Monday, February 13, 2006

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day- Just stab me already
Ugh. My head is throbbing because of lack of sleep ans rest. Anyway, I'm supposed to do this fucking school work that I have to pass two days from now, but to hell with it. It's just easy anyway. Do it later.

Yesterday was a fun day. I had some quality time with my family. (Awww) I was pig too. God, did I eat a lot or what?! I had fries, mushroom and cheese burger, lots of chocolates and other gastronomic killers.
Watched Emily Rose. It's not that scary but it's an OK movie. I love the part inside the church where she did this contortioning number leaning extremely back with her left arm stretched out. Quite funny.

This morning I woke up at like, dawn, to get to school early. But to no avail. Wasn't able to attend first class. Dammit. Don't think I'm a slacker. I completed my weekend assignments. Hah!

Today is one of those days that I want to get killed or something.---I'm just exaggerating of course. It's just that I'm not feeling well, there's a ton of school stuff that I have to deal with, and tomorrow is V day. Gawd, I just wanna puke upon the fact that the next day's the day of "lewv." Well, I can't help it. I don't have a freaking date. Might just sleep the day away during free time. I dunno. Just hope I'll survive tomorrow. And yes, I'm just bitter. Am I a loser? I don't think so. Just really bad in the Love department.

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