Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This battle is certainly not easy. The numbers are alarming and no one is spared.

Even when I'm not active in the playground, I still get scared. And it's not just because I'm paranoid like that. Talking about it is one thing, actually doing it is a different story. It's a long, hard battle--and yes I'm aware of the naughty pun. I'm not one to preach because I've done some mistakes in the past and who knows up to when I can play my cards this well? Then again I think it's the same experiences that warrant me to sound the alarm. It's not fun being subjected to such emotional and mental turmoil while waiting for the test result.

So think about it. Yes, long and hard. Think before you fuck, before you suck or whatever it is that may expose you to risks.

On a lighter note, here's some Gaga goodness for some encouraging musical scoring.

Take care.

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