Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Who I want for my birthday isn't easy to get (which is a good thing). So let me list down the tangible things instead that I would love to get as presents assuming y'all have very kind hearts and want a sure spot in heaven, and because I'm materialistic like that.

  1. Striped beanie from Topman- I've been into beanies lately.
  2. Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami- Just because this sounds interesting, plus, duh. I saw this a while back. If I'm not mistaken, this is a collection of birthday stories as told by different people/personalities.
  3. Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin- I got lost and distracted so I never got to buy this. But I still want a copy.
  4. A new water bottle- I left mine at the gym.
  5. A good floor lamp- You have no idea how much I have been looking for one. Seriously, I think the people at True Value, Dimensione, and Handyman recognize me now.
  6. Wallpaper from True Value- I headed to Powerplant this Sunday determined to burn money on this but I realized one roll may not be enough so I have some measuring to do.
  7. Suede men's lace-ups in camel from Zara- This would be my introduction to a more mature manner of dressing.
Not much, right? Support the Literary Bulimia Materialism Foundation now! Here's to more blessings if you know what I mean!

Photos: topman.com, amazon.com, reviews.com, goodhousekeeping.com


Monday, August 30, 2010

You Say Birthday I Say Party

In two days, I'll be celebrating my birthday. I've been wondering what to do on that special day. Since I'm broke and I'll be working until early evening, I'm thinking I'll just stuff myself crazy at McDonald's and call it a day, and maybe cry myself to sleep while curled up in the fetus position. That or I can do one of the following options.
  • Since I'm turning 24, I thought it would be nice to go out of town alone and disconnect myself from the world for 24 hours; no mobile phone and Internet within that period. Just peace and quiet. But aside from the fact that my family may totally panic about my sudden disappearance, this is going to cost some money. I refuse to stay in some rickety cottage in the middle of God-knows-where. I may never reach 25.
  • The most sensible think to do is to spend all my money credit limit shopping. Ok, maybe not really.
  • I'm thinking I'll just have dinner with my sister and some friends. But we can't do that at my apartment because I don't have time to cook plus I can't deal with all the mess after the party. Maybe we'll just eat out, we'll see.
  • This is very unlikely but what the hell. I'm thinking of just hanging out with him. It doesn't even matter where. I told him about the third option. He told me he'll help me clean up whether he makes it to the party or not.
Notice how I didn't include drinking myself blind and birthday sex? Ohmigod, I'm becoming an old fart!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Garage Goodies

My sister's back home and she decided to have a garage sale this weekend. I'm joining live via satellite from El Manille!

What do you think about this poster/Facebook ad I made?

By that I mean we'll be camming tonight so I can select the items I want to get rid of and will be good for the sale. As they say, out with the old, in with the new!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleep and Music

For the first time in many months, I purposely slept as early as 11:15 pm last night. The guy I'm talking about in my last post hasn't been online for 2 consecutive nights now. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm trying to take it lightly. Instead of filling the void with unhealthy distractions, I took the opportunity to do something good---which is sleep.

A good night's sleep is a smart escape from the cruelties of the world. Just minutes before I dozed off, my cousin and I got slightly startled when the peace of our neighborhood was broken by what we surely thought were gunshots. Everything appeared to be normal this morning though.

Aside from the Zs however, I also turn to music for pleasurable diversion. The other night, Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" brought on the waterworks.While last night, it was Scissor Sister's "Fire with Fire" that was on repeat for more positive vibes. Check out both songs below.

Have a good day!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall. Fail. Rinse. Repeat.

It's always the wrong person or the wrong time. This is the story of my life.

In today's episode, I get heartbroken. Surprise.

It's only been a week since we reunited. The last time we saw each other was over a year go. I've thoroughly enjoyed our chats over YM. Now, I cannot stop thinking about this schmuck who consistently talks about himself. Every time I log in, I now expect him to pop up. And he always does.

