Saturday, February 10, 2007

Word Vomit + Pictionary

I'm sick of thinking about my face. he whole day I'e been ranting about how acne is ruining my life. It's like an ad Proactiv or something. Only I don't use Proactiv.

Anyway, enough with that skin crap.

Today, I braved the mall with my sibling and some kids hoping someone I know won't see me in that condition. We ate at Jollibee. And voila, two of my friends came there too. But whatever. It was okay. We talked stuff involving graduation and careers for a short while. I hated how this one friend of mine was beng so friggin' cocky about how she's going to go abroad. One plans to go to New York and the other to London. I got annoyed so I was like, "You're going to wash people's asses." Everybody wants to be a nurse these days. And everybody wants to go out of the third world and work somewhere where politicians are less corrupt, the weather is colder and Guess clothing is cheap.

(Photo taken three weeks ago at a cousin's place.)

Last night, I talked to two of my friends /classmates about post-graduation plans. The three of us want to go to Manila and work there and maybe even live together. So I phoned them and discussed the possibilities. My second phone call, which I intended to be about careers and jobs and our little rendezvous tomorrow to work on a project led to more stuff. It was crazy. We somehow came to chat about dates, dream habitats, our and some people's sex life, monkeys, and other stuff. I'm telling you, that was verbal diarrhea right there. And guess how long our supposedly short chit chat lasted. Five juicy hours! Seriously, it was just uncontrollable. Two motor mouths spilling the dirt on other people. Hahahahah... It was fun. I got off the phone at about to 2 AM. Oh well, the last time I talked to somone over the phone for over an hour was with that damn heartbreaker from the bowels of hell. :)

Speaking of matters of the heart, it's Valentine's season and as usual, I don't have a date. Nada. Will this Wednesday be any different and change the course of history? I doubt it. But what the hell. What comes, comes.

I have time so here's some random tidbits:

The gold shoes I bought off a part of the garage sale money. Nice? No? Whatever. It's cheap anyway.

Some snapshots I took on a boring afternoon. No that's not a hard-on.

Stuff for photography/photojournalism class:

That's all for now. Gotta go. Nighters.

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