Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Market! Market!

Today I went to Market! Market! specifically to drop by the Artwork store to register for their t-shirt design contest. I found out about it when I passed by their branch in Glorietta 5 this weekend. The G5 store already ran out of registration forms and shirts so the sales staff instructed me to visit the one in Market! Market! since they still had some left then.

I love The Fort and I've been there a lot of times before but this is only my second time in Market! Market! since it's not really a favorite hang-out of mine. So just imagine my disappointment upon finding out that the Artwork store also already ran out of contest supplies. The staff suggested that I can go to the Bicutan branch but there's no way in hell that it's happening. MM alone is already a stretch.

Despite the unexcitement of walking around the very crowded mall aimlessly, I found a few pleasant surprises within MM.

(Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I didn't bring a camera and I was trying to be as discrete as possible.)

Is it called Superbench because it's super big?

First off, MM has got to have the biggest Bench store I've ever been in. It's like a little department store complete with footwear and toiletries.

Then there's Mental. I've read about it before. It's good to know they're expanding. I love the concept of the store and the clothes are not bad either. In fact, I love some of the pieces there, very edgy.

This store is fun, fearless and fashyon.

It was hard restraining myself from any purchases. I already bought some unnecessary stuff this weekend so I stopped myself from getting stylized shorts or weird mummy key chains. But Mental is in my mental list of stores to visit again.

That's one of the sales reps at the side dressed like a nurse. I love it.

Now if we can just get H&M over this side of the world, I'd be a very happy third world shopper.

My jaw dropped when I saw this store. BSX! It's the same store in Hong Kong where I got 14 pairs of their adorable socks! I didn't know there's BSX here! Jeez, who did the PR work for them? Anyway, of course I had to check. They do have the same socks but the ones here are more expensive than the ones I got in HK.--Apparently, BSX is a cousin of Giordano.

The center is very Ayala Malls isn't it?

After eating at Sbarro, I just bought some essentials at the supermarket then strolled around Serendra.

Market! Market! isn't so bad after all if not for the slightly cluttered corridors and dizzying people traffic. But I guess that's a good thing for them considering how the economy is.

Oh, and by the way, there was a guy jacking off at one of the urinals inside the 3rd (?) level restroom. The pervert was already "doing his business" when I went in. There was nobody else inside and I thought he was just peeing until I sensed him looking at me the entire time and he seemed to take forever at the urinal. When I was washing my hands, I took a glance at him and confirmed that he was indeed not just taking a piss. I didn't panic or anything. I just ignored him and left. But now that I think about it, I should've fished out my phone and recorded the spectacle while the bastard was hunched over the poor urinal.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Enlighten Me

I took this photo from inside a cab enroute to Greenbelt yesterday. The sight sort of boggled me.

 I'm sure this is not the way they transport their shirts--pizza style.

Does Onesimus, a formal menswear brand, deliver clothes to customers now or is it just bad advertising? Just wondering.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Rants

Working Out

After a month of not going, I finally went back to the gym the other day. Something has to be said about sweating it out while pumping iron and knowing it's good for you. It's like going to church. It lessens the guilt.

Things change though once you spot a model-looking hottie with ridiculous cuts. Gawd, he's gorgeous.

Yesterday, I was so bored so I went to the gym again. It's a wiser decision over fooling around. Ok, I already accomplished the latter the other night so I didn't really mind so much. But really, I should be going to the gym more often than once a week. It's more productive.

Update: Project Runway Philippines Season 2

It's down to five designers who each had to create a "Parisian chic" dress this week for the L'oreal event in Paris.

Is it just me or is there a shortage of excitement and taste this season? Click here if you still care.

Patrick was given a second chance but failed to redeem himself so he was eliminated again. I have no objections this time. Even he knows he's not doing very well in the competition. Oh well. It's down to Cherry, Santi, Russell and Manny.

Fashion Week started yesterday and will end on the 28th but PRP is still a couple of episodes away from the finale. Is the show even part of the festivities? How are they going to stage the finale?

Music Minute
  • Beyonce and Lady Gaga are coming up with a music video! It's for Beyonce's next single 'Video Phone'. I hope it tops this hot shit. Calm down gay boy.
  • I heart Asher Roth. Hot. Damn. Ugh.
Gots to go. I'm hanging out with a friend later. Yeah, because that's the wisest way to spend an unpaid leave.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Gay Gaze 2

This morning was crazy. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I died.

