Thursday, January 29, 2009

Destination: Hong Kong

In less than 3 weeks, my ass will be gracing the exciting land of chinks, egg tarts and shopping!

It really is a trip that I need very badly but thinking about how I'll make my meager funds cover this 3-day bender in a foreign country bursts my frivolity bubble. I did save up some moolah but I'm supposed to get a new laptop computer for that. Gawd, I don't know. Whatever. Maybe it's time I sell my soul to the devil.

I'm going with my friend/colleague H. We don't have a hotel reservation yet so any advice and suggestion will be very much appreciated. Location is very important. We don't need a swanky accommodation but no stained sheets, busted toilets, molds, and run-down hostels please. I also need to know how the weather in HK is during February.

Where's the best egg tarts? Where's the best shopping spot? (You know, like Uniqlo and H&M kind of shopping.) Where are the best bargains? Are jackets a must? Where do we buy pasalubong? Where do we get the best deals for electronics? Where do you suggest we go out for drinks at night? What else do we need to know? I can go on and on. Help!

Jeezus. It's funny how this leisure trip is turning into an obligation that's putting so much pressure on me. Ugh. I only want this to be fun, great and awesome though. It's my first time to get out of the friggin' country for god's sake.

So yeah, I'm going to Hong Kong. Yay!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictionary: Star City Saturday

Yesterday was so much fun. I met up with my good friend Rica and painted the town rainbow. Okay. Not really but everything was so spontaneous, it was awesome.

First, we went to Harbour Square and had dinner at Shrimps Ahoy where the view, the breeze and the food are all good and inexpensive.

After dinner, we decided to go strolling around the area and eventually found ourselves in Star City. I've never been there before so it was exciting!

Rica and me in practically pambahay clothes.

We didn't buy tickets for the rides but we did get the ones for Snow World. It sucks that they don't allow cameras, phones, or any gadget for that matter, inside so I wasn't able to take pictures with my phone. It was a cool experience nonetheless. We spent just around 15 minutes inside because we were both wearing flip-flops! I got a little worried when our hands and feet started to get numb. Hahahah...

Anyway, check out some of the many attractions in Star City:

Tons of laughter, some churros, and a whole lot of spontaneity later, we left the place like silly kids again. This is the shit that good memories are made of.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictionary: Toontastic

When I'm not working at the office nor blabbing with my seatmates, I draw. Here are some scans of doodles that I made during down time at work.

The "look" of the characters is inspired by those Marc Jacobs cartoon designs.

Homo Romance

This is me in Burberry Prorsum.

Yves Saint Laurent with Balenciaga

That's all for tonight. What do you think? Take care.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friends Who Kiss

Greetings from Greenbelt, Makati! I don't have work tonight because my leave got approved so yay! Anyway, I just had to get out because my housemate is pissing the hell out of me. I don't even want to talk about it.

What I do want to talk about though is what happened within the last 5 hours. I was having lunch when I thought I'd invite M over for some company. We have been keeping in touch you know. We didn't see each other for at least 2 months but we'd exchange text messages once in a while.

In about 15 minutes, he arrived and joined me at the table. It was like old friends hanging out and teasing each other about random things. The mood had a slight change when we got to the bedroom though. We started kissing. I took the opportunity to ask him what happened. Why he suddenly disappeared. He said he just got really busy and a lot of things happened. He asked if I was starting to fall for him then.

"Yes," I said casually.

He said we're better off as friends. I didn't say anything but I think I made it quite apparent that I agreed; that I'm over it. I didn't even initiate the cuddling.

To cut the story short, nothing happened. Yes, we got pretty intimate but nothing beyond that occurred. More carnal activities could have taken place but I was honestly not feeling it so I declined. I shrugged off the kisses on the back, on the arms and on the shoulders and ignored the embraces. I even pushed him away as politely as I could at some point.

I never say never but not today. We're friends though. We walked out of the condo together while goofing around. As Gwen Stefani sings, "I know we're cool."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Updates

  • I'm now twice an Uncle. Welcome to the world and to the family Evan James!
  • The weather is still gorgeous. It has been unusually cold it's all over the news lately--and it never rains, so it's perfect! In fact, I went out today wearing a long sleeved shirt and I didn't even break a sweat. According, to weather reports, the cold weather should stay up to next month! Woohoo! Never mind that my allergies have been in full swing, bring it on!
  • After all these years, I'm finally on YouTube. I never thought I can figure it out. I'll upload some videos soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I Need to Move to Another City

You know you've slept with too many men when you start recycling them.

