Friday, June 16, 2006


One nostalgic pictionary coming up.

Random Rants

School Stuff

Oh it's good to be home. God, this week has been really hectic. Thank God our whole class was able to enroll. Alhtough we had to pay extra fees cos we're late.

Anyway, I hate the rain! Ugh. I went to the mall yesterday and I went back to my place at around 8:30 after a fastfood binge at KFC. And a horrible mess welcomed me into my room. The damn rainwater somehow got inside and my floor was really shitty. I had to literally roll up my jeans, and wipe the damn floor on all fours. Ugh. It was disgusting but I had to do it. It finally put some of my old newspapers to good use. I was practically melting with all the bodily juices that I sweated off.

This morning, I was in this essay writing contest representing our whole university to the regional competition. The topic was basically about preserving Filipino culture. God knows what shit I blurted out there.

Manila Memories
(I know what I did last Summer)


Thizzizit. *The* view from the condo at night. Gotta love the city lights.

Bright Lights. A little something I did with the camera.

Okay, enough with the city. The last two months was the hottest month here in the third world because it was summer. And summer=beach, beach=fun, fun=cam whoring.

Bitchin' blue. Welcome to Crystal Blue Resort- a fabulous place to stay in when you're in Batangas.

Yo Momma (Nature). Chillin' and killin', time that is, at the lounge area.

Gotta go. more pics soon. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Rants

School is cool???

Oh man, you won't believe what this past week has been like. I'm so unbelievably busy I don't even know what to say. And to think, classes haven't even started! Hell, I'm not even enrolled yet! Ugh. I'm approaching my senior year now so I guess it's normal for my responsibilities to pile up like my dirty laundry. I'll go to school tomorrow to process more shit. I don't even wanna think about it. God knows what hell I'll go through this time.

Manila Memories
(I know what I did last summer)

It's been weeks since my internship in Manila and I've been back for almost three weeks now yet memories of last summer still frequent my mind. My God, I miss my Manila lifestyle. Starbucks, Glorietta and Gateway malls, everything, even my daily activities as an intern. Ugh. I just hope next time I go there and experience stuff like that I'd be spending my own hard-earned pesos, not my parents', the guilt is nasty.

Anyway, Ive been so busy (and a lazyfuck) I haven't posted pictures and stories regarding my summer in Manila. I know it's long overdue, but what the hell. Here's a pictionary of the first part of my Manila adventures.

Eww, eww, eww. Aboard Cebu Pacific flight 374. I hate my face here. Bad angle and skin is just awful. Ugh.

Hello Metro! These are THE sights from the condominium where I stayed in.

Lovely huh?
My connection's fucked up because I'm currently reading Bryanboy's shit. I'm gonna post a longer entry. Soon, hopefully. Wish me luck!


If you're reading this, please oh please FORCE me to post more pictures and stuff here. Damn, I could be really that lazy sometimes. It's like I wanna do it, but I just can't bring myself to hit the keys.