Thursday, June 30, 2011

Robyn + Rye Rye

So smooth. And look at that styling. Been listening to this everyday.

Robyn can do no wrong and Rye Rye deserves a bigger break.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hunting Mode

Tired and sleepy. Why am I doing this again? What was supposed to be a three-month stint has lasted for a year now. I want out. ASAP. If only I can get a job that I really, really want. It's serious. I'd rather be in a job interview that in a date these days.

This morning, I got the feedback that I've been anticipating for days. Sadly, I didn't get the job. It's no dream job but it would have been a good stepping stone. I do think that I could have done a better job expressing my ideas during the few minutes they were grilling me but damn, I didn't even get to the second and final interview? I appreciate that they let me know promptly though.

That was the third  interesting job opening that I had the chance to be interviewed for. The other two went more smoothly but obviously didn't lead to employment either. The first one was in January when I thought I was really going to get the job. Then weeks passed after the second appointment and I never heard from them. I think I know what I did wrong there. Too bad because I really wanted that job.

The second one was in March up to May when I thought I already got it in the bag. They told me so. I was told I was going to start part-time since I lack professional experience then we'd take it from there. It all was fine with me. After the second interview, I wanted to do cartwheels. It went so well we actually discussed the contract, possible assignments and schedule for chrissake! The contract was never emailed to me. I actually didn't hear from them for weeks until I emailed the owner/director who first interviewed me. He was kind enough to respond and after that, I was given my first assignment. Everything was done via email and text but no contract was signed. I didn't even have an ID. The job excited me so much so I didn't even bother to insist on the technical matters. Then mid-May, they told me to put my assignment on hold due to some changes. After that, I never heard from them. I sent a text once to check for updates but I didn't get a response. I'm not sure what the hell happened.

Come to think of it, the job market is not that different from the dating scene. The first two jobs that I wanted are like those guys who seem really awesome and cool. Then poof! They disappear leaving me clueless about what's going on. At least the last one had the decency to send an email to let me know they're not interested. It's a bummer but it saves me a lot of time really. "He's just not that into you."

And like in dating, just because you got your heart broken doesn't mean you should stop and lose hope, right? The only difference is, instead of waiting for the right person, you actually have to hunt for the right job. Err, wait...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Just Got Better

Well, what do you know, yet another reason to go to New York! How awesome is this? Fashion week,  Sex and the City, and now marriage!

We're doing it you guys, one day at a time, city by city, sequin by sequin. Now, Condé Nast knows they need to come up with a new wedding magazine, right? Seriously, there's a fabulous emerging market.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Falcon Friday

I know it's very wrong to celebrate when others are suffering but our professor just cancelled our class for tomorrow morning and I can't help but feel happy about it. You know what it's like to learn that classes are suspended just a day or even hours before you're supposed to be in school. You know that feeling, right? It's one of the best. It makes me feel like celebrating tonight since it's very rare these days that I'm free to stay up and out on a Friday night. Then again with this weather, curling up to Sex and the City seems like a more plausible idea.

I hope everyone's safe. Last night, even I had trouble going home and my place is just 10 minutes away. I have a friend who had to bring their cars to a mall just to save it from the flood. Then they had to walk home. All thanks to tropical storm 'Falcon' which I hope does not turn out to be another 'Ondoy'.

Speaking of which, I'm the only one left in the office so bye and be safe!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Rants


Watching Kathy Griffin videos has been replaced by watching Sex and the City DVDs. I think this show has influenced me more than it should have. It's one of those things that needs to be relived during different points in one's life.

Nowadays, I'm not watching it just for the witty lines, the fashion, and the jack-off scenes. I'm understanding the stories, little or big (or Big), from a different perspective. And ok, I'm still into it because of the clothes. Besides, it wouldn't be Sex and the City without the awesome Patricia Field styling.

Nonetheless, it's such an iconic show because it not only represents sexual liberation and revolution but also friendship and of course, love in all forms... and sizes... and positions, etc.. But seriously, SATC was is a major social phenomenon.


Carrie Bradshaw put it best when she said Big was like Teflon for relationships, nothing sticks. I'm more of a Carrie, Samantha and Miranda rolled into one but this analogy struck me. Always 'It's Complicated' never 'In a Relationship'--and unfortunately, not necessarily by choice.

