Sunday, July 31, 2011

Firsts On The Last

Today, on the last day of the month, I was devirginized in several ways, all wholesome.

My friends and I went to another friend's son's birthday celebration which was held in Jollibee. As with many children's birthday parties, there were balloons, music, dancing, dancing mascots and the dreaded kiddie games. I don't know about you but that part of the program scares me. I get the same anxiety when the tossing of the garter in a wedding reception comes.

At one point, some of use even went out just to avoid being picked. But just minutes after going back to our table, I heard my name being called.

I obviously survived and thank goodness it wasn't that bad. We didn't have to dance and there were no vegetables involved.

The party was in a rather isolated part of town--Alabang. I've passed by the area before but I never really hung out there. Alabang Town Center was just something I hear from people who talk about the nice, laid back vibe of the place until after the party when we decided to stroll around the mall.

It's like a mini Trinoma basically, but with a larger percentage of rich people I'm assuming.

We went home pretty early. Three of us were dropped off by our friend at the LRT station. Engrossed in chit chat, we missed our stop and found ourselves in Baclaran Station, the last one. That marks another first for me. Good thing there was a foot bridge to the other side and the train was still open.

July is about to end. The month brought about many realizations. Some minor, some not so much. I'm excited about August. I hope tomorrow will be the start of an awesome month filled with more worthwhile realizations, accomplishments and fun firsts.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Best Dressed Baby

Ralph Lauren? Check! Tod's? You bet. Missoni? Only from Angela and Margherita themselves. Gucci? Shoes, a leather bomber jacket and perhaps even diapers.

Because really, what's the point of having a baby if you can't dress it him in head-to-toe designer clothes?

Monday, July 25, 2011


Finally, my own .com. That's right bitches. I finally figured it out.


I feel like a proud parent sending a child to school. My little baby is, albeit very slowly, growing and evolving. Hopefully soon, more changes and improvements will be accomplished. Like I said, momma's not so well-versed with the technical shiz so it really is a challenge. That guy from the company that registered my domain deserves credit for being calm and patient with me. I was on the verge of a meltdown this morning because I was lost in multiple tabs about DNS, nameservers, A records and CNAMES. It was nauseating. I almost gave up and cried "Who do I have to blow around here to get this thing to work?!"

Luckily, nobody has to blow anybody. Not until I start on the other changes at least.

Yes, I realize I'm blogging about my blog. lol

Sunday, July 24, 2011

RIP Wino

Why does it always have to be the most talented ones?

What a loss. I thought her Fred Perry line was the beginning of a fresh, sober start but apparently not. She was only 27. Amy joins the 27 Club.

Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse. You will remain in our playlists.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Since the other day last week I've been busy tweaking this little online corner of mine. It hasn't been easy because of my very limited knowledge about these technical stuff. Last night I couldn't even figure out what to say to this representative that I called via Magic Jack. I was inquiring about their services and I had to call thrice just to make sure I got it right. I've been doing my research so I want to know all my options you know. Nothing major for now though. Baby steps.

In other online publishing news, my article just got published at the Yahoo! Contributor Network. A good friend told me about it last week so I immediately signed up and whipped up an article. I'm so bad with titles however. It's one of the reasons why I'm not linking the said write-up. But it got published anyway so yay to that!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Rants


How do you like my favicon? It's professionally done. By that I mean I did it on 'Paint' last Friday. Don't hate though. It took me hours to decide on that. I'm still not100% settled on it but that will do in the meantime. It's personalized, not too stiff and boring and it echoes my affinity for doodles.


This weekend marked this term's midterm examination. It wasn't easy but I'm glad it's over. Oops, that's all the time I have for that subject!

Red Truck

I'm feeling a little emotional about the sale of our red pick up truck. We've had it since 1993 when I was still a kid. I feel like it's not just the family's but the whole clan's. My cousins, siblings and I have fond memories of it. One of which is riding at the back whenever we'd visit our grandpa. We'd scream our lungs out while parking in front of his house. There's also this time when we welcomed Christmas at the back of it while en route home from another city.

