Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Notes From the Underbelly

Has anyone heard of/seen the show Notes From the Underbelly? I accidentally "discovered" this show while channel surfing during the ungodly hours of the night a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe how funny it is. Now, I'm watching another episode (again accidentally), and 30 seconds into it, I already giggled. Ok I didn't giggle, I snickered. Either way, this shiz is hilarious.

The show is on 2nd Avenue by the way every Monday,9 PM. But I'm watching the encore right now, around 1 AM. I wonder if this is available on DVD. I'm guessing not which why I have to get back to the show. Bye.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random Rants


The past week has been hectic. Work, eating out, work, clubbing, work, pasalubong-buying with sister, work, movie with sister and cousin, work, dinner and some drinks with friends, work; talk about an active lifestyle. These are things I can barely squeeze together in one month. To cap things off, last night, err… this morning rather, something else went to active mode…again.

My sister went home to the province so I had the entire place to myself. Let’s just say I had a visitor at 5 AM who left not even before 6 AM. It’s a bummer but it’s good to see him again after months of disconnection. The last time I saw him was at the domestic airport, with who I guess was his sister. Being the bitch that he is, he didn’t even give a hint of a smile or any recognition of my presence. I know he saw me although he was wearing sunglasses, a simple nod would’ve been nice. I don’t believe that he didn’t recognize me at all.

Anyway, last night was our third “meeting”, and I barely go for thirds. The only guy whom I did a third with is this UP Diliman cutie with Spanish roots. Going back to last night, we (or at least he) almost didn’t make it to my unit because genius didn’t have an ID with him. I almost had to beg the security guy at the lobby to let him in. Gawd.

We didn’t get to go full-on since he had to run but I appreciate the goodnight kiss. I had to drop a hint but I appreciate the gesture especially coming from this cold hearted snob. I sent him a message this afternoon and I didn’t get any reply. I am not surprised.

I wouldn’t call this the end of drought but a slight drizzle in the middle of summer.

Not So Holy Week

It's Lenten season once again and the city is practically a ghost town because of the holidays. Almost empty streets, closed malls, and zero traffic congestion give me mixed emotions.

First of all, I love it that the traffic is smooth. I just hate the fact knowing that while 90% of people are out of town, out of the country and vacationing or taking a rest, I (together with my colleagues, along with nurses, etc.) still have to work. You see, my work DOES NOT acknowledge holidays; Christmas, Labor Day, New Year, whatever, nada. I know, it sucks.

As previously announced, we were supposed to have our original rest days next week which are Sunday and Monday. I had planned to spend Sunday night at my Aunt's house in the other part of the city because it's my cousin's birthday. But thanks to the almighty bosses at the office, I may have to cut short my partying since they decided to retain our new temporary rest days, Monday and Tuesday, for another week. Yet another reason I should get a new job already. I wanted to vomit so hard when I knew about this. I was infuriated so this morning, after shift, I formally informed my supervisor that I will be very late on Sunday night.

God, I need a break. Boracay you have no idea how much I miss you.

Project Runway: Ferowsh!

I love this season. Christian Siriano is fucking fantastic and I think Rami and Jillian are also incredibly and undeniably talented. I am obsessed with it right now thanks to youku.com.

I have to go and sleep. 'Coz you know, I have work... on a Saturday night. Ugh.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chelsea and The Prince of Jaipur

Last night was fun.

Work? Oh that. Devoured 2 bars of chocolate yesterday morning... only had cold water... sore throat... medical certificate... called in sick... blah, blah, blah.

My sister and I were treated out by a relative (let's just think she's a cousin because it's quite complicated) who is gradually becoming an international jet-setter based in Singapore.--- Yes, I am so jealous. Kiss the grounds of Paris for me please. Thanks.

We hit up one of my personal favorite hot spots her in Manila, The Fort, for dinner.

We ate at Chelsea where we dined al fresco. I think I put on 5 pounds from all the scrumptious dishes. The pictures don't do the place and food justice.

The Strawberry Iced Tea was a good preview of another gastronomic adventure. They also served complimentary focaccia with an actual garlic bulb to kick things off.

Appetizer: Crab Cakes with mayo and catsup.

This is basically a humongous slab of ribs with mashed potatoes and organic vegetables. I'm not crazy about this one but I truly appreciate the tenderness of the meat, so kudos. It's worth a try.

This is the sea bass with asparagus with what I think was cream of tartar or something. The fish was amazingly tender and tasty. It was sitting on top of mashed potatoes and it was hard to tell which is which if not for the flavors that summon your taste buds to go from juicy tender fish to fresh potatoes-- undoubtedly a winner.

We originally intended to have dessert at Conti's but later decided to pass since we were so stuffed I could barely breathe. You have no idea how hard of a time I was having sucking the fucking tummy in.

This is at Prince of Jaipur, that club adjacent to Embassy. It was my first time there and I loved the place. The Indian ambiance matched with the hip-hop dance atmosphere is unique and exciting. The crowd was not bad too. My jawline went on a vacation. I want it back.

We were just standing beside the bar, clutching our drinks, pretending to look hot when suddenly...
Tall, cute guy with an American accent standing beside me: (Leaning towards me) It's so loud in here I always have to shout each time I talk to someone (smiles).
Me: Yeah, I know (smiles). I wanted to add "Well it is a club you know," but I thought he might think I'm being sarcastic.
Cute guy: Are you with your girlfriend? (Pointing at my sister and cousin)
Me: No, I'm with my sister and cousin. Girlfriend? Are you kidding me?
Cute guy: Oh, is it okay if I talk to them?
Me: No, talk to me you gorgeous asshole.
Me: Sure. (Introduction, blahblahblah... guy talks and dances to cousin the entire night... blah...)

We left pretty early because my cousin got tired of the guy making the moves on her. Plus she said he was too young for her. He's a year older than me.

Ugh. Straight guys.

Anyhow, last night was hot.

Friday, March 07, 2008

New Things

My new hair:

Picture taken with my new phone. Yup, I've finally replaced my ancient Nokia 3660 after almost four years straight of everyday use. My skin on the other hand, is a work in progress.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Update

Once again, I had a full weekend. Too bad my laptop is acting up again so I can't really post the pictures right now.

Yesterday, I met up with my great friend Shey again. As usual, insanity, laughter, sarcasm ensued.

I have been sick of my hair so today, I finally ended my long overdue emo-bang days. The new do is really simple and nice and it's definitely refreshing.

Buh-bye to these looks...

Zo last season!

Fug! Fug! Fug!

My new hair and more pictures on my next post!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Suze Orman Show

I was going to whine about how I'm sick as a dog right now, thus, I'm calling in sick at work tonight but as I was TV surfing literally seconds ago I chanced upon this gem on CNBC called The Suze Orman Show.This woman basically talks to live callers who I suppose seek her expertise and advice with regards to their finances. She's like the Dr. Phil of financial confusions. I love her Oprah-like exclamations though, "YOU ARE JUST ABOUT TO GET OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT AND NOW YOU'RE PLANNING TO DIG ANOTHER HOLE?!" It's amusing how she's almost scolding her callers.

Gawd, I'm loving this woman. And her jacket is quite nice too. I need this bitch in my life.

Me: Hi, I'm earning a penny and I'm planning to buy a pair of slippers, a couple of shirts and a new cellphone? And maybe a pair of pants too if I can squeeze it in.
Suze: Why are you buying all these things?
Me: Because my cellphone is ancient and I need to update my wardrobe.
Suze: Well you might as well just shoot yourself in the head. No! You are denied!
Me: But...
Suze: No!

I'm telling you this is the kind of intervention that I need.