Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shall I wave my hand now?

I can't believe this.

Today, May 23rd, 2006, is the last day of my 200-hour internship here in marvelous/monstrous Manila.

After one plane ride, two new pairs of shoes, three "exciting experiences", and a million LRT/MRT rides, I'm about to end my training to be a future media practitioner.

I'm so thrilled of the stories I'm going to share with my family, friends, and everybody else back home. It's so great to experience things I might never ever experience again, eat food that might never touch my lips again, go to places I might never set foot in again, and meet people I might never come across ever again.

I wish to elaborate more on the things I have gotten involved in in the past 50 days or so, but I just don't have the time and the necessary pictures as back-up. Plus, I'm just really lazy. See, I'm currently in the Inquirer office and I don't wanna spend my "last hours" reminiscing the past weeks. Instead, I just want to deal with what's now, and what I'm gonna do to have a grand exit. Kidding.

Ugh. I hate goodbyes. Not because I'm emotional, but because I just don't know how to do it. Shall I give hugs? Wave my hands while smiling? Shake their hands? I'm bad at those things. I find it awkward (therefore hard) uttering a simple "Hi" or "Goodbye" to people I'm not exactly that close to.

By the way, this is a boring post. So I guess I'm gonna end it here. Period.


  1. heyyyyyy!
    love yoru site.,
    you should come see mine!


  2. i dont use blogger anymore