Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year Ender

Today, the last day of 2009, has been very interesting. I did some grocery shopping, sent gifts to friends and got into a little driving blunder when my cousin was parking my aunt's car.

No one was hurt but the vehicle got scratched on the side. It's the same car that got into a more major car accident two weeks ago and will be getting fixed once the police reports, insurance papers and other requirements get finalized. What a way to end the year.

But that's not all that happened.

Two words: The Chef.

Just when I thought he's about to become a distant memory of 2009.

Happy Happy New Year! Good, good vibes for us all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Greetings from the very busy and crowded SM Megamall!

I'm currently in The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and this guy who was such a great lay is seated a couple of feet away from me. I don't know if he's avoiding me or just doesn't remember me but he's completely not looking at my direction. What's wrong with a 'hi' or a nod? We saw each other in this same mall some time after we had some fun and everything seemed friendly and good.

Anyway, whatev.

Today's main goal for hitting the mall is to finally buy running shoes. I've been wanting to go running whenever I have time but I always ended up getting distracted by other baubles so I'd go home with everything but running shoes. I got motivated because I have stopped going to the gym ever since I got those nasty shingles on my back. I have theorized to have gotten it from that sub-standard establishment. So I thought runnning would be a good alternative until I find a better gym that isn't too expensive.

I got a pair of those Nike shoes with the iPod chip slate or someting inside the sole. I got them on sale. My gawd, running shoes are so expensivo! No wonder some people remain fat!

In other news, I've been so fed up with work lately so I'm thinking of going on a vacation next month. If only I would win Nuffnang's GlutaMAX contest! One of the prizes is a trip to Hong Kong. I'd love to go back there.

Here's to grander, healthier, happier days! Viva 2010! Happy happy new year!

Kudos to Mega for the fast wireless Internet connection. Eyelove.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The New Me

Emo no more!

GlutaMAX, See the Results.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beyond Hectic

Jeezus I don't even know where to begin talking about how cramped I have been with things to do. So far, I'm 99.9% done with Christmas shopping after God knows how many trips to the mall. I've also attended three Christmas parties as of writing.

The yuletide season is exciting and fun but I now totally get how The Grinch came about.

Anyway, the parentals (plus little cousin) flew in today. So that's great. Too bad I'm not feeling so well right now. All the stress I've been under lately has taken its toll on my health.

Here's a couple of pictures from the past week.

Probably the most stressful part of Christmas is shopping for gifts. The malls are packed crazy and the pressure to give the most ideal gifts to friends and family doesn't help. I'm glad I only have two more to get.

Once... twice... three times the waiter. This is me looking like a part of the catering crew at our Monte Carlo themed Christmas party at the SMX. I only stayed for 2 hours because I wasn't feeling very well.

Last night, Jules, Robbie and I had our own little Christmas party as well at Chili's. I really had fun. Nothing beats dinner with friends and hefty servings of sinful, calorific food.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to whip up three dishes for our little Christmas eve feast. So good luck to me.

Gawd, I so want to be at the beach on New Year's. Whatev.

Happy holidays guys! Gotta go. I have to wrap our yaya's gift.

Update: I ruined our helper's present. I'm so fucking stupid I swear! I cut a whole on the sleeve while wrapping her blouse! Ugh!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This Morning

I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job I fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, hate my fucking job.

I fantasize about leaving work right now, two hours after coming in, and never returning again. Or I can do it more professionally by passing my resignation letter today. Ahh, dreams.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rock It Well

So after over three months of living under my bed, I took out my "astronaut shoes" and wore them outside for the very first time. I went to Rockwell today to buy gifts and other things. It was the perfect opportunity to take them out for a spin.

Made mainly for skaters, these shoes are really comfortable. So I didn't mind walking around back and forth, up and down. And I love it that Rockwell has such a laid back yet exciting atmosphere. It's a departure from the chaos that ensue in other malls especially during the holiday season.

