Saturday, June 30, 2012


When I found this movie (among several others) in my computer at the office, I had no idea what it's about which is actually always a good thing. Having no expectations almost always ends up in pleasant surprises. Such is the case with 'Catfish', a gem I found in a clutter of office files and programs.

Yaniv is a photographer based in New York City. Together with his friend and his brother, he goes on a haphazard journey determined to find the truth involving a family of strangers he had met online. After months of anticipation, Yaniv is finally about to meet the people he has known only through the Internet, phone calls and packages.

What I like about the movie is it made me laugh but it also creeped me out until the plot takes a shocking turn that left me astounded and intrigued. That may be mainly because I did think at some point that it's a documentary with actual footage of real events but a little Google search later confirmed otherwise. In any case, Catfish is definitely something worth watching.

Now I'm confused. The makers claim it's a real documentary but some people are saying it's all planned. Gawd, it seems like there was just as much drama behind the camera as in front.

Random Rants

Project Dye

You know how hard it is to maintain white items in your closet and this is a classic example. I have this nice, white polo shirt which I actually had altered a few months ago but haven't been able to wear so much because of a small stain that's impossible to wash off. It looks like rust but whatever it is, it's a tough bitch.

So I've had it and decided to just remedy the problem by dyeing my shirt; if I can't remove that stain, I thought I should at least obscure it.

The whole process took me about half a day to complete. By the time I was done with my DIY project, it looks exactly that. I think I might completely ruined a slightly imperfect shirt. I'm not giving up now though. I just bought more Venus fabric dye and soon enough, I'll be on my third attempt to salvage this piece.

Consumer Corner: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

I first learned about Human Nature back in February when my sister in the US asked me to get her some of their products after she heard about it from a colleague. I decided to try the balancing facial wash myself and later on also tried the 100% natural sunflower oil. I still use both but it's the latter that's a revelation.

"It's a miracle oil" is the idea that formed in my head gathering from the reviews on the Human Nature website. People, apparently, put it on their hair, face, and body.

I personally have been using it on my face as a moisturizer and on some parts where the sun doesn't shine. It's been all fine and good until I recently discovered that the oil stains. Unfortunately, it's not the type that washes off with regular machine washing. I actually raised this issue on their site and I was advised to wash the stained clothes in warm water and squeeze some calamansi juice on the affected parts. They also suggested to make sure the oil gets absorbed by the skin first before letting that area get in contact with fabric.

Sounds like a lot of hassle to me but, oh well. It's not like I'm going to completely stop using it. In fact, my next bottle just arrived yesterday. After scouring Rustan's Supermarkets in Powerplant and EDSA Shangri-La to no avail (sold out), I resorted to ordering online which was a good idea.


Lately, I've been ditching TV for YouTube and it's all because of my favorite comedienne Kathy Griffin's self-titled new show on Bravo. It obviously doesn't air here but thanks to some angels who take the time to upload it, I've been literally laughing out loud because of this. It's hilarious.

Here's one of the latest episodes.

I've finished everything that's been uploaded so far and I am starting to panic.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Funny Feeling

"I am going out to jog and there better be at least one message from you when I get back."

That was my mental note after deciding to do what I had planned rather than wait for his response. We were supposed to talk via Skype because he was in a very far away land at the moment called Laguna. The plan to finally meet up earlier crumbled as fast as it was made so we had to settle for the next best thing.

When I got back from my quick, evening run, I checked my phone to find no messages from him. The good news, however, is we still got to talk later on and it was nice. But you know how I reek of optimism when it comes to these things so I'm thinking this is most probably something temporary. I'm basking in all its glory until I can, nonetheless. It's been a while since I last felt kilig that's not in front of a urinal you know.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was one of those rare Saturdays when I really didn't have anything planned; no meetings, no meet-up with friends whatsoever. I took advantage of this by doing my laundry and I even did a little cooking after some time of not getting to do so. Talking to my family over the phone has always been a good part of my weekend. I'm glad my pops is doing better.

In the afternoon, I thought I'd go to Rockwell Powerplant to pick up a few things. Then I remembered Fete dela Musique and tried to talk friends into going with me. It didn't work so there I was, all alone in a mall--very reminiscent of how I spent my days off back when I was still a call center slave. I had more money then.

I'm glad I went to mass today, particularly to that one in Powerplant presided by the Archbishop of Manila.
He was late but he was engaging and therefore worth the wait. Also, the gospel hit home. It's about how we usually equate real living with a good job, good health, etc. when it's really about fulfilling what we're really  set out to do on a larger scale of things. I've been thinking about what I don't have, feeling insecure and how I don't seem to have a clear idea of where I'm headed. While I acknowledge the fact that I still have so much to achieve, it's good to be reminded of what really matters most.

