Sunday, June 24, 2007

Depression 3

I honestly don't know what to say. My housemates are not sleeping at our place tonight because they both have individual affairs to deal with, while I'm stuck there with the cleaning lady who's staying over 2 nights a week to do make our lives better. Ugh. It's annoying that I haven't been getting it on lately. If I want, I would've gotten a lot I mean there ARE invitations. I just haven't given in. All because I'm trying to get this serious relationship thing a shot. And but the one I have is far from serious, I can't even say that there IS actually a relationship. There might be something brewing but it's irritating the hell out of me. It's like we're stuck in some sort of gray area and we don't know where else to go. We've tried to move a few steps to figure things out and finalize whatever it is that we have but we keep screwing it up. And I'm not talking about screwing it up like dirty screwing it up. Not at all. Unfortunately.

Anyway, enough with that. I'm having commitment/relationship problems/confusion. Period.

I'm not going to waste precious bytes and minutes ranting about worthless crap anymore. Let me go ahead and surf away and hopefully feel better afterwards. Bye.

Has anyone else heard of Glytone? I read about it thru I'm interested in trying it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers' Day

I have a headache. That's why I have to make this short.

Yesterday, my parents, brother and nephew arrived town. My brother and nephew flew off to the states at10 PM. While I went shopping with my Mom and Dad today, Fathers' Day. Got a little teary-eyed when my brother. We're not really emotionally but I like him and I will surely miss them both. My first and only (immediate) nephew is soooo adorable. I miss him already.

Anyway, like I said, went out with my parents to day who are here in town. They went with my brother and nephew to Manila to make them hatid and they took the chance to visit me. We shopped, using their card of course! Hahahah... It was fun. Mom and I split the bill cos I wanted to sort of treat them out since I'm already earning. Would have paid for the entire bill but Mom insisted, which is a good thing otherwise I would have broken my budget. Bubba Gump is not exactly a cheap resto so the food is expectedly great, matching the cost.

We also went grocery shopping. We'll visit Mall of Asia tomorrow and probably get a few more stuff.

As I've mentioned, I have a headache. Gotta go and get some shut-eye. Nighters.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sickening, Stupid, Cheesy Affair

Hi. I'm a little febrile right now. I'm also a little pissed off. See, the empending romance that left me crying twice already went back this week, which is supposed to be awesome right? Not really. The twat is as insensitive as a rock. I hate it. I'm thinking that may actually be one of the reasons why I'm sick right now--love sick? Eww.

Okay, I'll be honest. It's been a really long time since I've last said 'I LOVE YOU' to anyone like romantically. Until yesterday of course. It' pretty patetic this "thing." Whatever. I want to hope things will work out well for the both of us but I don't know if that's possible. Gawd, what's up with me? I'm starting to think I'm so desperate I'm settling for this inconveniently, unconventionally, pathetically romantic relationship. It's a tragedy.

I'm confused. Just talking about this makes me sick even more. By the way, I've been catching on my sleep lately, it's crazy. I've slept for like fifteen hours in the last 24 hours.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I don't know what the occasion was, but there were fireworks all over town last night. It was spectacular. I dunno but it gave me a really great feeling as if I'm a kid again or something. Cheesy huh? Not sure but maybe it's due to the fact that I got romantically offended again for the nth time? Whatev. The fireworks display was just really beautiful nonetheless. I couldn't help but take photos.We're at the 26th floor so have a pretty good view of the city.

(The camera was running out of charge so I didn't have time to adjust the settings to capture the scene properly)

Before we I end this pictionary, let me throw one big cheeseball that's been in my mind since yesterday. "It ended even before it started."

How's that? Nighters.

Rainy Days

It's June. Say hello to rainy season. I dunno about you but I don't like rain unless I'm home having a movie marathon and bingeing OR somewhere having mind-blowing sex.

There's just nothing good about going out there and getting your shoes and pants dirty and muddy and icky. I hate it. Things are worse when you take public transport. Ugh. And Manila is like flood centrale so that makes things hellacious.

Anyway, I received my second pay at work this week. It's not that big. Damn those taxes that go straight to the pocket of those dirty politicians.

Went to the mall with relatives and someone who just arrived from the states. I played tour guide so I'm really exhausted. I was able to get lip balm and powder though. I really wish I'd be able to save up soon and finally unleash my inner shopping devil. I mean, I've been holding it for so long. Gawd. I hyperventilate everytime I'm at the mall, looking but not buying. I hate it. I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again; this the expensive price I pay for independence. Oh well, at least I'm earning my own money now.

I gotta surf away. Ciao.