Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fast Lane

Ohmigod, you guys! I am soooo busy! There's just so much I need to do I'm about to lose my mind. I don't get to bitch and have a meltdown though. There's a lot on the line and frankly, I'm really thankful. It's just fascinating, surprising, amazing how fast everything is changing and how there's so much going on at the moment. Every second counts more than ever.

Anyway, I lost weight and my hair is a mess. Until the next time I surface out of this pool of craziness. Be good.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ribs and Realizations

Today was surreal. The cosmos have a way of conspiring that will really surprise you--and thankfully in this case, pleasantly.

The coming days are bound to be hectic. There's a lot on my plate at the moment especially since it's finals season so to relish the remaining free time I have and not necessarily because it's Julia Child's birthday, I decided to play around in the kitchen.

Pork Ribs with Beer Barbecue Sauce and Buttered Broccoli

It's always a challenge for me to do ribs because I find it hard to cook the portions evenly. It doesn't help that I forgot to take it out of the freezer this morning before I left for work. That could have really saved me some time and would have made it more tender I think. It's not bad at all though; it's juicy and flavorful. I just have to remember to thaw the meat way before cooking time.

I can't help but think that maybe the universe has been waiting for me to thaw all this time. After a while of being frozen, finally, I'm ready--that or it's just the leftover beer talking.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Bourne Legacy in the Eyes of A Manila Resident

My friends Nikki and Angel, both straight and female, must have more testosterone than me. They wanted to watch 'The Bourne Legacy' while I was leaning towards 'Brave'. Outnumbered and curious, I caved in and decided on the action flick.

I never paid attention to the Bourne movies until this one. Yes, it's only because they shot some scenes here in the Philippines. It's interesting how I actually enjoyed this action flick despite the its extremely butch theme. It's like they were speaking in codes. I mean, nobody in the movie even said "Oh my god". Not once.

Anyway, during an intense conversation, when Rachel Weisz said "Manila, Philippines" in my head, I was like, "Fuck yeah!"

Perhaps the most exciting part though is the car chase. It's thrilling but I think the producers could have saved money if they just taped EDSA on a Monday.

On a more serious note, some people are not very happy about the way Manila appeared in the movie because it only showed the slums/depressed areas.  Well, I think it's cinematic and they should shut up and go make their own movie and shoot it in Greenbelt 5.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Rants


Needless to say, the past few days have been crazy; no work, no school. I should have been feeling warm and fuzzy but I'm worried about the latter one. This term is supposed to end by the fourth week of the month and I already made plans. Now, I'm afraid finals may be moved. That's going to suck so much.

Enough of my first world problems though. It's bad out there. I've been meaning to help out but have shamefully failed to actually go to the relief operations in school. I've been either working or staying in for my own safety.

This is happening way too often. It's the new normal unfortunately. But you know us, we'll get through this; we're badass like that.

Globe Asiatique Scandal

By now, you're probably already aware of the Globe Asiatique scam. Apparently, it has been years since shit hit the fan but I personally only knew about it a few days ago. I think I first got wind about it on Twitter.

Last night, I stayed up to watch 'Krusada' on ABS-CBN and learned the massive scale of damage GA has caused. The issue has rocked the real estate industry and has caused Pag-ibig to tighten its policies. It's certainly very controversial but half the time I was wondering what goes through Divine Lee's mind right now. Her dad, Delfin Lee, the president of the company, and brother are both wanted by the law and have since been missing. GA being a family business, she also was a part of the company's marketing team before. It's just amusing how she manages to keep it together even recently leading a charity drive for the victims of the monsoon.

The scandal is pretty shocking considering how active GA was before in marketing its properties. Xevera was featured several times on TV, even on Urban Zone if I'm not mistaken.

While the accused are MIA, more incriminating tales are surfacing. I wonder how it's all going to turn out. Is Divine Lee going to get dragged into this considering she is the daughter of the company president and she once was involved with the company? What's going to happen to the fake buyers and the supposedly real ones?

Gaga on Vogue's September Issue

Gaga channeling RuPaul

Clad in a stunning, purple Marc Jacobs dress, Lady Gaga is Vogue's cover girl for the coveted September issue. What do you think?

I personally love the dress with the patchwork design and the mermaid silhouette which is very apt . The hair, on the hand, takes some time to warm up to but it wouldn't be her if all the elements are agreeable. The restraint is what I admire most about this cover.

Photo: fashionologie

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When It Rains

What the fuck is up with all this rain? It's been going on and on for a good three weeks or so. Almost three years ago we had Ondoy. Now, this phenomenon we can only call the August 7 monsoon.

Yesterday, on my way to school, I was mentally bitching about how I got my shoes soaked. I don't think that's what Sebago had in mind when they came up with boat shoes. Earlier, I didn't even mind getting wet on the way home.

I left the office before lunchtime since work was already suspended. I headed to the supermarket hoping to get food and supplies. It looks like everyone had the same plan because the line was insane. I've never seen anything like it there. One of the lines was actually snaking around half of the place with easily 50 people queueing. There were only four cashiers that made it to work.

I gave up my goal of getting rice and meat and headed to Pan de Manila which unfortunately had already run out of pandesal by then. I was ready to go home with my pesto bread, Betadine gargle and microwavable lasagna when it started pouring really hard again. It was alarming but I knew I was better off than a lot of other folks out there so I'm not one to complain. Besides, I got home in one piece albeit wet. I was more worried about my sister though who was flying out to Boracay with her boyfriend. Thank God they landed safely.

It's surprising how private companies were advised to suspend work today. You know it's bad when even BPO companies are asked to allow their employees not to go to work. That's unheard of. I was in the office coaching newbies during Ondoy.

Monitoring the updates on TV and online, it's impressive how compassionate people are during such harsh times. Tim Yap and Divine Lee were very quick to pool resources and take action. ABS-CBN has cancelled their shows for the  day to make way for news broadcast. GMA, on the other hand, has 'Eat Bulaga' (recorded?) on.

Meanwhile, Marian Tan is the new Jacque Bermejo.

Also, here's Bench's bad attempt at CSR.

According to news reports, it's bound to continue raining in Manila and surrounding areas up to tomorrow. Can you imagine how some people are going to spend their time tonight? I hope that guy manning the Burger Machine alone near our office was allowed to close and go home.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bad Momma

I feel horrible for not updating my little, online baby. I've just been going though torrential times very much like how the weather has been lately.

My insecurities are at a peak. Even my libido has been very, very low. Seriously. I've been depressed and I'm definitely not at my prime health-wise. The thing about situations like this is you may be damaged but you still have to function. There will be aspects of your life that's surely to suffer though.

For days now, I've been intending to post an update but never really came up with anything interesting enough. I wonder if it's time for my first ever official hiatus; that leave of absence that a lot of other bloggers have taken. Then again, what kind of parent would that make me?! *sigh* Hang on?