Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Random Rants

It's 11:35 AM and I have a grueling exam in an hour and a half.

The weather has been really terrible in this part of the world. It has been raining nonstop for weeks now and umbrellas have failed me so many times already. However, right this moment, it's bright outside. Yes the sun is back. (Gawd, I sound like a friggin' 10 year-old.)

I hope the fucking rain goes away for good. I mean, yeah it's cool to have a little downpour once in a while. But everyday? Please. I don't have that many jackets to wear and shoes to ruin. Plus, it makes me wanna hug somebody when it's cold. And if luck favors it, may be even cuddle, or... you get the picture. Who doesn't? There's just something about the cold, the dim surrounding, and everything. Anyway, fuck it.

My room is a complete mess right now. I just hope by next week, it gets cleaned. But who am I kidding? What with all the junk I have, I don't think so.

More nonsense:
  • Last night, when I was supposed to be studying, I was dancing like a maniac thirsty of some good ramming. I couldn't help it. I love Justine T's new single "Sexy Back" and Kelis' "Bossy," the video is hot. Bob Sinclar's "World (Hold On)" is also great.
  • I want ice cream. I dunno, but lately I've been craving for cold food.
  • I *heart* bryanboy.com.
  • What is up with me and my phone these days? It's like I'm not interested in it anymore. Like I couldn't even care if I lose it, which I hope I won't. It's just that I'm out of interesting people to talk to. Damn heatbreak.
  • Text/Call me.

I'm gonna go and try to make use of what's left of my brain now. Good luck to me.

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