The Edge of Boring

That's it. I seriously miss the old Gaga. The one in a disco ball bra riding her disco stick. I wish she wouldn't things so seriously and stop shedding tears in her videos like a damsel whose shoulders the world rests on. I mean, she already started singing about her hair like it's the cure to cancer. Not that I don't like that song but come on. Also, are all the songs in her new album the kind sung during the opening or closing of a variety show? 

I actually like 'The Edge of Glory' but the dancing is a little too 'Confessions on a Dance Floor'. It's a surprisingly uneventful video considering it's Gaga. I like that she's wearing Gianni Versace though.

'Electric Chapel' is a hot track and she should make it her next single methinks and I hope she accompanies it with a fresh, smashing video.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was the other night. I can't even remember what happened but he was there. It was the first in a long time, if not ever, that I saw him in my sleep. It was him! He was there with his tall frame and sheepish smile that I miss so much. He was there until of course I rose to consciousness.

Then last night (or this morning), I didn't see him but I thought of him half the time. I was about to get married with a guy whose identity I forgot. He seemed like a nice guy though, or at least nice enough to marry me. His family were there too, supporting our union. But just minutes before the ceremony, it hit me. He's not the one, I thought. I want someone else. If there's someone I want to marry now, it's him, not this nice guy whose face and name escape me. How do I get out of this mess though? I figured I'll go through with the wedding but not the marriage just to spare the guy and his family the embarrassment. I wasn't sure of it though so I came up with a better plan; wake up.

It's crazy. Me getting married! Now!

It may not be real but I know the feeling was. After all this time, I realized, despite the emotional stress and these complications, if I were to choose someone to spend the rest of my life with, it would still be him.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Make You Feel My Love

I'm going through something right now. There's confusion. There's doubt. Sure. But I hope you won't be too quick with your judgment and your decisions. I'm figuring it out.

If you only knew.

In the meantime, listen to this.

Sick As a Dog

Walking is a struggle, each muscle hurts with the slightest movement or even touch and just the overall feeling of shittiness. I have a fever and I've been coughing so bad I think my throat is starting to bleed. The only thing worse than getting sick is getting sick away from home. I'd kill to be home right now being taken care of by my mother who would surely cater to my every whim.

Today, I had to go home early from work because I really couldn't bear it anymore. I've been so weak the entire day. I was already feeling horrible yesterday and today it just got worse. To make matters even worse, I have a homework that I haven't done yet.

Gawd. Pray for me, yeah?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mary Grace

Almost Every Saurday after class, my friends and I would hang out and spend the rest of the day talking and eating if not doing school work... and eating... and eating. The past two weekends we spent great conversations over almost equally great food at Café Mary Grace at The Fort and Greenbelt, respectively.

Mary Grace has been known for it's wonderful, homey baked goods. Recently, it has made the good move to open restaurants that serve salads, pasta, rice meals and of course more dessert.

If you haven't been to one of their restaurants yet, you seriously have to check it out. The one in Greenbelt is lovely. The whole garden setting with the charming furnishings and trinkets matching the delicious, hearty eats make for a really enjoyable dining experience. Even the restrooms are nice and dainty.

When you visit, try their Velvet Cake and Spicy Lemon Scampi.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Night of the X

Two months ago, I thought the only way I would see MFG again was through an awkward and unexpected run-in at Rockwell or some other place we used to frequent. I often imagined how I would react. I always thought it would be dramatic with a lot of furious heart pounding involved.

Thankfully, that's not what happened last Friday night when we saw each other for the first time since that night in March February. We reconnected and started talking to each other almost every night a week before. It was weird seeing his name again on my YM window and on my phone.

As what he had already told me, he had his hair dyed. I wasn't crazy about his mane's color but he looked good. We were both coincidentally in black polo shirts. Hahah... Mine had polka dots though which of course didn't escape his teasing.

That night was just like the old times; teasing, laughter, banter, eating. We watched X-Men, thanks to the tickets I won. As mutually agreed sans discussion, the night was pretty much drama-free. We walked to his place just like we used to do but only after we dropped by Salcedo Park. For a few hours, we were just like what we were before--laughing at the world and at each other, having a good time "with or without color".