But we're all growing up and are mostly based in different cities and countries now. My mom was driving that truck for the longest time usually for business but she's using a different vehicle nowadays so 'red' hasn't been very active for some time. I hope it gives its new owner good service because despite the repairs and costly maintenance, it certainly did us well--not plainly as a truck but a means to go places together.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chocolate Fire

It was the perfect sanctuary on a stormy afternoon. After waiting for its opening for an hour, my friends and I left the nearby Starbucks and walked in the drizzle. Chocolate Fire. The name alone conjures deliciously explicit images of sin and pleasure which explained our utter excitement.

Even before it opened at 4 pm, as we peeked through the glass doors, I could tell the place was promising ambiance-wise. When we finally stepped in, it felt like the adult version of Willy Wonka's famed factory minus the freakiness.

When I walk into a place, say a clothing store, a cafe or a restaurant, one way to tell if I really like it is if I'd love to convert the space into my own apartment. Chocolate Fire is one of those places. It's a 2-storey establishment with exposed ceilings and walls adorned with paintings and unexpected trinkets. The interiors are a mix of wood, steel and concrete. Think downplayed, modern, industrial appeal.

As for the main attraction, well, it took us some time to decide what to get. There's a smorgasbord of anything chocolate from pyramids to frogs and several interesting chocolate covered items from Pringles to dried mangoes. They also offer (non-chocolate) sandwiches and baked goods. Among which is this spinach quiche that our friend ordered that the rest of us ended up eating about half of.

The six of us decided to share three desserts. I don't remember exactly what they're called but it was basically chocolate cake, ganache and banoffee. The banoffee was incredible. I still think about it. It's the obvious winner among the three, followed by the moist chocolate cake. I disliked the other one. Some opted to match  the sweets with equally sweet drinks while the rest of us with Chardonnay. I think it all went down smoother with alcohol--as with everything else.

What I also like about Chocolate Fire is it's tucked within the thick cluster of tall buildings in Salcedo Village, Makati yet the place is very relaxed and comfortable and most importantly, there were no TVs in sight.

If I were to die to and go to chocolate heaven, Chocolate Fire won't exactly be the place I'd want to end up in but I'd surely like to come back and spend more time here if only to remind myself how sweet life could be.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Online Visibility

OMG. If you Google 'Kermit Tesoro', my blog would come fourth in the search results! How does this happen? Does this mean my blog is somehow relevant in the local blogosphere? It even comes before Divine Lee's and Indiebon's blogs!

How do you explain this when I only have 23 followers? Most of whom are not even 'regulars'.

This makes me want to get on with the improvements even more. I've been thinking of giving this humble, little online nook of mine a face lift. I want to update my blog roll and add a few extra functions here and there. I'm not sure how and when I'll be able to accomplish all this because unfortunately, I don't speak geek fluently.

Ok, I tried it again several times. The results are not consistent. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Another Sunday Night

The other night, MFG and I met up at Greenbelt for a late dinner--well, dinner for him and supposedly just dessert for me which turned into a midnight binge since he made me finish half of his humongous burger. He's on a *diet.

The night, of course, was filled with food, stories, lectures and giggles snickers. The best part I think was when we headed to Makati Avenue.

As per tradition, we walked to his neighborhood where I would get a cab to go home. While walking in front of Pacific Star, passing by five drag queens, MFG lamented about how he misses living in Makati. He has been exiled in Alabang during weekdays for his new job. While he was telling me how there's nothing to do there, this street kid walking towards the opposite direction suddenly stopped beside us and pointed at MFG as if he were the latter's long lost friend. We were both stunned. After about 3 seconds, the kid proceeded to walk without saying a word. We burst out in laughter. I don't know if he was a practical joker or just stoned.

"That's Makati's way of welcoming you back," I said.

It doesn't end there. Around 1 am, while walking around the red light district, out of nowhere, this middle-aged guy came up to us asking us to help him "produce" P18.00. He didn't look homeless. He spoke good English and even looked mixed-race. He was, however, drunk I think. MFG appeared very stern while I got a little nervous. I shook my head and we went on walking. But the bastard was persistent.

