Friday, September 29, 2006


September 28, 2006
11:10 PM

I’m getting fat. I’m not yet fat but I know I will blow up soon if I don’t stop overeating. These past days have been cold and wet because of the typhoon and all I did was stuff myself crazy. I have been binge eating and most of my meals are bathed with oil; deep-fried chicken, fries, burger, plus pizza, everything, which is equal to oily skin and pimples! Eww.
I should’ve been watching what I eat. But no, “never mind the weather, the starving people everywhere, the thesis, the deadlines, I just had to be such a pig.” And by the way, I don’t have money anymore. I swear I’m so dirt poor right now because of so much food that I buy. Oral fixation? I dunno, maybe. All I know is I can’t last a day without munching food in unusual quantities. I mean, I’m not eating as much as the whole of China does, but I just didn’t use to be this way. In fact, just two weeks ago, I’d eat just to avoid getting hungry. Now, hungry or not, I really pig out. There is something wrong here.
Classes got suspended today because of the weather. Well, of course, that didn’t stop me from getting my ass to the mall and binge eat with a friend. We had ice cream, chicken, pop corn, coke light, and spaghetti. Talk about sugar shock. I had to withdraw from via ATM because like I said, my wallet is thinning by the minute.
Anyway, I have got to work on my thesis. I really want to graduate this school year. Seriously.

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