Monday, January 29, 2007

Random Rants

I know. I have not updated in a long while. Okay, let's get it rollin'

The Pageant
I didn't win the friggin' pageant but I got 5th place (out of 11 guys). I'm not conceited, I'm just being honest, but I deserve more than just 5th place. Seriously, you can ask everyone who watched the show. Anway, it's done and over with so I'm glad I can live my life again now.

Gold Shoes
Remember the earnings I got from the garage sale? I spent a part of it on a pair gold shoes.

School Bull
Classes are back and I'm not liking it. There's a kilometer-long list of things I have to do. Responsibilities! Responsibilities! Ugh. I wanna graduate already dammit.

I've been dry for weeks. Ugh.



That's fucking hot.


Gotta go. I have to piss and I have to see my skin doctor. Ciao.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

They're Out

The photos came out today. Yes, including the ones where we're our in swimwear. Ugh.

Classmates say they're ok. Some say they're actually good. They're okay.

So busy. Don't know which to do first. Be back soon.

Wish me luck. Nightie.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Video-Photo Shoot

Had a video-photo shoot yeaterday in this bumfucked ranch in the middle of nowhere.

We were literally wet cowboys and cowgirls. Fuck the rain. It totally ruined everything. By the way, the guys had to wear trunks, including moi. Ugh. I'm praying that my gut sticking out won't be too obvious in the photos. Blame it on the organizers, we posed in our skimpies right after we had lunch!

Fuck it. I don't even know what to think anymore. I'm not ambitioning to look exceptionally dashing in the pictures, I just don't wanna look horrible and put myself absolute disgrace.

Ugh. I'm fucking sick of this whole thing. If only I can, I'd quit this early.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dior Homme

I've been salivating.

I want Dior Homme dammit. I hate it that I'm so poor and I can't afford Dior YET. Ugh. When will I ever have enough money for shopping?

My new year wish list courtesy of Dior in

Sweet, sweet things huh? Dior Homme= Testosterone chic.

Enough dreaming. Gotta hit the sack.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pressure, Stress and All...

I'm doing my best to tread the path towards self improvement.

Translation: I exercised a bit then loaded up carbs. Ate at Joillibee; cheeseburger, chicken, fries and coke. For dinner, I had fish, mashed potatoes with buttered corn and Nesvita. I also had espresso. I know. It's crazy. I was expecting Nesvita (high-fiber drink) to induce diarrhea but it didn't. The last and first time I tried that, I shit was shooting out me ass five times in a day. I don't know what happened this time.

I bought black trunks today. Then I spoke to someone this evening and told me that the guidelines indicate "swimming shorts". Great. Sometimes, you just can't rely on some people to relay correct information. Whatever.

I've been preparing my cowboy number today. I lack the boots though but i'm trying to put everything together. This whole Mr. Something is stressing me out. Gawd. As if I don't have enough things to worry about. I know whining isn't going to solve it. Yeah, yeah... But you know. It sucks 'coz there's too much pressure on me at the moment. There's just a gazillion things to do and I don't know where to start.

Maybe I'll start with dozing off. Gotta wake up early tomorrow.

Signing off.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Black Trunks

There's this pageant I HAD to join a few months ago, and then I won. Now I have to represent the whole college in the university level. Then there's this video shoot they told me about earlier for the contest and I was told to bring trunks. Black swiming trunks.

I'm so fucked.

As I've mentioned before, I have been pigging out in the last couple of days. Duh, it was the holidays. That's a valid excuse to eat like a hog and then sleep and act like a sloth and then eat again. Binge eat I mean, to be exact. Ham, cake, steak, chicken, carbs, oysters, fruits, mashed potatoes, the whole parade. (The other night I almost threw up after I stuffed myself like a maniac. Seriously, I couldn't breathe well.)

Now, I believe I gained a few centimeters around the waist and they want me to wear black fucking swimming trunks? Gawd. I don't even have that. The last time I wore trunks in public was back in high school when I didn't know what shame means and when I looked like a trunk myself, of a century-old oak tree or something. And I was in Boracay. It's only now that I realize how ridiculously, horribly fucked up I was.

Here's more; they told me that the pageant's theme is Western-inspired. So when I knew about that I thought, "Hmmm... Tight pants, plaid buttoned-downs and cowboy boots will do." Or you know, something modern and Western. But where did the friggin' black trunks come from? Are we really going to shoot a VTR of some sort for the competition or make an amateur Brokeback-inspired gangbang video? Seriously, what the hell is up with that?

Ugh. I do not have time to sculpt killer abs and get toned. So the least I can do is to get rid of the excesses. I plan to detoxify very soon. The shoot is on Monday which means I only have 2 days left. GAWD.

By the way, my skin is so fucking awful too. Ugh. And my hair too.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

The past days have been crrrazy. Absolutely unbelievable. I've been intending to write about it sooner but I was either too busy or the connection's fucked up again.

Anyway... Oh, what's that? The garage sale? Oh. HAHAHAHAH... It was a success. Gawd. Who would've known. I was wishing to make at least P3,OOO but God is good. Or rather, people are starving so they need cheaper clothing options? Kidding. We got a total of a bitching P13,000+. I love it. Ten grand more than what I wished for.

I wanted to take pictures but I just didn't have time. I initiated this whole thing so i had to be there the whole time. We opened at 9 AM of Saturday and there were already customers at 9:01 AM. Seriously, it's overwhelming.

Here's another unexpected thing. I invited a couple of people to the sale including my ex who was too busy. SO, the new boy came instead, with some company. He liked my super old yellow Nike rubber shoes I used to wear in high school. I got those for like P5,000+ and I got it for sale at P1,800. Anyway, it was a total surprise when this silver car pulled up in front of our garage then in comes this guy who introduced himself as the boyfriend of *****. I was so fucking surprised. I really didn't expect anything like that. Anyway, he liked my stuff including the shoes. He bought a couple of stuff for himself and for my ex and told me he's gonna pick up the shoes the following day. Anyway, to cut it short, he didn't get the shoes when he came back the next day. He said they're just too big. He says he's an 81/2 and the shoes are 11. HAHAHAH... That's after he talked me into dropping the price to 1.3K. Ugh. I hate it. Fucking cheapskate! I'm kidding. Whatever.

All in all, the sale was great. In fact, it was supposed to be a one-day affair. But since the turn-out was so great and there were still stuff left by Saturday afternoon, we decided to have a second swing the following day. It's just so wonderful. By the way, the whole family ended up digging thru their stuff and joined the sale. Hahahah... It was crazy. FUN FUN FUN. Definitely.

I was able to get rid of stuff I no longer want that much AND earned 5K+. Fantastic.

Moving on...

Happy New Year! I hope this one's a better one. 2006 was a blast. Bittersweet memories still linger around my insides but I don't even wanna reminisce last year's roller coaster ride. I have no time for drama right now. But seriously, those 12 months was one hell of a time in my life.

I'd love to blab a little more but my face is sooo oily right now it could put Saudi Arabia to shame. I'm gonna go wash up and whatever else.

I'm so tired by the way. Been doing a lot of stuff lately. We have guests in the house and I'm playing host, or something. At the same time, I'm savoring every minute of this break. In fact, I might be doing a little too muvh savoring. Gawd. I've been binge eating. My tummy looks like a friggin' blimp. Oh well, it's the holidays so spare me the guilt.

Good night. Bye.