Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Rainy Days

It's raining horses and carabaos here in Manila. Well actually there's a typhoon named Egay. It's sad how it's so destructive and all but I'm kinda enjoying the weather. Especially considering the fact that I'm having my time off from work while all the other working people have to brave the fierce winds, heavy rain and dreadful thigh high flood water just to feed their bank accounts. I'm kidding. Who am I to even say this shit? I'm broke! And for all I know, I might go through the same catastrophy tomorrow when I have to go back to the office.

In fact, I already had a taste of this typhoon's wrath earlier when I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. It's just two blocks away but I had to get a cab on my way back because it was pouring and I had heavy grocery bags with me. Not only that, on my way here to the internet cafe, I had to take the stairs from the 26th friggin' floor because the elevators were busted! I didn't know what was going on until I reached the 9th floor where there was water gushing down the staircase. Apparently, they had to park the elevators at the 10th floor because, I don't know what exactly happened, but obviously the rain made its was into the building. How funny and annoying is that? Thank God I live all the way up there! Hahahah... Well good luck to me on my way back.

Anyway, yes, like I said, I'm broke. One of my housemates left so it's down to two. Only two divisions for the bills which means more money to pay for each of us. I am sooooo doing to die. I hate being poor. It doesn't also help that my birthday is a couple of weeks away. Oh great. I'm poor AND old. Just shoot me in the head already.

I whine a lot. I know.

I love Krispy Kremes.

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