Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm like, sick

Like always, it's been a decade since I last visited my blogsite. I am such a lazyfuck. Well, actually, I have a ton of excuses why I've been too busy to go here. Of course, as usual, school is the culprit. Ugh...

I am literally sick right now. Probably because of over fatigue. Man, am I battered. I'm feverish and this cough is annoying and it's fucking killing me, and my throat hurts really badly. I feel like I swallowed a sewing needle.

Anyway, I've been resting for the past two days after a week of bittersweet shit. Last week was a mix of good and bad.

1. My internship status is up by one level. Hopefully the progress will go full swing.
2. I had another hosting job + gained new knowledge about script writing.
3. Had a fun weekend with friends; an overnight out-of-town trip which probably gave me this awful condition. I swear, my health is nonexistent.
4. I was awarded with academic and non-acdemic honors. :)

Pix during the weekend getaway:

1. I first got sick two Sundays ago until Wednesday. And during this period I had to deal with a lot of school stuff, including final exams.
2. I screwed up one of my final exams.
3. I got totally broke.
4. Blackout.
Oh well, whatever. Tomorrow's another day. I hope I'm well by the morning. Ciao, ciao.


  1. hi.. thanks for the comment.. i think ur nice.. can we b frends?.. 09165698531

  2. omg! i cnt blv i askd u that.. sory.. i evn gave my #.. hahaha.. wla lng.. it's ok if u dont want 2.. cge =>

  3. Uhmmm... I'm sorry, I don't really give out my number that easily. :) Hope you understand. Anyway thanks for the comment. Appreciate it a lot. You're like the first one ever to give me one here. I don't really know a lot of people here. Thanks again!

  4. oh man. when i read your profile "self-pleasure freak" i was kinda laid back a bit, but reading your blog i guess it's the normal shits that everyone face here and then, now or later ...

    post up more pictures of you pls! ;)

    Greetings from Malaysia + Ukraine.

  5. You're cute by the way ;) not that i'm gay, just complimenting. I may be bisexual!