After mass, I went to the supermarket to accomplish my grocery list. The item I specifically went there for was not available so that sucked and I ended up wandering instead. I decided I've had it with my phone and finally bought a new battery, handing my money with eyes closed.

Hunger pangs led me to Sumo Sam and since none of my friends could make it, I indulged in California rolls on my own. Something I've been craving for days now. Once again, after a long time, I'm that guy in the corner, eating all by himself. I can't complain though. It was a good, satisfying meal.

Imagine if it was that easy. Hungry? Eat. Tired? Re-charge, or better yet, change your battery.

I went home satisfied despite my unsuccessful attempts at seeing friends. Good thing one of them popped by through Facebook (Hi Shey!). It's always nice catching up (read: whining) with old friends.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Selda (The Inmate)

Thanks to my Video City membership, I got to catch up on movies again.--Yes, I still rent. VCDs.

One of the movies that I got drawn to was 'Selda' which stars Sid Lucero, Emilio Garcia, and Ara Mina. It tells the story of Rommel (Lucero) who was convicted for an unintentional crime. In prison he experiences the horrors that it's known for; rape, violence, abuse of power, and reductive living conditions among others. Despite the hellish ordeal, he unexpectedly finds solace in Esteban (Garcia) who is among the pack leaders. Their entanglement was cut short when Rommel's parole was granted and he reunites with Sita (Mina) whom he later settles down with and becomes the mother of his child.

Six years later, Esteban is freed and he finds his way to Rommel's home in the countryside. Once out of the wife's sight, the two family men rekindle the flames that had started behind bars. The turn of events reveal that the ties that bind the two are more complicated than they thought. With Rommel consumed by guilt and confusion, their story develops further with a shocking twist that leaves everyone shattered.

What I like about Selda is its restraint. It would have been so easy to indulge in the usual sex romp common among gay-themed movies but it took a different path but still presented the story with the necessary sexual undertones. I was honestly expecting more passionate scenes between Lucero and Garcia but the shortage of such doesn't mean the chemistry between the two isn't present.

The scenes filmed in the penitentiary are remarkable in such a way that they transport you into the dark and filthy corners of the cells and take you into the minds of its inhabitants.

Emilio Garcia is oddly charming, maybe even sexy, in his portrayal of the always brooding Esteban but it's Sid Lucero that really shines in the movie as a serious actor whose commitment to his charactrer is impressive--and needless to say, he is certainly also sexy.

Selda is a far cry from other gay-themed indie films that practically capitalize on snuff. Its plot may bring Brokeback Mountain to mind but Selda has a darker, more subtle treatment. It's a riveting movie with an intriguing story worth telling and a cast that does not disappoint.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Virtual Look Backs

You know when you're all of a sudden tempted to revisit the past? With the slightest hint or provocation, you, after all this time, let your guards down thinking it's worthwhile.

It's been years--three to be exact. He was down. I was alright. Then the tables turned. Unfortunately, we never got to meet in person. I know. Part of it was my fault. There was a chance but I was too unavailable. Then he was the one unavailable and he eventually left town. I doubt we would have hit it off but still.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up on his blog the other day. He seems to be doing good. I was seriously tempted to leave a comment, like a cute remark about his rant which, I was thinking, may lead to him opening my blog too and maybe pick up where we left off but I successfully resisted that delusional, impulsive act (so far).

The other time when my dignity was tested was when this guy I hooked up with last year sent me a message online out of nowhere, after all this time of being a snob. It was a battle between pride and optimism/delusion. He was nice and cool, not to mention cute, so I responded. When he asked when we could hook up again, what I really wanted to say was "Do we really have to fuck?" or "Is that all you want?" but I played along and asked a different, more playful question instead. He didn't respond after that. Fuck. Clearly, my second haphazard brush with the past was less dignified than the first one.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ayos Night

It wasn't until I was in the venue, in COWO Asia somewhere in Ortigas, that I realized the event had produced was exclusively for bloggers--so much for retention. Like what I told their country manager as we waited for drinks, it was a bold yet appropriate move for the online selling and buying site. Bloggers have come a long way.

It's been a while since I last attended a bloggers' event. As usual, I went alone. Good thing the organizers provided transfers to the venue as it's not exactly the most accessible spot in Ortigas.

As expected, there was food, entertainment and prizes including a camera and an iPad 2, none of which I unfortunately wasn't lucky enough to win. What I didn't expect though was the booze. The bar was open and it was a Friday night so before even finishing my iced tea, I grabbed a Buko Lychee Martini while talking to one of the company's customer service officers who was very nice and chatty. The drink was strong I thought. Really strong. I was a little buzzed after my first one.

