know you're still breathing there. GAWD. i've been calling and you're never picking up. you take care. hello to cuppy cake, your pot belly pig. arn-arn the arwana also says hi.

---I just sent this msg to a very dear friend. I don't know why I'm posting it here but whatever. What the hell. Anyway, I'm too tired to explain and blab so bye. Nighters.