Then there's the issue with the restrooms. I think Rockwell and Greenbelt have the cleanest and most well equipped restrooms.

Check out the neat hand dryers in the newly renovated restrooms on the 2nd(?) level. The only other time I saw one of these was early this year in Disneyland HK.

The latest issue of Plant Magazine is out.

Gawd, I'd totally live in this neighborhood (Rockwell Residences) if I were rich enough. The area is just so attractive. It's in Makati but tucked away from the busy district and it's embedded in lush greenery and tall buildings alike.

Anyway, my gift shopping is nearing completion. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be 100% done.

Today's look: Bag from Nike, shirt from Topman, pants from Cheap Monday and shoes from Supra.

I bought the bag last night. I realized the one I got from 5cm a couple of weeks ago will not be ideal for the obstacle course that I go through everyday when going to work and home later in the day. This backpack however is very promising. Even my laptop fits inside.

It's 4 am and my head is throbbing. Good night.

Some celebrity sightings at Rockwell:
Katrina Legarda at National Bookstore
TJ Trinidad at People R People
Toni Gonzaga (and her boyfriend) at Topman

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Annual Christmas Blues

What is wrong with me? Christmas is less than two weeks away yet I really can't feel the "joy" of the season. It sometimes escapes me even that it's actually the holidays. I barely notice the tree in the living room, which is pretty big, Christmas songs make me lonely, and even the gift shopping that I did last week just stressed me out. For once, I'd like to take a break from being so fucking stressed out and somber and enjoy this time of the year---you know, get excited again to open gifts, prepare outfits for the midnight mass, and ham!

Christmas spirit? More like Christmas pressures.

Good thing the parentals are visting.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictionary: Rock Couture

Here's a few photos from Sunday night's debauchery at Encore (formerly Embassy) where we celebrated our Christmas party.

I didn't expect to have that much fun but I actually enjoyed the party a lot. Guess you really can't go wrong with the dancing + drinking + friends formula.

Thanks to Moya and TJ for the pictures.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Project Head Candy

The project that I've been losing sleep over is finally done.

This is for my sister. She will be wearing it to their Christmas party next week.

I love Carolina's! I got almost all of the materials there except for the feathers which I tore off a hairband.

Pretty cute eh? I now accept orders. Please pay in cash, card, GCs or cell phone load. JK.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Greetings From Rockwell

Hello there! I'm live blogging from the lovely and nicely-lit Rockwell Powerplant Mall! Hahah...

It's the first time for me to bring my computer outside by the way. God knows how much frustration I went through before finally getting my laptop connected. I had a little problem figuring out the Internet provider/server(?) here which is WiGO. Anyway, I'm not that technologically stupid after all since I'm finally able to get online--that's after the battery completely lost charge so I'm recharging right now. God bless Seattle's Best.

I didn't really intend to go out today since I already did so yesterday but my parents called me earlier asking me to buy them shirts from Collezione so I changed my mind.

As you know, these shirts with the Philippine map are very popular now. And I learned today that you can actually have yours customized. They'll let you select the colors of the shirts and the thread for the embroidery. How neat! Plus the sales reps here are very friendly.

I also picked up some stuff for my sister's head piece that I've been working on.

There's a lot of people shopping today. I should be doing some Christmas shopping myself but all I've been able to buy are things for myself. Maybe when I get my 13th month pay I'll be able to buy gifts.

Gotta go!

Update: Just got home. I'd like to commend the taxi driver of Don Brill PXL 829 who was very nice and honest. His mete works perfectly which is rare among cabs these days. Good vibes!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bye Bangs

After months of sporting the longish, emo do, I finally had it chopped.

I miss having hair to cover half of my face when I try to hide from the world in the middle of the crowd or how it gets messy when the wind blows. But I need a new look so I marched into Piandre right after work last night.

The stylist actually cut it too short which freaked me out but I'm over bitching about it. I may have to actually  take time and use products on my hair now though.