"Ok, P10! P5!" the guy bargained.

MFG was ignoring him so the guy focused his begging on me probably thinking he had more chances with yours truly. I was starting fucking panic. Honestly, I could've just given him the money but I didn't because I knew I'd get endless flak for it later.

"You don't have money? So how are you going to get home? Are you taking a cab? You're going to walk?! Where do you live? Do you live here?" he exclaimed.

"Yes." I said, while walking behind MFG.

"Where? Do you live here?" he asked profusely while pointing at the next building called Sunette Tower.

"No. The other one," I said, startled. Good thing I didn't mention MFG's address.

The instant I said that, MFG turned left and disappeared into the entrance of the said building. I followed suit ignoring the security guard. We stayed inside just long enough for a couple of sighs then went out and explained to the guard what happened. Thankfully, that lunatic was no longer there. Whew. I wouldn't have known how to react had there been a physical altercation of sorts.

Based on the night's events, I guess Makati really missed MFG too.

It was getting late so we got me a cab. I bade MFG goodbye through the cab's glass window as he oddly looked on while he stood still at the pavement capping his visit to his old neighborhood.

*rolls eyes

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kermit Tesoro

Filipino fashion prodigy Kermit Tesoro has made his avant-garde shoes available for online purchase. The designer, whose footwear made it to the Lady Gaga + Gilt sale a few weeks ago, now accepts orders of his sky high kicks through his website

Kermit Tesoro shoes for Lady Gaga + Gilt. Gaga loves Kermit alright.

If I'm not mistaken, Divine Lee, who has been rocking Kermit's creations for some time now, helped make the online store happen. She has been after all wearing them a lot from the last PFW--which is when I got to see her in the flesh in those spiky, heelless 'Kermits'--to her  Mega cover.

You know the fashion queens are all scrambling to get a pair. Some of them may in fact already have placed their orders. Although the ordering process is a tad complicated, I think this is such a great leap for Philippine fashion. Kermit's shoes are customized upon finalizing the orders after all. I hope more designers follow suit. It's about time we get on with the program. Teh interwebs is the gateway to globalization!

I was lucky enough to have sat in one of Kermit's shows during Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 and even then I thought he was really good. His work is very reminiscent of McQueen and sometimes Gareth Pugh but I don't think anyone else in the local industry is doing what he does.

Slighty Gareth Pugh-esque, don't you think?

I do hope that he gets sufficient funding. Sometimes, it's hard for an artist to have his fantastic ideas translate to actual pieces with the same if not more beauty because of funding constraints. This is probably why one or two of Kermit's shoes look like they can do better in terms of hardware and stitching. But I have faith. One day at a time perhaps.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Consumer Corner: Price Discrepancy

It's not a product review. I'm just glad to have caught the price discrepancy at Robinson's supermarket today.

The Heinz ketchup was P77.10 at the shelf but P81.25 at the counter. Good thing I saw it. I guess it would take more time to void the transaction since I put it on my card so they asked if they could just give me P4.00. I agreed.

I'm sure they didn't mean to put the wrong price since they took it off the shelf right then and there but I've read stories about how supermarkets cheat their customers by charging more than what they should so beware.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Revolving Doors

It's crazy how people walk in and out of your life whenever they want to. It makes me wish I had guard dogs to make sure they don't carry any bombs.

Meanwhile, I can't get over this song lately. It's so cute, and it puts me in a romantic, cuddly mood.


I miss cuddling.

Then there are those who you let in anyway thinking they're worth the explosion.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Test (Part 2)

It's bad enough to be gay and not 100% out. Imagine how it is to be that and HIV/AIDS positive. It's like having to fight two battles on your own at the same time.

My bruised arm days after the test.

After my first test in 2009, I vowed to do it safer and wiser. I believe I did but I realized I was still exposed to risks. See, it's not about the frequency. It's about the manner of how you do it which means you can get it on your first time or that only time you did it in a year.

