Friday, October 31, 2008

I can't pay my rent, but I'm fucking gorgeous.

What's the combination of heavy, black eyeliner, intoxicating glam-rock music, and gorgeousness in obscene amounts? Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Semi Precious Weapons!

Thanks to Perez for yet another marvelous music recommendation. Check out this NYC band's MySpace page here.

They're like the gay Franz Ferdinand. Too hot.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Sunday All-Day Bender

This is the last rant about Philippine Fashion week. I swear.

This is supposedly the ticket that would have let me take a peek into this season's Philippine Fashion Week yesterday (Saturday). It's for the luxe wear collection. The ticket was issued by Ilonggo designer Eric delos Santos and was given by Vincent (Thanks much!), my friend H's sister's friend.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank Xernan for offering to give me his slot at today's shows (see comments on last post). That's really awesome.

Speaking of today, my Sunday was very hectic but fun. I only had 3 hours of sleep because I had to go to H's sister's place in Makati for a little lunch party. I spent the entire day with H, her sister Frances, their cousin Patricia and their friend Vincent at Greenbelt---oh and with Ellesse, Frances' pet chihuahua.

Together with 2 of their nephews, we hit up Timezone for an afternoon videoke spree, then went to Fresh Bar for some drinks, went around Greenbelt 5, and attended mass at 7:30 PM. We headed back to Frances' condominium unit afterwards to have dinner which was followed by Coke and Black Label. Yes, we had Johnny Walker at 9 PM on a Sunday night.

By the way, M and I coincidentally met up this evening just shortly after the mass ended. It turns out he was also in Greenbelt so he, I repeat he, told me we should meet up. We did. We talked about a couple of things but not enough to clear things out. One thing surprised me though. He has been reading my blog so he knows what shit I've been up to lately.

Oh well. I feel and look like a zombie right now so I'm out of here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fashion Frustration

The cosmos are playing with me. Everything about me is a mess.

It's official. This is not the fashion week I will get to attend. My friend and I had to give up our tickets because of work. So we're not going to tomorrow's shows. I won't get to wear the outfit I had in mind and I especially won't get to rub elbows with the local fashion scenesters.

This got me so depressed I thought cooking would get my mind off of it and make me less frustrated. Bad idea. It's edible but it's the worst tuna pasta I've made so far.

Anyway, my pimple and I will stay in tonight for a quiet, Philippine Fashion Week-less evening.

I know it's crazy. I hope this is the last time I write about this season's third world fashion week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caption Corruption

Here's one of the pictures taken one summer afternoon a few months ago in Manila Zoo. I just think it looks funny.
"How many bags do you see?"
Sorry for the picture quality. It's a picture of a picture.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashion Week Should Be a Holiday

Like I have mentioned multiple times before, I really want to go to Philippine Fashion Week. A couple of days ago, my good friend H, told me we can go with her sister who knows some Ilonggo designers and has a friend who works in a fashion magazine. So naturally, I was thrilled. Seriously, I have been planning my outfit ever since. I even tried on a couple of looks.

The other day, H and I visited her sister who told us we can attend one of the shows on the 25th. That's on a Saturday which means I have work--no, we (H and I) have work. But I figured maybe we can just call in sick or perhaps come in a few hours late.

Now, I'm not so sure anymore if that's a good idea.

Schedule adherence at work is highly regarded and rewarded now. If H and I ruin our team's record, our supervisor and teammates will kill us if we don't get the incentives. I honestly don't give so much shit about what these people will say. Okay maybe I do, just a little. But the thing that bothers me most is the fact that our supervisor has been pretty lenient to us and I don't want her thinking we're abusing this. Ugh. I'm such a fucking good person, I know!

I hate work right now. In fact, if it's not for my fucked up work schedule, I'd be in Pangasinan this very moment for a weekend trip with relatives.

If only I can get into the October 22, 23 and/or 26 shows, I will be a very happy person because I will be free on those days. And since, I can not offer a first born, and my virginity is out of the question, I will pray for the soul of who ever will hook me up... Or maybe I (meaning my cleaning lady of course) can do your laundry for a week? Or do I just do you? JK.

Oh well...

Sure there's always next year but still... Ugh. I can't stand it.

I just realized what's indicated on the title still wouldn't help because our company doesn't honor holidays. None. Zero.


Socks and Sucks

Today was very jam-packed (both litrally and figuratively).

I think there's too many people in Manila. Fine, I think there's too many people who take the MRT/LRT in Manila. Commuting around the city is absolutely excruciating. Don't even get me started about the people traffic in malls. It gets worse as the holidays come nearer.

Anway, I went to the gym this noon. Afterwards, I took care of the bills, my passport, the rent, and did a little grocery shopping as well. I even went to a freakin' job fair in Glorietta. Good thing I had one hard copy of my resume left with me.

To cap things off, I had someone come over earlier for a little Friday fun. No raping this time. We've been talking online and through text for months but it wasn't until today that we met up. It was all good.

So there. Just another day in the city.

This is my 200th entry and it's boring as hell. Such a shame.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kate Lanphear(osha)

Browsing through Street Peeper, I took notice of this supremely stylish woman with the platinum locks mentally marveling over how effortlessly chic she looks. A quick Google search later, I found out she's Kate Lanphear, fashion editor of Elle.