Remember that guy I had a staring game with 2 weeks ago? I bumped into him inside the friggin' jeepney again!

Like the first time, we sat facing each other. And of course there were some lip biting/licking and meaningful staring once again--mostly from his part if I may add. The bulge on his slacks was more obvious this time. He even "adjusted" his underwear once.

A few meters from where I usually get off, I alighted the jeepney to see if he would follow. And he did. I removed my headphones when he started walking beside me. I glanced at him to find a silly grin on his face.

"Parang malaki ah," he commented while looking at my crotch.


"Malaki ba yan?"

"Ano sa tignin mo?"

"Parang ok lang."

"Parang tanga ka," I wanted to say . But I just nodded instead and asked, "Tagasaan ka ba?"


"CR tayo," he invited.

"Huh?" I asked, innocently.

"CR tayo."


"Sa McDo."

I didn't respond to his invitation until we were about to part ways.

"Next time nalang," I told him while I turned the corner and proceeded to rush to work.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whine Much?

Lately, I haven't been able to leave the office without a headache. My performance has not been as good as I want. But the biggest pressure, aside from the ridiculous numbers that we have to hit, is the fact that my very good friend H is now my supervisor which means my performance directly affects her standing. And she's relying on me to a lot. Gawd, it's killing me.

Another thing that I want to rant about is my non-existent dating life. Notice how I didn't even say love life?

I miss the sensible conversations. I miss the sweet nothings. I miss the kabaduyan. It's crazy because years ago I was so cynical. Now I'm just hopeless and uber stressed out.

This would be the perfect time to get away and find some welcome distraction.

I think my new belt smiled at me last night.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heavy Hearted

I woke up today thinking about this guy I've been talking to for a couple of weeks now. And for some reason, what he said to me the other night kept repeating in my head like a recording from hell.
"Maghanap ka ng kausap mo!"
I don't even know why I keep up with this bullshit. I am so fucking tired.

I wore my heart on my sleeve. I played hard-to-get. It never worked. No one interesting was consistent enough. Cheap thrills are fun but meaningless sex gets old sometimes.

I may as well prepare myself in growing up alone telling bedtime stories to shoes and clothes and entertaining thoughts of suicide whenever Valentine's day rolls around. Seriously, it's exhausting.

Love. Ugh.

Putang-ina talaga.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My parents and I had a grand time celebrity spotting earlier this evening while having dinner at Mesa Greenbelt 5. Somewhere between bites of crispy pata we couldn't help but gawk at these local personalities.

Luningning of Wowowee- My mom was the one who spotted her. She was walking around with some buff guy whose face I didn't see.

Robbie Carmona and Rajo Laurel- These two fashion movers were seated with some other guys just two tables away from us. I was mentally begging for an internship hoping one of them could read my mind. I died in my seat when my father started pointing.

Judai and Ryan!- Yeah, this deserves an exclamation point. I don't know. But this couple has something. They just seem very likable. Judai looked great. She was all dolled up wearing a mini dress and strappy pumps while Ryan was his usual adorable self in a polo shirt. They just passed by the restaurant so I didn't really see much. I swear to god, I could tell my mother wanted to stand up and run after them so badly.

We had a good table.

My folks plus my little cousin are leaving tomorrow. I miss them already.

Friday, October 09, 2009


The parentals are in town! We just got back from Tagaytay to attend a wedding. It's a hot mess. It was raining profusely the entire time so thoughts of extending the trip were trashed.

It's great being able to bond with my family. We really don't get to do it often.

Tagaytay is lovely. I love the cold weather but I hate it when it rains. The mud and the possibility of getting sick tend to ruin the experience. I hope to come back soon, and hopefully, with someone special in a romantic kind of way.

Today, my mom and sister are planning to raid Divisoria while Pops and my kid cousin will visit Manila Zoo. I'll be doing the groceries so I can whip up something for them tonight.