But he's fresh out of a relationship. God knows how much I despise it each time he talks about missing his ex and about everything he had planned for them. Don't get me wrong. I am glad I was there during the rough times and he did apologize for making me the shock absorber. But I just cannot comprehend how he has fallen so deeply in love with someone who, based on his stories, seemingly doesn't give a flying fuck about their relationship. It's unfair.

I've been thinking about it. I'm ready to give up my online hook-up accounts for this guy. I think I can give up my double life for him. But it's not like it matters now. It's a lose-lose situation really. He will either retain me in the friend zone or make me the rebound guy.

I really don't know what to do anymore. Maybe I'll avoid him tonight. Maybe I won't.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Cubao Xcellente

Last night was fun. Jeezus, Cubao X is the shit. I really love it there; the art, the vibe, the people, the parties. I joined Erin and his friends Rommel and Paul.

Paul, Rommel and Erin at Bellini's. I came late so I missed dinner.

Erin, being Mr./Ms. Congeniality and all, saw a bunch of friends/acquaintances. He introduced us to Daki (the one in the blue shirt).

And since this is Cubao X, we were bound to bump into resident (fashion) crazy, Marcel who was dressed as a pirate/lolita/french maid. Gotta love him.

As usual, we hung out at I Love You x Future where the music is always good, the drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is laid back and fantastic. Let's allow the pictures to spell F-U-N.

Next time again guys, yes?


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to Zero

After over 24 hours of being phoneless, I was finally able to get my phone fixed to the tune of P500. The technician, who made me wait for an hour and a half, told me it was the program that was causing the problem and reformatting was the only solution. It's not like I had any choice so I went fot it even though it meant wiping out all the contents of the phone memory. All my messages, notes, contacts; gone.

Send me your number if you care. It's literarybulimia@gmail.com.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Keeping Me From Sin

Do you know how frustrating it is when you're about to get laid but your phone suddenly stops working just before you inform your mate of your whereabouts?

I was already outside his building when my damn phone started acting up. 'Message Storage Memory Not Yet Ready' everytime I tried to text even after several minutes of rebooting. It seemed hopeless so I went to the next building to use a computer. I didn't catch him online. The cosmos connived against me I think. The computer was slow and at some point, I got disconnected. I was on the verge of tears by then. I was so desperate I tried making a Chikka account to no avail. You know that feeling when you're so angry, your head hurts?

Good thing my very good friend Shey was online. I gave her his number and had her text him. Through some miracle, I was also able to make a call. But I almost bursted into a raging fit when the Indian guy manning the shop didn't have change for my money.

All that stress for someone who looked much better (and younger) in pictures. That wasn't exactly worth sneaking out of work for. Plus my phone's still completely useless up to now.


Monday, August 16, 2010


My eyeballs are about to drop to the floor. I am way beyond exhausted. My mind is a mess.

You see, since June, I've been working at my uncle's company. At first, I was only asked to "help out" because the current office assistants are hopelessly incompetent. I was getting paid to spend about three hours of computer work in a day. But after a month, I was tasked to do more work in the office only because we'll be stuck in a rut if we rely on these fucking geniuses whom we have yet to replace.

Then, last Thursday, my uncle all of a sudden decided to make me his assistant/sexytary/co-director. The last one is just on papers. I'm not getting any earnings from the new company. That same day, he asked me to fly home the next morning to get some papers signed which was good because I really needed to get away. So I really had a fun weekend.

Now, talk about a manic Monday. There's just so much on my plate. And it's fucking raining like crazy as I type this.

I have to work on a report. Oh, and there's a guest I have to attend to after work.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Cray Cray Thursday

In a few hours, I'll be flying home yet again. It's mainly for business but it's still home so there's still a lot of recreation involved. I really need this you know.

The past days have been hectic. But today takes the cake. I can't elaborate on the details because I badly need some shuteye. But let me just say this; the pressure is totally, totally, on. I mean it just soared to another level. Good luck to me juggling all this. As for now, I have to count some sheep.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avocado Green

Who misses this?

It's not my favorite fruit but I'm glad my mom made me bring these risking excess baggage fees. They're gifts from friends at the province.