I was in the office bored and quite bothered when I suddenly thought to myself, "Fuck it." I wanted to do it right there and then. I went home, had lunch and on my way back to the office, I dropped by a clinic and inquired. I wanted to do it immediately but they told me the results wouldn't be out until Monday which means 4 days of waiting in paranoia. But I knew if I didn't do it then, my mind would change later or the following day so after a trip to the ATM, I went for it.

It was good that I already knew what to expect. I had the impression I knew more than the male nurse about the procedures of an HIV screening. Before the actual test, they let me talk to a doctor about it. She asked me several questions and I shamelessly asked her about my queries regarding oral sex and possible government support in case of an undesirable result among other topics. Her answers were not uplifting but helpful nonetheless.

Naturally, I was tensed the entire time. During the actual blood test, I chatted up the nurse to relieve myself. She was very nice. I told her how I used to faint during blood tests. It's true. When I was younger, my mom always had to buy White Flower because I would always get nauseated and drift to unconsciousness. I do not like blood at all. I still don't but I no longer faint thank goodness. This means I no longer need nor want my mom to hold my hand during such procedure--especially not this one. She doesn't deserve it (emotional stress).

After the test, there came the longest days of all. Grueling would be an understatement. It's so heavy and stressful it changes your perspective. I sent a few messages to about four good friends and started a prayer brigade. I didn't want to tell a lot of people because I didn't want to subject them to such worries. I didn't want them to treat me differently if I turn out to be positive. I was even considering lying just so nothing would change.

During the weekend, I tried to go on with my days as normally as I could but it was impossible. I went to school, hung out with my friends, laughed with them over drinks and had a generally good time but my mind was occasionally adrift with very emotional thoughts that came with a stab to the consciousness. It's like when you're in the middle of a good laugh, then it hits you--hard. Being a perennial worrywart didn't make it any easier at all.

Monday came and my mind was a total mess by then. I held it together pretty well though. I went to the office like I would everyday. Then at 9:30 am, I stepped out and called the clinic as instructed. The result was ready for pick-up. Cold and shaking, I walked to the clinic and contemplated if I should have worn my sunglasses. I specifically chose this clinic because it's very near the office and close enough to my place so in case I break down, it's easier to go home and sulk. As for the glasses, well, heading home with teary eyes out in the open is not my cup of tea. But I decided to forego the damn glasses and continued walking just to get this ordeal over with as quickly as possible.

When I went to the counter, the same male nurse assisted me. I was surprised to see when he picked up the result from a shelf a few feet behind the counter. It was not in an envelope and neither was it folded. My fate was right there, exposed to the clinic personnel. Within the few seconds that I stood there as he picked up the legal-sized bond paper that bore the test results, I managed to be optimistic based on his nonchalance and the pleasant expression on his face. Then I saw it. 'NONREACTIVE' in striking capital letters. I was naturally elated but being the paranoid worrier that I am, I asked the nurse what I already knew the answer to.

"Nonreactive means negative right? That means I don't have HIV?"

"Yes," he said.

I had the urge to get down on my knees and thank the heavens for the good news but my moment was ruined by a phone call. Even so, I couldn't afford to be snide in that state of relief and happiness. I was too grateful. I told friends about the great news and thanked them for the prayers. I felt lucky.

The truth is I'm still worried. I may be spared now but who can say I won't go through this all over again? I certainly don't want to but I'm not one to make any promises. It takes a great deal of restraint and commitment to reach a point where you're absolutely sure about your decisions with your judgement not being clouded by any foolishness. It's not easy but neither is being subjected to this kind of experience. It's a matter of choice and it takes only one to change the course of a life, or several.

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Test (Part 1)

The last few days have been major torture. I have been more careful but you really cannot be too safe. Besides, the last time was almost 2 years ago.

Thrusday, June 30-- I don't know what came into me but I just found myself wanting to get the test and get it over with. Naturally after that, my head has been fucked up until I got the result just a few minutes ago.

Excuse my mug.

Thank You!

More on this later.