Today, I met up with a guy whom I've been talking to online for about 2 weeks. I was psyched because it's fun talking to him.

He had his back against the entrance so I didn't recognize the guy until I approached him. He clearly didn't remember me. I, on the other hand, know someone I slept with when I see one. He was able to recall our first rendezvous later on but not without me refreshing his memory. The first time we met was many months ago when he came over to my place.

Anyway, we just talked and hung around Robinsons Manila the entire afternoon. No sexual activities. No hitting on each other whatsoever. --He did say he's going to give my number to his cutie friend though. :)

I don't know about you but I think this is hysterical. My friend H referred to it as a Samantha Jones moment! Hahahah... Oh well. There goes my Sunday afternoon. Moving on.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Rants

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Yesterday, I saw Brad Pitt's latest movie at SM Mall of Asia. It is a very intriguing film indeed. It doesn't disappoint. I wouldn't call it a favorite but the film really is mesmerizing.

Oh my god, Cate Blanchett is amazing. Maybe it's the lighting, make up, or special effects; she is simply ethereal in this movie.

This tale about life, time and love is certainly a must-see.

Visit the SM Mall of Asia bay area on Fridays and Saturdays (7 pm) to catch this pyrotechnic spectacle.

After the movie, I met up with my very good friend Rica. We went to the MOA bay area to watch the fantastic fireworks and had a nice marathon of talk about family, career, dating, etc. It just goes on and on.


From Perry Ellis to Hollister, gotta love free clothes that are actually in the right size.

Don't you just love it when loved ones abroad send gifts--especially clothes, and everything fits? I do. Thanks to my dear sister and brother (and my in-laws and adorable nephew), I'm having trouble making enough space for all my things. This is a dilemma I'm glad to have.

Thanks again. I miss you so, so much.


Happy Birthday to my lovely mother. I miss and love you. Keep exercising!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's About Time

Say hello to my ticket to the world.

After a month and a half of waiting, two trips to the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs), and several emails, text messages and phone calls, I finally got my passport. It's a few weeks delayed but at least it's here now. You know how horrendous it is having to deal with or go to third world government offices. Ugh. I'm glad I'm over that--at least for now.

I love my donuts glazed, plain and simple.

My good friend H accompanied me in picking up my pasaporte and we celebrated by dropping by Krispy Kreme (Ayala Avenue).

Are you ready world? I want the pages of this damn maroon booklet to be teeming with stamps by the end of the year! I wish. Hahah!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


If you live in Manila, you would probably agree that the past couple of days have been the coldest period in a long time. The sun lazily rises considerably late in the morning. The cold fog wouldn't evaporate until brunch time only to settle in again an hour or two before daytime retires. It's beautiful. The best thing is, it rarely rains; just low temperature with the occasional wind gushing about.

On the other hand, while the mercury drops, my carnal episodes are anything but chilly. The heat between two bodies skin to skin permeates and temporarily displaces the cold. Still, I long for a different kind of warmth. A relief not just for the cold, nor just to cure boredom or tame raging hormones but warmth to enliven my heart and soul.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts y'all.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Top 3 New Year Wishes

The holiday season was fun, festive, exciting and heart-warming. But it was also tiring, nerve-wracking, expensive and a bit depressing which is why I'm glad it's done and over with. I enjoyed the many gifts, the massive quantity of food and the priceless cheers but it's a new year and I'm definitely ready for new things. So let's move on, shall we?

There's a ton of things I would like to have, do and accomplish this year but we all can't have everything we want, or at least not all at the same time. Nonetheless, here's the top 3 things I'm wishing for this year.

1. A serious romantic relationship- I've been playing the field forever and yet, still no luck. I came pretty close in 2008 but it didn't really get there. More luck and love this year please, yes?

2. A new job- This I would probably need the soonest. My job does not inspire me anymore at all. It's just all about the money as of the moment and I'm not sure until when I'll hold on. This time, I want to do something I'm actually passionate about.

3. A trip abroad- Paris, New York and/or Dubai anyone? Hahahah... Who am I kidding? I think I'll explore my neighborhood first before even dreaming of dining at a Parisian cafe. Asia is very interesting after all.

There's actually a lot more that I wish for this year aside from the vital ones (good health, peace of mind, etc.) but these have to be on top of the list.

Resolutions don't work for me but trust that I am making all the efforts to achieve these wishes. I have been reading The Secret lately too-- universe are you reading this? Hope it works.

There's still 364 days left. Let's see.