Monday, February 28, 2011

Class Act

If I fail the midterms, blame it on 'To Catch A Predator'. Last week, instead of reading 10 chapters of school material, I spent more time on Youtube watching perverts try to do sexy times with minors. Come Saturday morning, not only was I late. I, along with pretty much the rest of the class, didn't have a clue for the most part of the damn exam.

We consoled ourselves by pigging out and boozing. After a very exquisite lunch at this small eatery near the school, we didn't waste any time and headed to Good Earth Roasts, Rockwell. We were downing beer and cocktails by 2pm.

Early evening, we decided to hit the launch of Mint footwear in South Forbes. My friend's brother is one of the guys that's importing the brand. I like how casual the atmosphere was like it's just another rich-kid house party but with more inflatables and expensive rides on display. The alcohol was free-flowing by the way.

Watch our for Mint!

We left the party around midnight and headed to Mercato Centrale at The Fort for some street food for rich people. Like alcoholics, some of us still had drinks in plastic cups in hand as we surveyed the gastronomic spectacle.

There's a plethora of eats to choose from.

The place is pretty small but there's no shortage of food choices. Pick from Chinese, American, Italian, Filipino cuisine and more.

As the venue was packed, no table was available so my friends and I decided to just sit on the pavement and happily inhaled our food like real, classy socialites.

Judging by the crowd, this place is a hit.

We had baked potatoes, burgers, ribs and sago-gulaman.

The ultra-luxurious pee-poop area.

Al fresco dining at midnight.

In case I do fail the midterms (which I surely hope I don't), at least I'd remember the rest of this day to be pretty awesome.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mara Clara and My Gym

It has been almost half a year since I last sweated it out in the gym so last week, I finally decided to go despite the lack of enthusiasm. First of all, I don't go to any of those expensive ones where gay sluts are said to often cruise around. It's a rickety, hole-in-the-wall (literally) work out place where 90% of the patrons are in their slippers. It used to bother me but I figured it's actually good since it's cheap, it does the job, there's no pressure to dress up, it's very near my place, and there's rarely a cutie in sight to distract me.

Anyway, the soap opera Mara Clara was on the other night and it was amusing how the other gym-goers would pause to watch all the sappy drama go down on TV. I thought it was so funny looking at these grown macho guys getting carried away over a show starring tweens who blurt out the darndest lines. They would smile or laugh out loud or utter unsolicited comments every so often depending on the scenes. It worked to my advantage because the equipment would be free for me to use while they soak up on some tough-guy entertainment.

What is up with this show anyway? A friend once posted a Facebook status airing how he was so mad at Clara, the antagonist. Another friend sent a group text just this week with a similar content. He apparently just had to let everyone know that he was seething with anger over a TV drama character. He didn't reply when I asked him via text, "Seryoso? :)".

I intend to stick to my current gym schedule and this show better bring on the drama.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Rants

Home Cookin'

Lately I've been doing everything but my homework. I did the laundry, cooked several meals and slightly cleaned my room. But the paper I'm supposed to submit this weekend? Let's not talk about it.

My knowledge about cooking is still limited so last night I decided to make herbed chicken yet again. I paired it with garlic mushrooms topped with cheese. I usually eat it with rice but this this time I went for pan-grilled bread instead. It turned out pretty awesome.

White a Minute

My cabbie kicks your cabbie's ass because my cabbie is fucking white! No, he's not albino. I don't think so. But he speaks fluent Tagalog/Filipino. He was quite nice too.

Serious Fashion Matters

Altuzarra, Wang, Jacobs

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up and it's London's time to stomp the runways. Has anyone spotted any Filipina model working the NYFW shows? Ford Supermodel of the World 2011 winner Danica Magpantay? Charlene Almarvez? I haven't been paying that much attention lately.