It's quite obvious she's not into a lot of color but I have to say that her look is dead-on, super gorgeous matched with a seemingly non-chalant attitude.

I love Nina Garcia but Kate wins my vote for the street stye chic category. She pulls it off so flawlessly.

She's amazing. Love, love, love Kate Lanphear.

Photos: The Sartorialist, Refinery 29

Friday, October 10, 2008


Trinoma. Park Square. Greenbelt.

Documents. LBC. NBI Clearance.

World Chicken. Marciano's.

Guy re-emerging after 6 months.

Bajo Las Estrellas.




Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Recap

Can someone check the streets and see if my legs are there? I think they fell off somewhere along Taft Avenue.

I am so tired. But not work-tired. I'm malling-hanging-around tired which is so much better than work-tired.

Me, myself and consumerism went out today. Just the usual; Robinson's Manila, walked non-stop, bought a lip balm and some lube. I also brought the articles I was evaluating and I must have looked like a freak at The Coffee Bean laughing by myself. I couldn't help it. The students' write-ups are hilarious (unintentional most of the time).

I think I almost passed out during dinner time becauseI couldn't decide where to eat. I hit up The Old Spaghetti house just in time when my stomach started to digest itself.

After dinner, I met up with a friend and had dessert at Starbucks over juicy, juicy gossip! Apparently, someone, or some people rather, have a crush on me! And because I'm shallow and full of myself, I absolutely love it!

Anyway, it's funny how I work out in the morning or noon then waste it all moments later by indulging in sweets, or drinks loaded with cream, sugar, calories, cellulites and love handles! Oh well, what are you gonna do?

I still don't know how I can go to Fashion Week. Joey Espino are you reading this?

And I'm dead.

Random Rants

Fashion Week - Third World Style

Whose ass do I have to kiss around here to attend the shows?

I have been wanting to go to Philippine Fashion Week shows but I have no idea how to make it possible. Can anyone tell me how I can score a ticket aside from the text raffle Smart is offering?

I'm a nobody so invites or front row seats are out of the question. I just want to be there and witness the local fashion scene unfold before me.

Photo from


Remember that trip that I made to Ilolo while on vacation? Like I said, I was invited by a friend who is also a former editor/teacher of mine at the univeristy to speak in front of his class. It turns out the students were tasked to make a personality profile story starring yours truly.

Now, their manuscripts were sent to me for evaluation and my god am I blown away by the things they wrote about me. It's fucking hilarious, embarrassing and touching all at the same time.

Apparently, one of these bitches thought I was wearing a tigh-fitting blouse, another thought I look chubby, and a lot of them agree that I have pouty lips and I dress up well! Craziness all over. I'd cringe once in a while but it's all good. Just the right diversion I need while drowning in a sea of boredom bordering to depression.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Boring Friday

I'm so bored right now I can just die and I'd still be bored. My life is really pathetic. Don't get me wrong though, I'm thankful I don't have "real" problems. Seriously. Boredom beats cancer any day.

As usual, just so I can say I am doing something with my life, I hit the gym and went to the mall afterwards. I didn't really have anything important to do except for small personal errands. I just wanted to get out and walk around AND take my new bag out.

I know it doesn't look special but I love it. It's simple and it has lots of compartments. It even goes with a laptop jacket. The picture doesn't give it justice.

The world seems uninteresting (or perhaps uninterested) today except for this Topman shirt which is so me, so I bought it.

Gawd, I'm so bored. I mean, thank god I'm healthy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Christmas Blues

We’re on our second (of four) –ber month people. Can you hear the bells jingling? Can you hear the fat, bearded man’s ho-ho-ho? Can you hear the carols playing?

Me? Sure. I can hear the ho’s bell jingling while playing with the fat bearded man.

This is me being bitter, I mean cynical.

For people like me, Christmas is deemed to be the most depressing time of the year along with Valentine’s Day (depending on one’s dating status). It’s during the yuletide season that we feel this pressure to be unusually joyful and nice. However, what with all the cheery Christmas songs filling the air, once in a while, one cannot help but give in to the infectious Holiday spirit. It’s the kid in all of us I guess.

What I personally love about the holidays would be the weather (because it’s the most appropriate time to layer clothing and wear scarves in a tropical country), then there’s all that celebration and the eating, and of course, the usual family gatherings. But with me miles away from my family and with my loved ones scattered in different parts of the world, how do I celebrate? What do I do once the eating and the partying is over?

See, the depression is kicking in already.

Take last Christmas for example. I flew back home to celebrate with my parents and sister. It was fun of course but not as fun as when my other sister and brother (and his family) were still around. I just couldn’t help but long for the old times. Those were the days.

I guess what’s happening is, the Christmas season reminds us of the things that really matter and the things that are important to us which are also the same things we can no longer enjoy, the things that we have to move on from as we grow up, the things that we miss so much.

This year, I have no idea how or where I’m going to spend the holiday season. It’s very likely that I’ll spend both Christmas and New Year ’s Eves in the office which is one of the worst things that can happen, but who knows? Maybe will work out differently this year.

Santa, are you reading this?