Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dot Dot Dot

Life sucks.

You know, I'm so scared that one day, I'll open this little, if not pathetic online diary of mine and think I am such a fucking loser with a life worth five cents. I mean, all I write here is bad stuff happening to me. I gues that's what you get when you're 50% manwhore, 49% hedonist and 1% pessimist.

Anyway, I'm in the mall right now and i absolutely have no idea what to do here. I just had a haircut but I didn't wanna go back to my place yet so I went online without any reason/purpose whatsoever. I tried talking to people but they're all uninteresting, err... wait. Maybe I'm uninteresting?! Ugh. Whatever. They're morons.

And I'm they're God.

Aaagh. I fucking hate this. Boredom is one of the worst states for me. It's so destructive. I do a lot of stupid, stupid stuff when I'm bored. And I usually end up broke, even more depressed or injured after doing these stupid things.

Don't get me wrong. I do have friends. They're just not available right now. I'm not sure but I think this has something to do with this city. It's soo puny and the places I go to are so unlimited. Well you can't blame if I'm stuck in this shithole.

Got to go. Maybe I'll strangle a couple of cats for dinner just for the hell of it. Bye.

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