That's about it for now. My father is looking at the monitor!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Gay Gaze

Playing hard to get is never something I was good at. If I like someone, I waste little time to suspend any sign of interest from my end---which is probably something I should change. But this morning, I got especially adventurous. The man slut in me didn't miss a beat.
Of all places, it was in a jeepney en route to work. After sitting down and handing the driver my fare, I noticed this guy (fair, cute, average body, tame looking) seated across throwing some glances at me. He was in his corporate attire with his tie folded inside his breast pocket. I, on the other hand, was in my usual jeans, sneakers and t-shirt combo.
Shameless, I started reciprocating with equally meaningful stares. He started licking his puckers while looking at me. I responded by biting my lower lip barely taking my eyes off his. He got totally hot and bothered and even had some difficulty breathing. But he was obviously enjoying it based on the bulge that formed in his slacks. Though he seemed disgruntled, he didn't stop staring intently until he closed his eyes for a moment, leaned back and started breathing in and out. After that, I guess he was able to compose himself since he stopped looking at my direction--until of course I put my bag aside and opened my legs a little bit wider. Hahahah...
He started staring again at my eyes and my crotch alternately. The poor guy almost hyperventilated when I subtly ran my finger along my inner thigh.
Once at the stop, he got off (the jeepney that is). I did too. He took a few more glances before I threw all inhibitions to oblivion and came up to him. His name's Mark and he was on his way to work. He seemed very shy and timid. I take it he's not very used to shit like this, not that I'm such an expert.
Again, shameless, I asked him if he isn't getting my number. "Next time," he muttered. Ouch!
Me: So ano yung tinitignan mo kanina?
Mark: Pareho ng tinitignan mo.
Me: Are you sure? (I don't know if he got it, but I was referring to him not getting my number)
Mark: (Some noise that I took as a yes)
Then I went ahead and moved on with my life.
This is the first time I did something like this by the way. Gawd, I don't know but that was surely a fun way to start the day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thoughts on a Gloomy Sunday

Scruff much? Maybe I do need that vacation more badly than I thought.

The Palawan thing is off! I called Cebu Pacific earlier and apparently, I was misinformed by the agent I talked to last week. It was this certain 'Olen' who advised me I could rebook for any date as long as I do it before October 5. But it turns out my new trip should actually begin by tomorrow! And of course that's totally not happening.

But whatever. At least now I no longer have to worry about who to go with and getting my leave approved and all that bullcrap. Ugh.

There was someone interested that would've made the trip so exciting but I don't know anymore. He never confirmed anyway so we'll figure out a plan B I guess. Or not.

I'm feeling a little down today. It must have been all that negative energy; bad news on TV, Internet, even on my phone! So I decided to go to Rockwell and attended the 6 pm mass. I also bought a gift for my friend H who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. And to cheer myself up a bit, I bought 2 shirts at Topman. One of them was on sale so that's awesome.

The weather is so much better now although it was raining a bit earlier. I feel sorry for Northern Luzon which has been hit by the supertyphoon but I'm thankful Manila was spared this time. People are still recovering.

My friend Jules and I were talking about all these bad things that occured lately and I couldn't help but liken it to the 10 plagues in the bible. That means there's more to come after the earthquakes in Asia, the flood and the swine flu epidemic. Scary!

Hopefully, tomorrow's a better day--new work schedule and all.

The parentals are arriving in 3 days! I'm psyched. I just hope neither of them bothers me about getting a girlfrienfd already. That awkward conversation could lead to drama if I don't contain myself.

Jeezus. I could use a little optimism right now.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Lighter Note

I'm supposed to be in Palawan at this very moment basking in its beautiful beaches and doing non-city things like breathing some fresh air. But because the trip got cancelled (not due to weather related issues), I'll have to put off this little vacation.

My ticket is nonrefundable. But surprisingly, Cebu Pacific has a conscience and will allow me to reschedule my trip to the same destination for any future date as long as I do it before October 5. The airline has a flexibility policy for Manila residents in connection with Ondoy's aftermath. Kudos!

I'm not sure about the new dates yet, but the bigger question is, who am I going with? The same folks I was supposed to go with are out of the question. If it's Boracay, I'd be happy to travel alone. But Palawan? I can't exile myself like that. Serenity and nature overload!

I may just let this thing go. But I don't know. I have 4 days left to decide.

Hey (youknowwhoyouare), reading my shit again while at work? Heheh... I can't belive you're reading everything! And oh, you have until toomorrow to give me an answer. *wink*