Thursday, May 18, 2006

Internship Update

Yeah, I know. It's been a lifetime since I last put an entry here. Anyway, that last time was when I was being all worried regarding my summer internship here in Manille.

However, today's (or this month's?) entry might exactly be the opposite. A little over a month thru my internship, here I am training under the country's number one daily.

Ugh. I should've been with the Lifestyle section ever since I started my second hundred hour (I have to accomplish 200 hours). What with all the fabulous events and nice freebies, who wouldn't want that?

Today for instance, I was at Greenbelt 2, at this Italian restaurant that serves food with 'bon appetit' all over the menu--Segafredo-Zanetti. My, my, did I have a good time there. I met these people from a PR Agency. I don't know if they were just doing their job, but they were very nice to me.

Anyway, just to give an idea on what I've been through during this whole OJT, well I met THE Tim Yap last week, too bad I won't be able to work with him. Then, I also rubbbed elbows with media personalities from different media outfits, attended press conferences, "explored" Quezon City, and wrote news stories and recently, lifestyle articles, and dined Italian style-al fresco!I know it's shallow but whatever. There's just so many stories to tell i don't know where to start. Ugh.

I hope I can post a longer entry with all the details regarding my stay here in Manila. And if I could just tell all, man that would be one hell of an entry, believe me. Ciao for now.

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