Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adult Stuff

Ok, being 21 is kind of confusing. It's like, you're not a teenager anymore but not an adult ADULT either.
I've been really thinking hard and long lately about quitting work. It's very hard having to force yourself to do something you don't really want every single working day. I want to get another job but I'm just not sure what I'll be after this.
I'm also bothered by the fact that some people are so inconsiderate. It's like they'll make certain decisions and at the nick of time, suddenly pull back. It's very frustrating. I don't even wanna talk further about this stupid bitch because she's just not worth it. I hope she gets out of my face soon. I am soooo tired of having to deal with her.
So anywaaaaay... The other day I got a text message, well actually 2 from an unfamiliar number. The first one was like "Hi," and the other one "Hi James. This is _____. How are you?" I had somebody in mind but I had to confirm so I replied, "____ who?" Then almost immediately I got a response containing this person's complete name. I almost had a heart attack.
It's really amazing how some people rise from the dead just like that as if nothing had happened. It's fucking appauling. I played it cool though the entire time though. Until of course I couln't take it anymore and finally asked what he's up to. Well, turns out he wants to say sorry. This is the same person who crushed my heart on christmas day last year. It sucks coz I'm so freakin' vulnerable right now. Do I smell an encore? Ugh.
Gawd, I'm sooooooooooooooooo homesick. I just wanna run away and go to Boracay and just take a well needed break.


  1. Actually, you are an adult, but I know whatcha mean. Maybe you're having a Quarter Life Crisis?

  2. I guess so. But whatever it is, the pressue is just killing me. I like the way you put that though. Quarter Life Crisis - It's like I'm an adult but a really young one.