Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look Who Went Where

Somewhere between frustration and boredom, I found myself clubbing alone. I've been thinking of going for a long time but I couldn't muster the courage to go until a few hours ago.

It's no big deal though. The place was practically empty considering it's a Friday night. The guys are probably in a competing bar which is celebrating its anniversary right this moment.

Some observations:
-At least tonight, the waiters were cuter than most of the patrons.
-The music was bitchin', I loved it. I wanted to dance like crazy but I was too shy.
-The lights were too bright.
-There was absolutely zero cigarette smoke inside. It was awesome because I could breathe very well inside and my clothes surprisingly didn't stink after spending an hour and a half in the club.

That's all. Goodnight.


  1. There's none! Maybe next time if ever I come back.