Saturday, February 10, 2007



My world is crashing down. It's the end. It's really getting worse. But before anything else, let me just say that it's so sad what happened to Anna Nicole Smith. So tragic. She did a Marilyn Monroe. How shocking. It's beautifully sad however.

Back to me...

I'm dying. It's horrible. I abhore myself. My skin is absolutely hell. It's like a thousand bees attcked me on the face. It's that bad. Ugh. I'm internally falling apart. Seriously. I can't even look in the mirror without feeling like shit.

I went to my skin doctor two days ago. I had a gel peel and some facial cleaning. And you know what happens after a cleaning. Gawd. My face is just so... so... bad and awful. I have the meds and all but I just can't go0 out in public looking like this. E-E-W would best describe my condition. Why wasn't I born a hot, gorgeous, perfectly awesome filthy rich billionaire? Jeez.

That's great, I'm poor AND ugly. Gawd. And I thought I was just close to that. Now I think it's worse. This is why I can't wait to get a well-paying job and get myself a better face and body. Seriously.

By now, you must think that I'm poor, ugly AND stupid. Whatever. That will not make my bad skin any better will it? I don't think so.

I need some serious help here.

God help me.

Like pronto.

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