Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two Decades Old

Oh my God I just entered my twenties and I can’t believe it. It’s as if just moments ago I was sucking on my Hippo Pop while donning my high school uniform. (Okay, that’s so gay! Hahahahahah. Whatever.)
Anyway, my friends and I (the “Fantastic Four”) went out and man did I have a great time! Really. The dancing was insane. And when I dance, I make sure I own the freaking dance floor and get my ass rollin’ everywhere. And I SURE did exactly that just a few minutes ago. Well, we would’ve stayed there and sweat it out even more if only we weren’t in our school uniforms and there was no 8 AM class the next day and it wasn’t 1 AM already. That’s like 4 hours past my curfew! But I swear, we rocked that dance floor. There were even these two girls who danced with me, and so I had to bring it. To their great delight of course!
HAHAHAHAHAH! The dancing was so hot. No wonder the people left there weren’t very happy when we left. AND I’m not bluffing at all. Seriously, it was so much fun.
Back to my birthday—some special people sent me warm messages just a while ago. Somebody even called. :) That was sweet. Just hope each one of them was sincere. Kidding.
It’s friggin’ 2:10 AM right now and God knows what time I’ll be able to sleep and wake up. Oh well, might as well work my way to the Zs.
Happy F*cking Birthday to me!

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