Saturday, May 02, 2009

Salcedo Market + Moving Drama

This week has been hell. All the pressure of being potentially homeless has gotten into my brain I almost had a breakdown--that is if I didn't already had one a couple of days ago after a tensed conversation with my father over the phone.

But enough about the moving drama for now.

This morning, Pam, a colleague, and I decided to kill some time after work so we walked to Salcedo Village. We checked out the Salcedo Market since both of us have never been there before.

The place is pretty small but there's an abundance of interesting edible items everywhere. It's a foodie's haven with the variety of eats available; fruits, veggies, barbecue, Indian food, Filipino food, Chinese food, juices, wine, produce, etc. And get this, not only is there lechon baboy, there's also lechon baka!

Do you see what I see? Gawd, I haven't had lechon in months!

Pam bought some tinapa while I got myself hummus and pita.

I personally think the prices are a little steep but then again this weekend spectacle is in the heart of the central business district that is Makati. Nonetheless, Salcedo Market is certainly worth a visit. It's quite refreshing to see live tilapias the size of dinner plates in the middle of this concrete jungle.

Anyway, I will surely miss this view from the balcony.

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