Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random Rants

My connection is slow again for some reason so I'm gonna keep this short.

  • As always, I'm exhausted again. Woke up early today to go to a neighboring city and checked my rented place there and I had to buy some stuff. It was fine, (my place) except that it's a little dusty/dirty there. Well, it's actually that way almost all the time anyway so I just bug-bomned the room just to make sure and then left for the mall... SM City was full. Ugh. I couldn't believe there were that many people shopping two days after christmas. Until, I noticed the words "SALE" or "DISCOUNT" staring at me from everywhere. That's when I realized... I only bought two white belts though. Very cheap, both of them. Didn't really have time to look around 'coz I met up with a friend and we watched a movie. And then my family and I met up later on and they wanted to go home, and so did I coz it was a 3-hour trip going back to our place. Hence, the shopping cut short. It's fine though. I was able to accomplish everything in my "itinerary" namely: check my place, buy stuff for my face from my dermatologist, go to the mall, spend. Hah!

  • I sent out text messages and online bulletins today about the upcoming garage sale. Hah. A lot of people showed interest. Some of them even told me they're actually gonna come and visit. Gawd. Those lying maggots. Kidding. I hope a lot of people do show up AND buy our stuff. :) Anyway, I'm so excited 'coz my mom and sister-in-law might join in. And I know they have a lot of good stuff. I'm so friggin' psyched about this little project I started. It's about time you know. I've been wanting to do this for the longest time. Oooh... I hope everything goes well. I want some space in my cabinets and less in my wallet! Hahahah...

  • I'm still feeling a little sick. I hate this frucking cough I've had for like, two days. It's so not cool.

That'd be all for now. So much for keeping it short.

Gotta go.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Garage Sale Drama

I am a little emotional right now. And not just because of my christmas heartbreak.

See, for the longets time, I've been wanting to have a garage sale, because I no longer/have never worn over half of the stuff in my cabinets/closet. They're all either out-dated, ill-fitting or just plain ugly.

Today, with the mock reactions of my parents, I was granted the permission to use our puny garage. So there, on December 30, 2006, 9 AM to 3 PM, some of my stuff are going to be sold to random buyers. Hopefully more than three, and not just the people I know.

Anyway, I didn't think it was gonna be that hard to pick out the things I'm gonna put out there. I actually had to sort out the ones that I'm selling from the ones that I'm not really sure about (stuff I intend to give to relatives and other people I know who actually need clothes). I just didn't want some stuff to go to some stranger.

Like many other apparel-loving maniac there is, I have developed an emotional rapport with my clothes. Seriously, a lot of them even bring back various memories of the old days. Especially the oversized shirts and the baggy pants. Ugh. I know. ---I can't even believe how fat I was before. I used to be a whale.--- Like in high school, I used to wear what they call elephant or big mouth pants. The ones with pants so big you can have an adult monkey clinging on your legs and no one would know. Gawd. And you should've seen how I'd prepare my pants for the next day; putting safety pins on the hem to avoid dragging them all over the ground. That was crazy. AND THE SIZE! I used to wear size 31-33 pants. (Now I'm a 28-30. :p)

Anywhow, as horrid as some of them are, it really is hard getting rid of a few of my "memorabilia". That's why I'm keeping some shirts and pants. Besides, who knows, I'm so not hoping, but I might be able to wear/use some of those pieces in the future. I'm actually afraid of the day that I will regeret disposing particular items but whatever. Hopefully, by that time, I can just shrug it off and easily rush to high-end shops and undergo therapy---shop myself to complete and utter ecstacy.

I'm gonna go ask my sister to join the sale. I know she too has lots of stuff she doesn't use.

I'll update soon.

Wish me luck!


Peaceful greetings from my humble abode. I'm sick and I smell like a stray dog. I have the flu so let's just go on with the show. Here's more images from the Batangas/Manila escapade.

We stayed at the fantastic Crystal Blue Resort.

More photos to come very soon.

Gotta go. Byebye.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Heart-breaking Holiday

Merry Christmas.

Look what Santa brought me this year; a whole truckload of shit and an ocean of tears.

I'm so fucking single I so fucking see it in the mirror.

Heartaches. *sigh*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Great Escape '06

I'm absolutely back home. And it's starting to smell like ham. Well, ribs actually, that's what we're gonna have for our Noche Buena later. PLUS! I'm gonna try my luck on Seafood Pasta. Good luck.

