Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Visit to the ER

It's a good thing I no longer get nauseous over needles. As a kid, I'd practically faint.

Waiting for the result at the ER.

I spent an hour or so at the ER today. Not exactly how I would prefer to spend the first day of the month, or All Saints' Day, or any day for that matter but I just had to go because I was starting to freak out.

It started with a rash that appeared on my right arm the other day. I thought it would just disappear but it didn't and even spread to my legs. I called several clinics including those in malls but no derma was around so to the ER I went. It was a difficult decision because I seriously dislike hospitals. I was very uncomfortable there. There's just so much negative energy I think.

Based on my CBC results, nothing seems to be wrong. Platelet, white blood cells, etc. are normal. And except for the paranoia, I feel excellent really. No fever or vomiting so we're pretty sure it's not dengue. The doctor said it's a non-specific viral infection and prescribed me antihistamine. I'm hoping to see a derma before the weekend.


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