Friday, November 09, 2012

The Brothers Brant

Beautiful Boys

They're young, dashing, filthy rich and have become regular front row fixtures in several exclusive fashion shows. And yes, these boys are gay. Peter Brant II and Harry Brant may look like the updated, much more fashionable versions of the characters in that homoerotic B movie 'The Brotherhood' but they're really Park Avenue socialites living the privileged NYC lifestyle straight out of Gossip Girl. Forget about Blair and Serena though, these kids are the real deal being the sons of Interview magazine's publisher Peter Brant Sr. and former model and actress Stephanie Seymour.

Sup, bitches?
"Don't panic but your hair smells like last season."

I caught wind of these genetically gifted boys just now when Refinery 29 reported about the older brother's controversial Instagram photo. Now, I'm a little obsessed. I know he's just 18 but Peter Brant II is doing things to me, seriously.

These one percenters have been hanging out with Naomi Campbell, Tinsley Mortimer, Derek Blasberg and Michelle Harper among many fashion luminaries and are expected to propel further to the industry's glittering stratosphere. Read their outrages features on The New York Times, Gawker, Vanity Fair and Fashionista and conclude that life is unfair. It's all so outrages I'm still a little overwhelmed.

Uhm, watch out, Branboy?

Photos: nytimes, gawker

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