Anyway, it's been two days since me and my family went back from our holiday trip. It was fun. I did a lot of shopping. I swear, I think I walked a hundred miles throughout that trip. Whatever.

I have to take a bath. So I'll let the photos do the talking.

By the way, we hit a kid on our first day in Manila. My Aunt was driving and this 10-13 years old kid was all over the street and we accidentally hit him. Gawd, that was fucking scary. Good thing Auntie hit the breaks before we run him over. Ugh. Anyway, he's alive.

Sand. Sea. Sun. Salivate.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Getaway

Still on vacation here. It's great if not for the horrible traffic and the taxi drivers from hell. Oh well, it's generally a great experience. Anyway...

We've been shopping. I almost lost a leg walking around shopping hot spots. Manila is so congested by the way with people rushing because of the yuletide season. Ugh. The malls are flooded with eager shoppers rushing for bargains, discounts etc. I bought stuff from Topman earlier and a couple of cheap shirts, and a cardigan. Hope to post photos soon.

Gotta go.
Love me and I'll love you!

I sound so nice today. I hate it. Hahahahah...

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just finished packing. Tomorrow, me, my parents and my kid cousin are flying to Manila. Yay.

Hello vacation! That's right. It's the holidays and I am taking a break and get my life back for a few weeks!

I love it that we're going out of town. My other relatives are already there. They left this morning. We'll be in the fantastic beaches of Batangas over the weekend. Then be back in Manila by Sunday I think.

Ugh. I am so friggin' excited, ecstatic, psyched about this trip. I really need it. What with all the stress went through with school. Hah! I need to refuel you know.

I hope I get to shop a lot. Gawd, I need more clothes. I was packing a few minutes ago and that's when I realized how badly I need to update my wardrobe. I packed a lot but not the usual tons of shit I bring with me when I travel. You know WHY, because I have like, 3 "wearable" pieces. I have a ton of stuff in my cabinet but I don't wear about 75% of the clothes 'cause they're either ugly, stained, or oversized.

Anyway, I'm wearing jeans and this nice Esprit striped shirt (gray and black) tomorrow. I hope I pull it off. It's so cheap so I have to make that not obvious. HAHAHAHAHAH... Fuck clothes. I'm spending quality time with family. *grin

But really, I hope everything goes well. So help me God.

P.S. I wanna meet new "friends". I hope I do, really. ;)

Friday, December 08, 2006



I've had only 4 hours of nap in a span of 36 hours. I'm like a walking corpse, dammit. We had to work on our college paper which was supposed to be out a million years ago. It's really delayed so we had to stay up all night at the printers and edit articles written by people who seem to have their own rules of grammar and syntax.

Nonethless, I think I'm gonna go around town tonight. There's this celebration going on around the whole city for a week. We, flipinos call it "fiesta". It's like giving glory to a patron saint or something. Tonight I'm gonna go and pay tribute to my partying gods.

I'm soo exhausted. I swear.

Monday, December 04, 2006


It's that time of the year again. A time for eating and having an excuse to be fat soon. A time to redecorate the house like Santa Clause vomitted all over it. A time to receive and give gifts. A time to be merry. A reason to commit suicide.

God, who am I kidding? I love the holidays; no class, more free time, more food and gifts galore. But it's just so sad that I don't have anyone to share what my innermost desired gifts are, sing my favorite christmas songs with, brag all the food that i'm engorging to, anymore. (Shit, listen to me. I sound like a sissy bitch.) I absolutely despise that subtle nagging in your head that you have to be extra perky and positive and happy during this time of the year. It's takes so much work.

But... You know... I think you know what I'm talking about. I'm missing that SOMEBODY.

Ugh. I hate myself for being this way. It's like drugs. Once you get a taste of it, and you like it (I know I did), it's like you're just not the same without it. And I'm not just talking about the sex! HAHAHAHAHAH....

I sound horrible. I know.

What the hell. The bottomline is I'M FUCKING SINGLE ON CHIRSTMAS!

I know, it's ok to be single. In fact, I want one of those turquoise single rings. But it's just different when you have somebody to run to, to talk to, etc., whenever, wherever. Get it?

Oh well. It sucks, but I'm gonna have to deal with everything. I mean, God, I have the rest of my life to live, right? Right? Right? Ugh.

Anyway, one thing I'm psycehd about is this holiday get-way my family is planning. It's 99% sure but I don't wanna jinx it. So I'm not gonna talk about it yet. Besides, it's lunch time and I haven't had a bath yet. I stink like a spoiled fruit! LOL. I kid.