Monday, November 12, 2007

Plumbing 101

OMG I'm a plumber! One of these crazy days, don't be surprised if you see my number written on scrap plywood nailed on a post or hung on a wall.
Time to say bye-bye!
Okay, everything started over a week ago when the faucet in the bathroom started to leak. If I were home and something like that happens, I'd simply tell Papa about it and he would have it fixed that same day, or I wouldn't even have to tell him about it at all, he's quite meticulous about those things.
But I'm not really at home am I? So, not knowing how to get it fixed, I called this building's admin. Apparently, the association fee doesn't cover plumbing services unless it's in common areas. Whatever.
One of the security guards gave me this guy's number and I called him up immediately. I expected to shell out about P200-350 for a simple plumbing service. But no, this guy basically said that since he does a lot of plumbing for residents of the building, he'll charge P600 "only". I was like, "Are you fucking kidding me? Since when did plumbers get as expensive as doctors? Jeezes, that's like a good scarf and some socks or a nice shirt or a pair sunnies." But of course I didn't really say that out loud. Anyway, I told him I'll just call him again once I've decided. He actually got quite disappointed saying he came all the way from Sampaloc (I'm in Malate), which, to be honest, I don't know where is. So I just gave him P40 for gas since he drives a motorcycle and he scrammed.

New Faucet (at the left): "Move over old bitch."

When I told my parents about this, they were quite appaulled as well and my dad told me to just try fixing it myself.

"Well hello there!"

Stuff under the lavatory

All done in 5 minutes!

And that's exactly what I did this morning. That plumber guy told me the faucet itself is broken so it needs to be replaced. So I had my water supply turned off last night and took out the broken faucet. This morning after work, busted faucet in tow used as a sample, I went to the hardware store and bought a new one. It cost me P400. I'm not sure if it's too much but it's definitely better than paying an additional P600 just to have someone twist and turn some stuff under the lavatory. So yeah, to cut it short, I did it and it's working perfectly now.

What do you think?!!! Gawd, I'm so proud! Ma, Pa, are you reading this?!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The L Word (No I'm Not Talking About Carpet Munchers)

Okay, how hard is it to get some real lovin' around here? I mean, seriously, I think I've been very patient all this time. But still, nothing, zero, nada. The sex is not coming very easy either. I'm not sure if it's me who doesn't have the time or who has hang-ups I'm not certain. One thing's for sure though, sex is so much easier to get than romance. Talk about stating the obvious. I've had a couple of humpin' over the year and pretty much zero romantic relationship. But I think I'm through with that. Sex is fantastic but as much as possible, I'd like something more than just a libido-based experience.

What's worse is that I'm wanting the damn relationship thing so badly. Two years ago I would be barfing at the sight of anything mushy and romantic and shit, but now, I can't help but long for that tingly sensation that used to creep me out. What is wrong with me?!

It's like drugs isn't it? It's addictive and it brings out a totally different side of you. Jezez, I think I want my cycism back now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Positive Thinking

Wow. It's November.

Let's see, what updates do I have to tell? Well, as usual, I've been homesick, thinking of when and how I'm going to quit my job, how I'm going to sustain my relatively excessive spending/lifestyle with the budget that I have and I've been just genereally depressed in the past weeks. What can I say, life is perfect. I am on top of the world bathing in glorious bliss.

Ok, fuck it. I should be thankful with what I have. RIGHT????? I mean, really I can honestly say that I'm blessed with a lot of great things that other people can only dream of. But I really should work on being more positive. Although, perky positive people with sunshine-y attitude often make me want to vomit my own esophagus, I must admit that I'm a little jealous. I can only wish I can always look on the bright side at all times.

This morning, just as I was starting to condition myself to be more optimistic and cheery, I checkedd my my mailbox. I got a letter from a good friend along with the phone bill. I swear to god I want to sue PLDT right now.

I applied for DSL which came with a year of free NDD calls. I already confirmed this with an agent over the phone. He told me that my free NDD service has been noted/activated in the system already. But my phone bill reveals another story. And this is the second consecutive time that this has happened by the way. Jeez...

Let's see. How does Mr. Sunshine react about that? Oh I'm sure the lovely folks at PLDT just overlooked that teeny weeny detail of my subscription. Oh yeah, I'm sure they did after I already paid a visit to their middle-of-nowhere office to raise this issue and spoke and confirmed this particular "perk" over the phone twice. I guess I'm just overreacting then and I'm fairly certain everything is going to be perfectly fine soon and they may even throw in some great compensation for this simple misunderstanding. I mean, it's not really important that the amount reflected on the bill is obscene and I'm not getting my money's worth. Oh, what do I know right? I guess it'll be really fun to go back to that very interesting office of theirs at the corner of boring and ghastly while I enhale Manila's infamous lung-loving air. No hassle at all. Oh, the thought of it just makes me giddy with unmistakable excitement.

See, this 'positive thinking' thing is really working. I'm surely getting the hang of it.

:) :) :) :) :)

Anyway, speaking of looking at the bright side, let me rant about random mundane things I usually foolishly enjoy. Today (or maybe a few hours ago) is November 1, which is All Saints' Day for catholics and Halloween for most parts of the world. If I were home, I would have been camping out at the cemetery bonding with the dead. But since I'm away from home, I decided to just go to the mall and look around while people go out of town either to visit loved ones who passed away or to have a little holiday R and R or both.

I went to Rockwell Powerplant Mall, which is becoming one of my favorite places here in Manila. I just bought a gift for a cousin, some stuff at the supermarket and had my caffeine fix at The Coffee Bean. As much as I wanted to be at home and spend time with family, dead or alive, that was the best thing I could do to fill the void of homsickness. :( It's cool though. I kind of enjoy dating myself, all the more when I have the moolah to shell out. :)

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go to this other relatively new mall, Trinoma, with my cousin just to check it out and so I don't rot here in the condo entertaining stupid thoughts. I haven't been there yet and I've been wanting to pay a visit. I heard it's a nice place. The name is kinda ugly though. What do you think? I mean... Yeah, I'm sure it's a great place and the name is very interesting.