Friday, June 19, 2009

Antbiotic Days

The last time I went to work is exactly one week ago. Thanks to my inflammed throat, which has been fucked up for 2 weeks now, I'm left with only 2 days of paid leave credits to last me six months.

I saw the doctor last Monday. He prescribed me Augmentin, which is so fucking expensive, and Orahex. I swear, I hate spending for meds. It's Friday now and my throat is still not completely back to normal. I'm praying I'll be all well and dandy on Monday because I unfortunately have to go back to work by then.

Enough of that stuff though. What I don't mind burning my money for though are nice things just like these espadrilles from Zara. These are the shoes that the Cebu Pacific FA in my last post covets.
That's all for now. Happy weekend!


  1. Zara espadrilles FOR THE WIN, James!

  2. augmentin really works though, and the tinola looks yummy!