Friday, February 17, 2006


Oh god, I'm telling you. I need serious help. I am so deprived of sleep and rest, I swear I won't be surprised if I suddenly pass off in the middle of the street and get my guts squeezed out by an old, junky truck.

Before, I used to have six hours of sleep and I'd be happy with that. But these past two weeks, ugh, trying to sleep is like trying to keep a slut's vagina dry. It's horrible 'coz I'd be really cranky and weak all day, and then hyper at night. I guess my body clock did a 180.

Anyway last week was the worst. I think it was Monday night, technically ultra early morning of Tuesday. I tried sleeping at around 1:30 AM. My body was ready for a it but it's like my brain was noy cooperating. Like my mind was out of my control. I kept on thinking about stuff I didn't wanna think about. I swear at that time I really was considering to see a specialist.

So there I was, in my bed, my room all dark and all, and I was still awake at 2:30 AM. AND I HAVE AN 8:30 AM CLASS THE NEXT DAY! It was not until about 3:30 AM that I was actually finally able to get some much needed sleep. I had four hours of sleep that night and the night before that, I had I think 5. It's killing me.

The next day I turned into a zombie.

I really need help. This insomniac is going to lose it anytime soon. I don't wanna wake up one morning and suddenly realize that I've been living in the pavement of the metro.

(On the hand, that'd be dirt-glam at its finest.)

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