Out of the few shows I've seen, Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs are my top three (in that order) favorites. The first two seemed to have been inspired by outerwear style. The similarities of some of the clothes are quite striking but both did really outstanding, very modern, fashionable yet functional clothes. Each managed to mark his collection with his own, unique flair; Altuzarra with his feminine, fearless glamazons, and Wang with his ultra-cool, hip-hop friendly, urban girls. As for Marc, Scott Schuman said it best; the heightened glam factor of the show made it seem more appropriate for Louis Vuitton. In fact, it reminds me of his Fall 2008 show for the said high-end fashion house. But that's the thing about Marc, he keeps you guessing. He gets you intrigued (even shocked) each time. He's quite the fashion show man and more often than not, he pulls it off spectacularly.

On the other hand, I'm not so keen on Rodarte's collection while Christian Siriano's just disappoints. Their shows for this season are a far cry from their previous ones.

Color, in bright, solid forms, apparently, will be very big. It's evident at the Jeremy Scott show. It's not to say I particularly loved his collection but I'm pretty sure those 'Enjoy God' pieces will be all over the place.

The trend continues in London judging from the painfully chic, excellently tailored pieces that paraded down the runway of Burberry. It's interesting that even this fashion mega-brand has decided to incorporate very unexpected hues for the cold season. " Do me daily What have you been into lately, Christopher Bailey?"

Has the typical fashion mood that winter traditionally evokes totally changed? Is it a sign that things are finally looking up for business? This makes me wonder if Paris, which is usually bathed in black and other muted tones, is in the same state of mind.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Burgoo and Burlesque

This evening was the first time I saw MFG after his surgery. Things are not exactly back to normal on his end but I'm glad he's recovering. This is really one of those events that remind you everything can vanish just like that, with a blink of an eye. It's crazy.

After dinner, we watched 'Burlesque'---yeah because we're butch like that. It's an entertaining movie. Nothing new about the plot. But I think we already know that. The musical numbers are worth watching though. Aside from that and Cher, other things in the film that are worth noting are; Christina Aguilera's boobs, Julianne Hough's hair color, the lead guy's abs and Stanley Tucci's charm.

It was a good night. I hope there's more of these, if not better, in the future.

Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day 2011

If you're like me who has been dateless on Valentine's Day since, uhm, the beginning of time, this day shouldn't be any different than any other Monday. As tempting as it is to join couples and cliques to celebrate whatever the hell their point is in overcrowding the restaurants, the more sensible thing for me to do is do the groceries and sleep---if I didn't have to work today that is.

It's so easy, and even quite enjoyable, to be bitter and whine. Good thing I'm used to this by now.

Hey, just try to be happy---in a relationship or not, Valentine's day or otherwise. Let's try not to shoot anyone today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bryanboy: Bravo's New Reality Bitch?

It's New York Fashion Week season and yet again, I am not able to attend any of the shows as I am very busy here in the office doing the all-important, wonderful, wonderful minimum wage work that I do.

Anyway, according to, Bryanboy is "reportedly shooting a pilot" during the said New York fashion spectacle working with the producers of America's Next Top Model (Bankable?). Bravo is said to be very interested in this project.

BB back in the day

So he has a seemingly sweet, loving boyfriend, a major, internationally recognized, money-making blog, a closet full of designer duds, he jets all over the world (probably for free most of the time), and he shows no signs of fading away anytime soon. Who's foaming in the mouth right now?

Can anyone out there also name a bag after me? Topman? No? Fino? Hawk? Secosana? Please?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bloom Bloom Pow

When you see someone walking around carrying a bouquet of flowers, how do you feel? Do you sigh longingly? Smile? Utter "Lucky bitch!"?

"Modelling" a bouquet from TF's "Me So Pretty" Designer Series (Shot by Darrel Pobre)

It's fascinating how a bunch of fauna that will eventually wilt can really affect someone's mood. Call me Martha Stewart but if I would have it my way, I'd put a fresh bunch of flowers on display in the house each day. They just add so much life to the place much like the way fresh fruits do. Fake ones just don't cut it.

