Friday, May 19, 2006

Man... ila

This is amazing.

In case you don't know (of course you don't know!), the rest of my blog entries here are either done at home or an internet shop. BUT, this one makes the difference. I'm cuurently here at the Lifestyle depertment of the Philippines' most read daily pub. Can you believe that? Just meters away from me are professional journalists, photojournalists, news reporters, fashion writers and other masters in the field. *These* are the peope who are in the mainstream media, looked up to by aspirants just like moi.

You might ask what the hell am I doing blogging when I'm in the work place? Well, yours truly is done writing articles. I'm just waiting for my images to get scanned. :)

Anyway, this is so hot. Tomorrow, I might go to this fashion shoot at *the* Shangri-La Hotel to "observe". Too bad I can't write about it because that would be stealing somebody else's job. Oh well, good enough for me. Those models better be nice though.

Three hours ago, I picked up my ticket at the PAL office. Ugh. I can't believe I'm leaving in a week. It's nice to see again the people back home but I just *lurve* the fast-paced lifetsyle here. By the way, thank God I haven't been robbed YET. Never, I hope. Damn those crooks. They always make me worry everytime I'm in a jeepney or in a bus, or even in a taxi.

Speaking of taxi, my God, you will not believe how money-hungry some cabbies here are. Those assholes will take you to unwanted tours around the metro before they bring you to your target destination. And they get their tips without even asking you. And they easily get irritated once you complain/ask for your change. Ugh. The nerve, eh? It makes me wanna plant a bomb in their cars before I step out, and explode their guts to chunks for poor stray dogs to munch on.

Anyway, I'll try to post some more Manila hullaballoo soon. Byebye.

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