Thursday, December 06, 2012

Pierre Hermé vs. Binatog

So our boss just got back from Europe--look what he brought us from Paris!

Thanks to my other boss for this pic!

I've come across a lot of raves about these famous macarons so I was really excited. I tried four including the two-toned one and another, which must have been coffee, plus these other two below.

I love how smooth and light it is. The shell is just right, not so hard but brittle enough on the surface to add a likable texture, while the generous filling is flavorful but never too sweet. My favorites are the ones individually pictured above.

From work, I went straight to school and was greeted by my friend, Jen, with this.

It's called binatog, a native delicacy made of corn topped with grated coconut. She brought it for me and our other friend Nikki because the two of us once mentioned we have never tried it. We don't have this back in Visayas, you know. Anyway, it's not bad. I just wish it was served with sugar instead of iodized salt which was very LA Lopez, I thought.

Don't you just love free food?


  1. Arent these the most expensive macarons? Looks good :)

    1. Not sure if it's the most expensive but Pierre Hermé is one of the best supposedly. :)