If I can push it even further, I'd get my blooms from Tecson Flowers. Last night, I got invited to check out a few pieces from their designer collection. I was surprised to see how they incorporated fabrics like denim, gingham and satin into the charming arrangements. As you can see, these flowers are so pretty they make me look like the delivery boy! Hahah...

Tecson Flowers is a family venture which has been around since 1975. That's over 3 decades of expertise in the business. They offer a plethora of flower varieties (orchids, lilies, roses, etc.) and arrangements which can be ordered online and get delivered in no time. TF also rents out plants.

Here are some of my favorite arrangements:

"Office Space" $18.00 (Php792.00)

"Braveheart" $79.00 (Php3,476.00)

"The Devil Wears Prada" $108.00 (Php4,752.00)

What a perfect time to talk about flowers since it's the season of hearts. It doesn't matter if you're single. Just order yourself some Tecson Flowers and be that lucky bitch.

You can visit Tecson Flowers branches all over Manila, check out their blog or website or call 939-9019 / 0917-832-7663 for orders or inquiries.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Click! Click! Click!

My first photo shoot and I looked like a hot mess in my sneakers-jeans-shirt-unshaven, pedestrian appearance.

I was invited to the shoot an hour and a half before call time. I didn't want to be late so I went straight from work to the studio. Uhm, bad idea. I never really believed in that "Come as you are" bullshit. The shoot wasn't really about me but damn, I should have been fashionably late!

Oh well. It was a cool, interesting, spontaneous experience.

Friday, February 04, 2011

This Sunday's Lunch: Cancelled

Hi. Do me a favor, will you? Kindly pray for the success of the operation of MFG and for his fast recovery, yeah? The major operation is at 9am tomorrow. I almost needed my own operation when I received his text this morning.

Thanks a lot.

Update as of Feb. 6, around 11AM:
Based on a text sent during a state of grogginess, MFG "thinks he's fine". Thank you to those who cared.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yo Iloilo!

All I'm missing is pay Antique a visit and this would be a Panay Island tour. This January alone, I've flown into Iloilo, Kalibo and Roxas airports.

Today, I went on a day trip to Iloilo City to see a doctor. I was also hoping I'd meet some friends. Unfortunately, only one of them bitches was available.

What I like about Iloilo City is the fact that it's quite developed but there's less traffic and pollution. It's getting its very first Starbucks soon. Everything is just a few minutes away and it's not a very expensive place to get around in. What I don't like is there's really not much to do there but eat, go to the mall, and party at night. Nonetheless, this place has a special place in my cold, hard heart.

For lunch, I braved the afternoon heat to visit JD Bakery Cafe. You know, it's not the place, it's not even the taste of the food. It's the fun memories that I get to relive from dining here. I had their baked mac, chicken a la king, fried chicken, some baked sweets and juice. For only P123.75, that was an enjoyably filling meal. Too bad my old phone failed me so I didn't get to take pictures of my food...

Which is why I took the liberty to use some other people's photos. :)

JD Roadhouse

The service was prompt and polite. The only disappointing part of today's trip to JD was the restroom. It was flooded. There's no excuse but I'm pretty sure today was an isolated case.

I was in SM City when my phone died. I couldn't find a place to charge so I was forced to go to this new place called Cafe Laguna. I only had hot tea and maja mais since I was still stuffed. The latter was actually not bad if not a tad too sweet for my taste. What threw me off is they charge P50 per hour for charging, and P20 if your order amounts to at least P200.

The service was not exemplary but the restroom was clean and appropriately lit---although they failed to replace the toilet paper. I paid P155.00 and you know what the P50.00 was for.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going around the mall waiting for some relatives to pick me up. I need to visit this place at least twice a year. I know I said there's not much to do here, but you know that saying about seeing with new eyes? Yeah, that.