Avocadoes, if I'm not mistaken, are the most nutritious of fruits.

I think these things look lovely---the color, the shape, the texture. It's great that the ones I got barely had eny veins.

Once you get over its resemblance to baby poop (avocadorrhea), you can enjoy it mashed with some sugar. Some people like it with milk but I skipped that. I like it a little chunky so I didn't mash it too much. Biting into the flesh of fresh avocado is fantastic.

Have a delicious day!


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Good Mourning

It has been so many years since the last time I set foot in this place. If it wasn't for my grandmother's passing, I wouldn't have been able to revisit the place where I spent summer vacations riding a bike, hunting for spiders, playing with cousins and riding a carabao.

Of course, over the years, a lot has changed. There's now electricity in this town and most of the roads are paved. What's great though is, despite all the changes, the mountains remain green and the people are still kind and welcoming. Here, I am "artistahin" and my growing up seems shocking to the elderly folks.

But we didn't come here for a vacation. Another big change is the absence of Lola. I certainly felt that depression when I was sitting at the balcony. For a second, I expected her to come out of the door with open arms and a gentle smile, obviously glad to see me. The rest of the town shared this feeling.

Along with the grief though, we felt relief. We're glad she's no longer suffering and like the cliche goes, she's now in a better place. We may have lost a loved one, but we gained an angel.

So perhaps, in a way, it was indeed a vacation after all, a meaningful, bittersweet one with crying and lots of fresh fruits involved. It was also a good chance to reconnect with relatives not seen in years. I even got to chat with two of our former helpers.

That's the thing about grandparents. They may seem so out of touch but, unconsciously, they bring all the important people in your life together and make you realize the things that matter most.

When my time comes, I can only wish I had touched the lives of as much people the way my grandmother did.

For the last time only in this blog, enjoy eternal happiness and peace Lola.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Random Rants

Bereavement Trip

The day after tomorrow, I'm flying off to my hometown to pay respects to my Lola. As I've lamented in my last entry, she died of cancer last week.

I really don't know what to expect. It's good that everybody seems to be coping well though.


Did you watch last night's Urban Zone? I didn't. I fucking missed it. I was too busy sweeping the floor in my room and slightly rearranging my things.

I thought it was weird when Ellese, a friend of mine who works at ABS-CBN, sent me a text that read, "Urbanista :)." Then suddenly, I got three Facebook invitations from complete strangers. It turns out my comment on Urban Zone's wall about last week's show got read out on air by Daphne. Another friend who was able to watch confirmed it. How cool. Too bad I missed it.

The Coño Stranger

Friday---I was at Makati Stock Exchange to encash a cheque. But I was late so I basically wasted time and money, until I was waiting for a cab to go back to the office.

I walked to the driveway pissed off. I was aware there was a guy about five feet to my left but I didn't pay attention because I was trying to contain a major fit. An empty cab stopped and he went inside. Then he immediately stepped out. He was in his casual-corporate attire. I don't know what came into me because I don't normally involve in chitchat with strangers, but all of a sudden I asked him, "Ayaw nya?"

With his oh-so-coño accent, he responded, "Buendiarealengdoweh"---or at least that's what I thought he said. That's when I realized how cute he was. I began to notice his toned biceps and his subtly charming facial features. He's not the strikingly handsome debonnaire type, no, but he's definitely very cute.

I also noticed how he seemed so uneasy. He kept looking at different directions and a few times, we caught each other's eyes. That's when I realized what's going on so I pushed the envelope. I was like, "San ka ba?"

"Munillah," he replied.

At this point, I was wishing no cab would come by. But as bad luck would have it, one did. But before entering (and this is where I almost fainted/melted/masturbated), he looked at me and flashed a knowing grin. I reciprocated with a slight closed-lip smile. When the cab passed by in front of me, he was still smiling. I wanted to run. I wanted him to get the cab to stop. But I just looked on as he vanished into the Makati traffic jam. Boner.

I went back to MSE today. I was able to encash the cheque :) but I didn't see him. :(