The food was OK. They were pretty consistent with the Filipino theme. has many "versions" in many countries but locally, it sets its self apart from other similar sites by providing quality service in that unmistakably Filipino manner. I think the best part about it is its no-hassle posting feature. There's no need to register and fill out long forms. You can even link your account to your Facebook profile.

For dessert, I was glad they got Sebastian's as I've been curious about this ice cream house for some time now. Offering distinctly Filipino flavors, they had Frozen Taho, Mangga't Suman, Sapin-Sapin and Champorado for us that night. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to try Sebastian's because I realized that night that it's not for me. Although Sapin-Sapin was surprisingly not bad, Taho and Mangga't Suman were just weird while Champorado would have been good if it wasn't too sweet.

The bloggers were each asked if we wanted to join the games. I appreciated this because it's one of the parts that I avoid in such events. Naturally, I declined. While everyone busied themselves, I got me another drink. Bad idea. I could barely finish that second Martini cocktail. I don't know what they put in it (muriatic acid?) but it felt like it was burning my stomach and it really got me buzzed. It was that strong.

The event was hosted by's representative, Vanessa and DJ Tony Toni who provided the much needed comic relief though out the program. Aside from the question and answer portion where the bloggers got to know more about, one of the highlights of the night was when celebrity guests John Medina and Solenn Heussaff came out. Solenn and John Lloyd Cruz are the official endorsers of The latter couldn't make it so we were treated to another John--less star power (as of now) but cute nonetheless.

Solenn was funny and cool.

DJ Tony Toni: If you were to sell something on, what would it be?

Solenn: Panty!

The event was capped off with a performance from

I thought I'd spend the entire night in one corner having mental conversations with myself but thanks to the friendly folks from, I wasn't a wallflower. A classmate from last term, who happened to be with the company, was also there. It was a pretty fun event--and the loot bag was not bad.

Check out

Monday, June 11, 2012


There's a lot I'd like to share like the event I attended but my computer is in a critical condition as of the moment. It's getting all the attention it needs now though. I've been computer-less since the weekend so I'm currently relying on this computer in the office. It really feels like there's a void without my laptop. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it back later today and resume regular programming.

Aside from not having a computer, I'm also sick so joy. Good thing it's a holiday tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Adobe Adobo

Unfortunately, classes have already started. My crush is not in any of the classes I'm in but that's not my problem.

One of the classes requires us to use Adobe Illustrator. The original, permanent software costs an iPad 2 so I've been trying to install the trial version to no avail. For some reason, it stops at 28% after downloading the installer for about 6 hours. I tried more than once. No dice. Then my friend Jen helped me with a torrent. Again, I was able to download the installer after 4 hours. It still would not install the damn thing though. I have been trying to do this since last week and I'm about to lose it on this shit.

At this point, I am left with no choice but to run to our pirate friends. If that still won't work, well, fuck it. Seriously.

Gawd, I cannot wait for this term to be over.

Why can't I just have P.E. as an elective? How about Home Economics? Agriculture and Animal Husbandry?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Escort

OMFG, you guys. I was an escort last night. No, I didn't sell my own perfectly marbled meat to a rich, aging gay dude--although that would be an interesting story too.

It was a cousin's 18th birthday party. Her mother doesn't want her to have an escort who's a non-relative and we don't really have many relatives here so she asked me. I was strongly against it because a) I'm too old for that shit b) It's not my scene, and c) I just want to be in one corner being left alone eating all the lechon I can stuff my face with.

When she first asked me, I told her not to count on it and look for someone else but in the end, I had to say yes. She asked nicely and her mom, my aunt, goes the extra mile when looking after me and my sister.

Honestly, I don't get it. I know it happens only once but If I had that money to burn, I'd spend it to go to Europe or tour around Asia and shop. But that might be just me being in my mid-twenties. I would probably also choose the party as a teen.

As I expected, it was a hot mess. It rained almost all night and one of the kids who did a dance number hit his head on the ground. I think he's OK. Everyone seemed to have had fun though. So much so that some of the guests and the debutante didn't sleep until the sun was up. Oh, and one of her friends fainted, so duh, if that's not fun I don't know what is.

As for me, I was struggling to fake-smile half of the time. But that's nothing compared to trying to sit straight in front of everybody. I had fun though despite the fact that I was one of the last ones to eat. It was pork festival and boy did I dig into all that meat.

It's out of town so I spent the night in my aunt's place. A lot of the other guests did too, actually. It was a good idea as the rain turned into a full-on storm. The weather was worse today but that didn't stop me from getting this before going back to Manila--even if it meant getting soaked in the rain.

My buko pie of choice, Loumars of Tagaytay. Auntie introduced this to us.

I'm glad I'm through with that. It's not as bad as what I was afraid of but it ain't really over until the pictures come out and you better believe I'm going on an 'untagging' spree.