Sunday, January 13, 2008

No to Boredom

I should never be bored. If other people drunk-dial or drunk-text, I have a bad case of bored-dial or bored-text. It’s like when I have nothing good to sink my teeth on, the next thing I do is grab my 3 year-old phone and call/text these particular “contacts” of mine. I would either ask them if we can chat on the phone or even meet up. And since these instances often occur between 12 – 3 AM, I end up wasting my time contacting these worthless twats to no avail.

I know, I know, it’s my problem which is why I have to stop giving in to this urge. But how do I stop acting like a needy kid with ADHD during these ungodly hours? Well, I guess my insomnia is another thing to blame but I’m saving that topic for another entry. I think it’s mainly because of my constant need to communicate. I always like to talk. And since my good ol’ friends are not exactly available at all times, I resort to these strangers whose last names I do not even know. Thank goodness I haven’t encountered psychos yet. Oh wait. I have. But it was just a bunch of threats over the phone from this creep. Ugh. That asshole.

Anyway, it sucks having these degrading bouts with boredom each time I’m alone in my room having no better thing to do but surf the net and look for those unsaved / unfamiliar numbers in my inbox and call logs then bother other people with my messages and/or calls.

Now, if only I have someone I can consistently talk to every night. *wink*

Hahahahahah... I kid.

But yeah, I need/want a love life.

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